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The Ili Pika

Back during a week devoted to small furry herbivores, Ferrebeekeeper sketched in the general outlines of pikas—close relatives of rabbits. Pikas live in the mountains among high cliffs and alpine meadows where they practice a sort of rudimentary farming. 293 more words


Spotlight: Hugh Holland

In the early 1970s, shutterbug Hugh Holland became one of the first photographers to start a love affair with skateboarding, capturing it’s most vibrant and earliest years. 168 more words



Here in the palace of my mind, there is love, forever love, waiting to be reclaimed, to be rediscovered. Inside us is a knowing, a yearning, a calling out for love. 14 more words


Smeared lipstick on a plastic cup

He carried all of her worries. He contained all of her storms. She was a smeared lipstick on a plastic cup. Done with life and everything it had to do with her. 94 more words

Poetry For Redemption(my Redemption)

Rediscovered imaginations



Began, forgotten.

Misplaced priorities,

concealed creative impulses.


© Paul Nichol.  2015


Cute Mammal With Teddy Bear Face Rediscovered

You could call it one of the world’s longest games of hide and seek.  For more than 20 years, the Ili pika (Ochotona iliensis), a type of tiny, mountain-dwelling mammal with a teddy bear face, had eluded scientists in the Tianshan Mountains of northwestern China.   42 more words