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Why would you keep a bird in a cage?

I am in Bali right now for a month, my beloved second home and enjoying taking time out for me, catching up with friends and relaxing. 971 more words

'Lost' Monitor Lizard Rediscovered in Papua New Guinea

Varanus douarrha was first described for science in 1823, but the original specimen went down in an 1824 shipwreck.

Credit: Valter Weijola

A monitor lizard lost to science in an 1800s shipwreck has been rediscovered on an island in Papau New Guinea. 345 more words


In rediscovered telegram, Himmler offers Jerusalem’s Mufti help against ‘Jewish intruders’

A telegram from Heinrich Himmler to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem has been found in the archives of Israel’s National Library.

Believed to have been sent in 1943, it contains a promise by Hitler’s deputy to Haj Amin al-Husseini that the German Reich will stand behind the Arabs of Palestine and support their struggle against “Jewish intruders.” 431 more words

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The Sheik's Rediscovered Lover (Big Apple Brotherhood Book 2)

The Sheik’s Rediscovered Lover (Big Apple Brotherhood Book 2)

Ella is young and impressionable, and awed by Zayn who comes back into her life like a returning hero. 22 more words

Wake in Fright- Day 6- 31 Days of Halloween

A young schoolteacher trues to escape small town Australia and reach Sydney…but gets waylayed in the darkest possible way.

This is an amazing examination of small town madness, the unspoken madness of such a life and the brutality and destruction undertaken by men. 131 more words

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Rediscovered: Tennis' "Origins"

Rediscovered is a recurring feature at the Bighorn Sheep, where we discuss favorites that have fallen by the wayside.

Tennis emerged in 2010 with a few nostalgic and surfy garage-pop tunes, whose best features were their hooks and their tape-cassette crunch. 187 more words

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