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My Favorite Things: Country Summer Edition

Red dirt and wheat fields, corn husks and whiskey,

Hound dogs and shotguns and folks feeling frisky.

Bass ponds and camp fires in summer or spring, 129 more words

Confederate Flag Parade Gone Wrong

Trucks in a Confederate flag parade in Georgia over the weekend were caught on video crashing into each other even though police officers had blocked off streets for the rally. 64 more words


Racism Makes You Stupid ...Confederate Parade Ends in Smash Up

Karma is a B*!

Under the heading, racism makes you stupid, we have these morons in Dalton Ga. showing their confederate (and Tea Bagger) pride…Wait for it!

A triple ender!


My son would be so proud!!

To say it was a bit warm this past weekend would be quite the understatement. Only a week ago I was wearing a hoodie to & from work, and sometimes in the office as well. 482 more words

A Southerner To Remember: Lee Frances Heller

A southerner worth remembering this LGBT Pride month is Lee Frances Heller.

Though technically a “transplant” to the south, Heller’s unique contribution to southern Christianity and its call to include all people makes Heller note-worthy.  660 more words


Week in the Word: When Jesus Met a Gay Man

I had a different message lined up to share for the week in the word this week, but in light of the recent SCOTUS ruling I thought it would be wonderful to share a sermon I preached while I was pastoring in Blessed Family of God in Fayetteville, NC, as I began to become involved as a Christian pastor in the fight for equal rights with GLBT people.  3,746 more words


Weird Planetary Sounds NASA Picked Up Around the Solar System

(Yes, I know there’s no air in space for our concept of “sound” but sound is just vibrations, and you can get vibrations in anything… water, plasma, etc. 44 more words