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How to add EPEL Repository in Linux ?

Linux is my favourite operating system. I like windows for multimedia activities. But when it comes to work and experiments, I like linux. Linux gives us the flexibility to perform all operations and it is a vast ocean to explore. 339 more words


Centos 6 Base Repo

Sometime i need this repo file configuration to install some packages that doesn’t exist in RHEL-like distros, 206 more words


Understanding the Leap Second

The basic time for mostly all of the world’s local time zones is called Coordinated Universal Time, UTC, which is derived from a bunch of atomic clocks which are distributed in several countries all over the world. 869 more words


Taste of Training, Summit 2015

This year, I had a chance to help out with the training labs at Red Hat Summit, something I had never done before. As a solutions architect, Its always good to interact with customers and see our products in action. 331 more words

Docker Open Container Project - please make it awesome

I’m live-blogging this from the DockerCon opening keynote in San Francisco.  Docker have announced that Docker will create the Open Container Project under the Linux Foundation. 1,373 more words

Restarting the automounter on Redhat

I had a messed up automounter and wanted to restart it. Sometimes I just draw a blank for the command. It could be that I am focused mainly on Windows these days and I simply forget the command. 35 more words


Compiling Linux software packages

We have many public domain and commercial software packages installed on our systems, which are available to all users. However, students are allowed to download and install small software packages in their own home directory, software usually only useful to them personally. 1,429 more words