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LINE Messenger on Linux

Recently I packaged purple-line in Fedora 22 or later, which is the plugin of LINE Messenger for pidgin:

# dnf install purple-line

You can see the plugin on pidgin.


Red Hat - Vendor Strengths and Cautions - Gartner


Red Hat

Red Hat continues to make good progress in this year’s Magic Quadrant, primarily due to a strong tie between KVM adoption and OpenStack and an increase in OpenStack adoption and integration. 582 more words


Quick SED walkthrough by example

## This example is very useful in working with XML files

sed “/group/,/\/group/s/name/groupname/g” directory.xml

## search between the words “group” and “/group” and substitute “name” with “groupname” globally in file “directory.xml”, output to stdout; file not updated… 18 more words


Awk notes

Here’s a useful snippit/shell script that can tell you quite a bit on the power of awk:

awk -F”:” ‘ ‘
print “=============================================” 63 more words


Open Container Initiative Gains Momentum As AT&T, Oracle, Twitter And Others Join

A month ago, Docker and the Linux Foundation announced the Open Container Project at Docker’s developer conference. Now called the Open Container Initiative, the project is seeing rapid growth, as the Linux Foundation’s executive director  402 more words


Tana Daily Telegraph reblogged this on Tana Daily Telegraph and commented:

“With such strong community support and collaboration, we’re confident this effort will rise to the opportunity.” - original author

IBus 1.5.11 is released

Now IBus 1.5.11 is released:

1.5.11 is available in Fedora 23.

  1. User compose file($HOME/.XCompose) is supported in IBus XKB engines
    Note: XKB engines load en_US compose table(/usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose) on any locales.
  2. 87 more words


Recently I updated ibus-fbterm to work with ibus 1.5.
My patches are available here:

Now the patched ibus-fbterm 0.9.1-22 is available in Fedora 21 or later. 123 more words