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The Art of Knowing When to Let Go: Recognizing Failures as Redirections

Rejection, it never fails to cut deep, does it? We are told time and time again how rejection is a part of life and that ultimately, we are meant to  grow and learn from it. 680 more words



      “Everything has its reason”. When our human capacity for understanding is exhausted then we can always say “Only God knows.”

      I can still remember how I felt many years ago when I marched the stage on my college graduation. 271 more words


      Waiting & Patience

      Today we live in such a microwave -paced society, that we have seemingly abandoned or forgotten the value of patience.

      She has struggled with impatience and as a result, life, Source/God has placed her in situations where she has had to slow down. 117 more words

      Rejection is Redirection


      What is your biggest rejection so far and what did you learn from it? Here’s my story.

      In 2014, when I was still an employee in a BPO (business process outsourcing) company, I was going through the quarter life crisis. 875 more words

      How to use special characters like letters in the batch files

      For most of the users, the batch files are just a short script files for the automation of tasks. However, we can use those files for more than just running some program with additional parameters. 546 more words

      Batch Files


      Direct the flow
      When the cup is broken.

      Redirect the flow
      After the pitcher grows.

      Crash the know
      Then drink in what needs to be.