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Book Tour ~ Run by Becky Johnson

About The Book
Title: Run
Author: Becky Johnson
Genre: Mystery / Suspense

A decades old mystery and a deadly game of cat and mouse will change Charlotte Marshall forever. 793 more words

Guest Authors

“So powerful was resurrection that he is the cause of resurrection for others as well.”

John Chrysostom


Evening Meditation

Meet Hip Hop Artist Bobbi DeNiro

By L. Burner

The true redeeming value of “Redemption” is the fact that Bobbi DeNiro’s satirical content is encoded like an inside joke and will be lost on spitters of misogyny, black on black crime, exaggerated tales of fetty and other false bravado; the very ones that are being mocked. 27 more words

Featured Writers

The Evolution of Matt

My name is Matthew Earl but I prefer to be called Matt I was born on the 28th December 1964 in a town called Wellingborough which is in the English county of Northampton.This day was a Monday and according to the well known rhyme I should be fair of face well that’s wrong for a start. 377 more words


Ruth revisited

Isaiah 54:1-5

1 “Scream joyfully, infertile one; who has never given birth! Bust out rejoicing and bellow, one who has not been pregnant! Because the abandoned woman’s children will be more than the children of a married woman,” says Yahveh. 268 more words


The Scandalous Ancestors of Jesus

In my Human Sexuality course last spring, I wrote a paper outlining my personal theology of sex. In it, I discussed the mysterious beauty of the act and how it reflects a unified, three-in-one God by unifying a two-in-one marital relationship. 704 more words


7. God Calls Abram from the Nations and for the Nations


As we have surveyed the history of redemption we have taken care to note how the fall explains why, in light of God’s good creation, Israel experienced 400 years of death and slavery. 987 more words