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RedHat add epel repo

Jak dodać repozytorium (źródła z DVD) do redhata bez subskrypcji.

Jeśli stworzyłem maszynke na VirtualBox, to najlepiej podmontować sobie 3 płyty (nie wiem na której sa źródła jakich aplikacji) i: 92 more words


Disable SELinux in CentOS and RHEL

Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a security architecture integrated into the 2.6.x kernel using the Linux Security Modules. It is a project of the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and the SELinux community. 148 more words


Running iotop by non-root user in redhat linux

Running iotop command on linux with non root user cause this error:
Netlink error: Operation not permitted (1)

The Linux kernel interfaces that iotop relies on now require root privileges… 109 more words

Linux Administration

RHEV-M 3.6 - Deploy & Manage

This blog addresses the management solution of Red Hat’s Virtualisation suite. If you are looking to get an idea about RHEV-M (Red Hat Enterprise Manager 3.6), the various components and to get it deployed in your lab for testing, then read on. 269 more words


RHEV-H 7.2 : Getting Started

RHEV-H or Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation Hypervisor is Red Hat’s KVM based hypervisor supported by Red Hat. For the sake of testing and getting to know KVM in general and Red Hat’s hypervisor in particular, I installed it as a VM on a Nutanix Cluster running ESXi 6.0. 701 more words


Disable Control+Alt+Delete on Redhat base Linux

It is always recommended in production servers both physical and virtual servers that one should disable reboot using Ctrl-Alt-Del keys.

In this article I will discuss how can we disable reboot via above keys in Redhat,Centos and Oracle linux… 217 more words

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RedHat EX300 Exam,Easily To Pass RedHat EX300 Exam Questions And Answers

xviii | Preface

ICMP Network engineers use this protocol to troubleshoot and operate a network, as it is the core protocol used (on some platforms) by the ping and traceroute programs. 1,144 more words