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Guido Van Helten - Mural in Redfern, Australia

Street artist Guido Van Helten is currently in Australia and has been adding his paint to the walls of Oceania just like so many others. In his signature style, Van Helten has created a beautiful new portrait based mural in the city of Redfern.


Eathouse Diner, Redfern

I think it was Shakespeare who said “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. I wonder if food by any other name would be as tasty? 398 more words


New Uni!!!

So, today I had a meeting at the University of Sydney with the Dean of Undergraduate Civil Engineers to talk about getting credited for previous study and it actually went pretty well. 186 more words

#Foodporn: The Greek breakfast that makes my belly dance like Zorba

To say I’m a huge fan of Greek food would be an understatement. I don’t care if it gives me garlic breath, I could quite easily live on a diet of lamb, calamari, haloumi, olives and taramasalata, thank you very much. 278 more words


She Fitness

Exercise for the sake of exercise is not something I really get.

I mean, I did a lot of sport all through school, and I love being outdoors and hiking, swimming or skiing, but just sweating with no purpose never made a ton of sense. 378 more words