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"You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails"

I was finally able to sleep last night after getting my refill prescription for Percocets from my doctor. Changing the bandages on my leg and foot was a nightmare since they stuck to the open wounds. 495 more words

Divine Redirection

Lately, I have been studying Psalm 139 and have been encouraged by that fact that God knows me. He knows what I think. He knows what I’m going to say (or write) before I say it. 539 more words

2017 must be the year of redirection | The Friday Article

December is a month which always prompts reflection. It’s a time when we all look back at the New Year’s Resolutions we made in January and then subsequently forgot about, whilst once again scrutinising the news stories which broke over the past 12 months. 658 more words


Getting Back Into the Flow...Serious Stuff!

It all started out a week ago with a tightening in my throat.  I am very sensitive to throat issues because they have been with me since I was a toddler…tonsils removed, strep throat history, complications from bronchial issues, and more.   676 more words


I’ve just recently discovered The Nerd Writer (on Twitter @theenerdwriter), AKA Evan Puschak, and I’m already a big fan. His video essays are damn smart and well thought out. 56 more words

Covering Trump


I thought I’d try and take this blog in a different direction. It was linked too closely to me, personally, and I wanted it to be something more wide-ranging and general. 174 more words