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What Seeds Do We Plant?

As writers, we love to see stuff blossom. Anything, really.

Flowers? Yes! We want to see those colors, see those shapes, see that–aah, wow, yes! 1,104 more words

Success...What is it Anyway?

What is failure anyway? Not succeeding at something we try? What is success? Financial independence, career stability, a house, a family, and maybe if we are lucky, doing what we love? 711 more words

Why Success Isn't a Number

I remember one of my old bosses stating that he didn’t like the ‘stampede’ each day at 5.30pm when most of the office would finish their shift. 240 more words

Skylar Liberty Rose

Redefining What Success Means To You

In a recent post regarding my personal development, I discussed feeling as though I have finally “arrived,” and that I am living a life I truly enjoy. 928 more words


3 Tips for Re-Defining Success in 2015 (But Start TODAY!)

“It’s all in your head.” Ever heard someone tell you that? It usually comes from someone telling you that you’re delusional or hallucinating. Usually, it just pisses you off because oftentimes it’s NOT all in your head and you know exactly what you saw, felt or heard. 845 more words

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I’ve had a fairly wretched bout of feeling blocked with writing.  It’s good to remind myself that I have this here blog, and it can serve any purpose I want it to serve.  503 more words

Exploring Vulnerability

Redefining Success

In the late 1950’s success in America was typically portrayed as a one income family, a middle income job, a modest home in the suburbs and a new Oldsmobile or Chevrolet parked in a one car driveway. 566 more words