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Hint, HINT!!!

Hey lover, how are you?… happy new year🎉🎉🎉… oh yes I know it’s already February but anywho, it’s still the new year and I’m still feeling fresh plus I haven’t been here since last year. 929 more words

My Life In Relation To Yours

The Beauty of Reflection

Recently I’ve paused the merry-go-round of my delightful days to bow to the beauty of reflection. Doing so keeps me content at heart, sharpens my goals. 225 more words

Claudia Moss

Force Apache2 to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS

Want to redirect requests for http://www.yoursite.com to https://www.yoursite.com?

Simply change to your httpd.conf file (or if you are running Ubuntu or another distro that splits the httpd.conf file into multiple files, in your… 380 more words


Store stdout and stderr of a command to different files

I think it is important for people to understand redirections. I’m adding some notes so you understand how to use it:

Understand this command:

(((./cmd) 2>&1 1>&3 | tee errors.log) 3>&1 1>&2 | tee output.log) > both.log 2>&1… 286 more words



Normally a command executing in the terminal shows it’s output on the terminal screen. Instead of that, if we could be able to print those output details to a file, it would be great. 189 more words


What’s your Focus? Redirection! Reprioritizing! Putting God First!

It’s so easy to get off track! Life has a unique way of taking us in so many different directions without even giving us the time to breathe. 431 more words