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Disable google click-tracking

I blogged already about the nicest firefox addons and improving google search by using greasemonkey userscripts. Only recently, I noticed, that the click-tracking redirection by google search is not blocked anymore. 18 more words


Believe. Stand your ground. Don't leave your post!

I wonder… I wonder… I wonder…

The past few days have been something else. Experienced being on edge filled with anxiety and the walls that were once shut, are now breaking open. 961 more words

All that is, is what you make of it

There is no purely 'bad' or even 'good' state or situation, all that is is what you make of it. Because ultimately it is you that decides which course to take out of each moment, no matter what it is that happens. 96 more words

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Redirection Techniques in SEO

 Redirection Techniques in SEO

Redirection is a word that we usually use when direct someone to go for a particular path from current path.
The same meaning can be implemented in the… 345 more words


this is not the end of the line

That moment you realize your “dream job” was never really your dream job.

It takes some people longer than others to arrive at their purpose in life – it’s not anyone’s fault, as finding our purpose in life is found just as much outside of us as it is inside of us.

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