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Windows 10 is deleting pirated games and software - Video Proof

There has been a lot of controversy over the new Windows 10. We made a previous post stating all the ways that Windows 10 “calls home” and notifies Microsoft of your picture data. 56 more words


Red light camera probe urged in Florida after bribery bombshells

Update: See company and FDLE responses in our story here.

Original post: A state legislator today called for a probe of a red light camera vendor’s dealings in Florida in light of bribery cases in other states. 400 more words


A cautionary tale of online privacy: How to keep your identity private!

A cautionary tale of online privacy: How to keep your identity private!

Modern surveillance state: 5 CREEPIEST Ways Tinder Stalkers Can Find You


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Arizona Rep Brenda Barton Thinks Santa is Just Trying to Thwart Photo Radar

From WarOnDriving.com

Driving in Arizona is difficult enough as it is. All the state sponsored distractions like the constant stream of flashing intersection spy cameras and roadside creeper vans deployed by Australia’s…

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CN Oct. 23, 2014

You’ve probably heard that the Sun-Times endorsed Bruce Rauner last week. And maybe you also heard that Rauner’s campaign raised objections to a story that Dave McKinney wrote about some alleged bullying of a former executive at one of Rauner’s companies. 1,298 more words

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Shocking: Red Light Camera Company CEO And Chicago City Official Indicted On Corruption Charges

Source: TechDirt, by Timothy Geigner, Aug 22nd 2014

from the the-chicago-way dept

We’ve long-argued that red light cameras, those little flashy things that ticket you for going through a stop light, have always been way less about safety and almost entirely about generating… 345 more words

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