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Fuh Q

Just the fact you think you know me makes me fucked up in the head…  1000 ways to hate -FFDP

Coming up with some new goodies from T&S and  This N That! 170 more words

there's no one no one to replace you....

you’re the one, the one I believe in
never had a love so strong, all my faith resides in you
so I go to all the places where we used to be as one… 186 more words

Sl Fashion

Queen of Sorrow

Queen of Sorrow and all this hell within ~ Black Label society

I checked a new sim out called Eclectica , I really love exploring sims and this one is without a doubt beautiful. 145 more words

The book of love is long and boring....

The book of love is long and boring
No one can lift the damn thing
It’s full of charts and facts, some figures and instructions for dancing… 136 more words

Sl Fashion

Caged Beauty

Hello Readers!

The FAD Event is still going strong with its first theme: Bird of Prey. I had some fun creating a look with some of the items available. 213 more words

Madrid Solo

Times I recall,in fleeting colours....

Times I recall
In fleeting colours
In missing hours
On days that fall
Like leaves in autumn
And blown around
And left unspoken

Times I recall… 116 more words

Sl Fashion

'They can shout until they're blue'

I could be wrong
But I know I’m right

I saw the sign
I saw the sign

Straight into the fire
Out of the flame… 151 more words

Sl Fashion