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Reframing Roles in Life Coaching - The Hero and the Mascot


The Hero provides a sense of self-esteem for the family unit. It’s their perceived responsibility to carry “the banner” for the public to see. In her adult life, shee seeks to make her family proud, but suffers from the intense need to always keep up appearances. 205 more words

Life Coaching Partners

All Matter and Man

About this time last year, I met a fellow named Jay. I was waiting for the bus on campus when I overheard this man speaking fluent Mandarin to a few international students. 1,220 more words

Ellen Degeneres

Work In Progress

Having cancer is bizarre. You are a patient but everyone tells you to be strong. You go see doctors, you get cut open, you have poison drip fed into your blood, you feel awful and people say you are a fighter. 307 more words

Q&A: Scammed or safe?

Q We have an iPad and an iMac. An email footer contained a link to the Tennis Clubs website, which I tried to access on the iPad, only to be redirected to a sex chat site. 326 more words


Good Question #3

“So I am new to understanding my child’s needs… I am a counselor and I understand mental health but not fully understanding of the spectrum yet… Nobody would listen when I would cry for help… My son has gotten in trouble so many times for doing this UNTIL, I learned about the this… So I hope to learn from everyone here….. 638 more words

An Autism Mom's Problems And Solutions

Record center problems with document library forms with custom content types and redirection rules

The problem is as follows to make it happen:

  1. You are having a custom document library created
  2. You are using a feature to assign a custom content type…
  3. 88 more words

George's Guinea Pig world has a new URL

I thought it would be good to align the website with the Facebook page address, so the main address of this website is now… 59 more words