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Honour Amongst Thieves Update

I set out to release the follow up to Black Hearts and Thieves last May and I seem to be constantly rewriting parts of it. Now me fingers are crossed and me hands are shivering as I think me book may not be far off. 14 more words


Original Poem of the Day

Poem 54 from oPeration fiLL tHe worLd witH Positivity- A Rope (of Hope and Guidance)

Get over it

Move on

Accept what you are given… 84 more words

I See Myself

I always saw the humanity
behind his thick-lidded eyes, the small child,
begging for a banquet of golden crumbs
to appease the motherache churning
in his heart and stomach. 236 more words
John Biscello

Learning About Brokenness by Actually Being Broken

About a month ago I broke my leg while in Orange County to celebrate my granddaughter Emma’s 16th birthday.  Though I had had a knee replacement on the same leg 3 months before, I was well recovered from that and my slip on a steep driveway covered in leaves was just a simple mishap that could’ve happened to anyone. 470 more words

Emotional Brokenness

Citizens of Heaven

Living here is uncomfortable. I’m not talking about my apartment or my car or my classroom. I’m talking about here. On Earth. Despite the best efforts of 21st century appliances and tech, we’re still uncomfortable. 580 more words


Once Broken, Now Beautifully Restored

Life definitely is not easy. And this has perhaps been one of the most difficult, painful seasons I’ve faced so far with March, April and May being the hardest months of 2018. 1,297 more words