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Redistribution Programs and Work Requirements

Building on the success of state-level reforms in KansasMaine, Wisconsin, Alabama, and Georgia, the Trump Administration has proposed to tighten rules… 1,618 more words


MPLS - Finishing up Redistribution / Connectivity between Customers over the MPLS / L3 VPN, a review of everything learnt up to this point, and all running configs published for future review!

After taking a step from this lab to think about what is logically needed to make this work, I realized there is no “Redistribution” propagating routes over the L3 VPN between Customer A Site 1 / Customer A Site 2, so they have no idea how to respond to each other. 3,476 more words


Christianity & Socialism are Incompatible.

Dale is a religious studies and philosophy student at Appalachian State University, and hopes to enter seminary at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Dale is also a member of a congregation in the Presbyterian Church in America. 1,199 more words


Where is this coming from

Rather than state the obvious, anyone who does not live under a rock in 2019 America understands there is growing class warfare and an acceptance of… 182 more words

Attractiveness, Income, Sex, and Inequality

Last year, I wrote a column that investigated why the left is fixated on the unequal distribution of income and wealth, yet doesn’t seem to care at all about… 966 more words


I want to pay more tax

A couple of things happened this week to make me think about taxation. It could have been serendipity. The first was a visit to my accountant and the second was that I finished reading the book ‘Utopia for Realists’ by Rutger Bregman. 382 more words


#Farleft #Socialism #Redistribution #Capitalism #Politics #Fightfor15, Minimum wage will continue go wreck smaller businesses. All the mean while helping the big corporations. It only helps the established companies in short.

We hear about the minimum wage and as it comes closer to the election. Free health care for illegals at the cost of taxpayers, along with all the other benefits via Socialism spread by AOC and the squad. 119 more words