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If you can’t fix what’s broken, you’ll go insane

Recently, many of the media websites I follow released their movies of the year so far. July, the midpoint (sort of) of 2015, and time to take stock of the situation, review what’s been released and crank up the excitement for what hasn’t. 2,064 more words

Weariness: The Passion Killer

weariness: |ˈwɪərɪnɪs| noun [ mass noun ] 

1 extreme tiredness; fatigue: he began to feel weariness

2 reluctance to see or experience any more of something: growing war-weariness.

1,249 more words

Fissure King

It stained everything
In the days I was shaken
Seeping from cracks
Ripped through the foundation.

Broken, I became
All ink stain and rubble.
Who pained to look on me… 158 more words


100 Word Story: a new beginning

The light looked too inviting.

Warm and brilliant though it was, something felt eerily amiss.

A lack of movement, perhaps! No, that wasn’t it.

Although stillness gripped the moment, what really proved unnerving was the inexplicable aura of familiarity, beckoning and urging him to relinquish his feeble hold on life – all for a mere feeling of belonging. 43 more words


Slave Story - Introduction

Loud knocks continued to carry through the hut. He knew it wouldn’t last much longer. His mother thought they would hold out another night, and maybe they’d forget about them, but that didn’t seem likely. 649 more words

Isaiah 40-42; 1 Peter 3

Lost Blessings

I didn’t mean to
but I got
I started on the trail with an intended destination:
an observation point for tourists.
I had read about it and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. 395 more words