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4.2 Reclaiming "Redneck"


Recent waves of protests and strikes in West Virginia invoke the memory of a now notorious figure in American history: the redneck.

To call someone a “redneck” now divides us, when the term was created to unite us.

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When Your Husband Brings Home A Goat

I once woke up around 6 am and found a duck in my bathtub.

Yes, a live duck, swimming in the bathtub.


My husband had hit it with his truck on accident, and he wanted to be sure it was okay, so he brought it home. 306 more words


unkept Afro

She had the look of wanting something. I was standing outside in the smoking area of a flea market when she walked up to me. Its wardrobe was quite traditional. 333 more words

No, you're not.... starving

My daughter and I recently went to see Trevor Noah, the host of The Daily Show, do his stand up routine at The Wilbur in Boston, MA. 1,609 more words



So it was kind of a short funnybook week for me last week. But I think I might be able to turn that into a column anyway… 1,559 more words