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5 things NOT to say to someone who's going through a divorce/breakup //

It’s no secret, friends. A couple years ago, the world that I knew was shattered. It no longer existed on any level. Having my marriage end and having the man that I spent 5 years with move across the country felt like being homesick for a place that no longer existed. 734 more words

Enduring Mercy

Psalm 136

This is a most unique Psalm, as the writer uses constant repetition of the words “for His mercy endureth forever”.  What an amazing reminder that God’s mercy will never give up on us, we should never allow ourselves to forget those simple words.   1,411 more words


The credibility of 'love'

How often do you tell people you love them?

To friends, to classmates, to family and even random people in life?

To people who feed you or write your papers ? 331 more words

i am the moon | Charissa's Grace Notes

I really like the moon metaphors…


“…and i am the moon
growing in silence
fattening on gentleness
increasing with time
and in finding myself…” 9 more words



Awaiting the waning moon
This lost sea-shore
At the last moments
Of earthly time
We counted the pebbles
As if in their number
Some final revelation… 62 more words


To All Who Have Lost Faith... A Poem For You

The Lost Disciple of Galilee

The Lost Disciple of Galilee [1]

The Shepherd looked upon my face [1]

I wondered how to earn his grace… 414 more words


Forgiveness {love}

There was a time in my past when I made a choice to allow words….hurt feelings…..to come between me and God!


Because of how I internalized a conversation and allowed the negative lies to spin I chose to drink many many glasses of wine throughout the day.  226 more words