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Running a custom startup script in CentOS / RHEL 7

Hi All,

During my work at Adroitlogic, in one of my tasks I had to start & configure a set of EC2 machines which included our B2B AS2 integration solution… 555 more words


Debug SSL Handshake Failures (F5, *nix)

This article primarily applies to debugging SSL handshake failures on F5 LTM, but it can be used on any device with tcpdump. 

It can be tricky to truly understand… 434 more words

Load Balancing

How to run the 3Scale APICast Gateway in OpenShift ?

In my last blogpost I’ve shown how to run the 3Scale APICast Gateway in a Docker container. The next step would be to run APICast in OpenShift (both are Red Hat family members) and this was part of a showcase for a client. 960 more words

FAD I18N 2017

FAD I18N 2017 was held in Pune India last month. Fedora I18N members met together and there was very exciting and constructive event.

I talked about… 293 more words


How to run the 3Scale APICast Gateway in a Docker container ?

With the rise of API popularity and the necessity for decent API Management some relatively new players emerged. And by know almost all are acquired by bigger fish in the software pond. 737 more words

Experimenting with failures using mdadm on Linux


I am looking to store some critical data on a Linux Server – and I am planning on plugging in two new hard disks. I am looking into data redundancy and looking at mdadm. 2,299 more words


Configure network teaming on RH-7.1

Scenario :

Server : Dell Power Edge R730
OS : Red Hat 7.1
team version : 1.5.1

Team configuration

team2 device : em4 & p7p1… 432 more words