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Re(Direction) Chapter 2

Adrian woke up a moistened towel applied to his forehead. He reached up to take the towel and groaned in response to the dull ache that remained in his limbs. 1,258 more words

Re(Direction) Chapter 1

As the transit terminal sounded off the departure warning, Adrian slipped between the closing doors as they rumbled on their hinges. Three distinctive increasing tones sounded as the train began to hum, and Adrian noted the peeking sun as the view revealed the horizon of the Fraser River, and noted how the neighbourhood had changed significantly in the last 5 years. 643 more words

Redirecting PowerShell command errors to a file

PowerShell has several redirection operators that can be used to redirect specific type of output to a file. For example, if you want to redirect all errors produced by different cmdlet in your script to a text file, you can use Error redirection to do so. 506 more words


Socks5 tunnel over SSH on windows

A couple of days ago, I was trying to reach a certain page over the internet. The strange thing was that sometimes, the page seemed to be down so I let it rest for a couple of hours: they could be under maintenance and dropping connections. 400 more words



As my followers have no doubt noticed, this blog has time and again undergone changes. It’s purpose has yet to be hashed out, so I’m taking some time out today to explain what it is really about. 147 more words


How to read files via redirection


In this blog post we’ll learn how to read a file as input and write the output to a file using redirection. 460 more words

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All my life, every day,
All my dreams fade away.

Into the black, into the night,
Into the nothingness I feel inside.

Soaked in tears, soaked in blood, 28 more words