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You might be a redneck....

If you drive a camouflaged truck, you might be a redneck.

#2: Spools of Laughter and Ridicule

It is quite simple for us to recognize the incidentals that hold us back in life, but difficult to determine if we are holding someone else back. 2,902 more words

I Am Author

Redneck Ingenuity; Life Hack

I was at home with my husband when I felt the gut wrenching pain from a stomach ache come on. I called my Moma who is a RN for God knows how many years and she told me to apply heat, I was quick to reply, “Mom, I don’t have a heating pad?” She then asked me a strange question, “Well, You gotta diaper right?”. 276 more words

Redneck Me? Milly? Really?

Time to kick up my heels and laugh a little! I got to thinkin’, how does my redneck show? Hmmm…There’s my love of boots…I got more boots than shoes…Really! 738 more words

The Suburban Hearse

The other day, I saw a suburban hearse for the first time.  It got me thinking.  I wonder if you can get one with 4 wheel drive.   27 more words