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Beware Burger King WhatsApp scam: It’s a trap

Just when it seemed that the latest round of scams via WhatsApp was coming to a close, ESET discovers a new one. This fake survey promises a chance at a… 835 more words

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Shell programming - I/O Redirection

In Linux world , shell programming language ,we have always three default files open, stdin (the keyboard), stdout (the screen), and stderr (error messages output to the screen). 725 more words


Getting back to Gratitude

Image credit. Atti-tude.com

After my departure from gratitude and joy in my last post, I thought it important to get back to my main theme. 226 more words


King of Dreams

Almost everything’s changed.

Today, I’m seventeen. 819 more words

Re(Direction) Chapter 2

Adrian woke up a moistened towel applied to his forehead. He reached up to take the towel and groaned in response to the dull ache that remained in his limbs. 1,258 more words

Re(Direction) Chapter 1

As the transit terminal sounded off the departure warning, Adrian slipped between the closing doors as they rumbled on their hinges. Three distinctive increasing tones sounded as the train began to hum, and Adrian noted the peeking sun as the view revealed the horizon of the Fraser River, and noted how the neighbourhood had changed significantly in the last 5 years. 643 more words

Redirecting PowerShell command errors to a file

PowerShell has several redirection operators that can be used to redirect specific type of output to a file. For example, if you want to redirect all errors produced by different cmdlet in your script to a text file, you can use Error redirection to do so. 506 more words