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Street Art @ Redfern

I am dog walking for a friend, and it provided me with the opportunity to explore some of the local Redfern street art.  A couple of pieces were on Cleveland Street, and I have never been able to get an opportunity to get a photo, until now…



Sunday gelato - Ciccone & Sons

I needed to get out having spent most of the weekend marking inside.  Not just out for a walk, but out on a mission to find some gelato. 233 more words


“About three years ago now, I started to have this niggling feeling that these buildings wouldn’t be around forever.”

Sydney Film School Artistic Director Ben Ferris sat down to chat about his new film  408 more words


A Review of Fashion Designers from the mid-1850s to early 1920s

   Many infamous designers of fashion, tailleurs, couturiers, and modistes from the mid-to-late Victorian period through the Roaring 20s including Worth, Redfern, Poiret, Paquin, and Chanel have been extensively researched and thoroughly written on.  52 more words

Summer Outfit Inspo | Sydney

Here is one of my favourite summer outfits from my time in Sydney.

It is now coming towards Autumn in England and yes unfortunately that means no more skimpy dresses and denim shorts but chunky knit jumpers and scarfs, which we can all enjoy just as much. 227 more words


What I saw in September 2009

Rebadging my “photoblog recycles”. These were originally on Neil’s Modest Photo Blog.

Go the Bunnies!

Posted on September 18, 2009 by Neil

And they went well too until… 104 more words

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