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Opening Up a port on RedHat

By default RedHat comes with strict configuration for protecting you from hackers. If you want to open up certain ports for network traffic you will need to use… 43 more words


How to display time with commands

In order to display execution time of commands need to set HISTTIMEFORMAT variable:


I am out of my Vulcan mind!

I just got settled into a harmonious digital lifestyle of all things Apple when suddenly I decided once again that the world of technology is too vast to stick to just one kind! 324 more words


Tips on Choosing the Right VMWare ESXI Hosting Company

If you have a website, you may need a place to store your files, in technical terms that means that you need to host your website and to do so, you need to hire a hosting company. 309 more words


The Power of Open Source... Microsoft .NET and OpenShift: .Net on Linux

Really exiting times ahead: Microsoft .Net on Linux.

It’s not fully ready yet, but to get an idea to learn more about running OpenShift Enterprise 3 and a .NET application based on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux container, here are a few links to get started: 145 more words


Setup A Fedora (Linux) Virtual Machine Using Oracle VirualBox

What good a Linux tutorial is if it doesn’t tell you how to setup your own server to practice Linux on? ;) We can’t just keep on reading some random text & become proficient with Linux. 585 more words


Hybrid Cloud Computing with Microsoft and Red Hat

Microsoft and Red Hat announced a partnership that will help customers embrace hybrid cloud computing by providing greater choice and flexibility deploying Red Hat solutions on Microsoft Azure. 241 more words