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Redefining Success

In a land where all we do is eat, poverty cannot be seen as a temporary house guest. Showing off newly acquired apple and Samsung products; filling one’s kitchen cabinet with the latest imported crockery; feeling proud to have… 105 more words



Today, I turn 23. And I begin this new chapter by embracing the fact that I am a work-in-progress.

Nearing the end of 2015, I found that I’m also writing a ‘year-end report’ of my achievements. 478 more words


Seven New Super-Sized Success Secrets

On my way to rediscovery, I am reading and taking into affect things that I need to do for myself to be successful. It wouldn’t surprise me soon if I become a truck driver once I get some information. 1,272 more words


Why we homeschool/unschool/learn independently.

Recently, a close friend of mine wrote to me, wanting to offer me some possible, pragmatic suggestions for dealing with my life.  She is super-smart and very kind, loving, thoughtful, and tactful.  1,582 more words


What Seeds Do We Plant?

As writers, we love to see stuff blossom. Anything, really.

Flowers? Yes! We want to see those colors, see those shapes, see that–aah, wow, yes! 1,104 more words

Success...What is it Anyway?

What is failure anyway? Not succeeding at something we try? What is success? Financial independence, career stability, a house, a family, and maybe if we are lucky, doing what we love? 711 more words

Why Success Isn't a Number

I remember one of my old bosses stating that he didn’t like the ‘stampede’ each day at 5.30pm when most of the office would finish their shift. 862 more words

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