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Broken Bicycles

When summer was finally over during that first year, I had to start school. my very first “new school” experience. i was freaked! new town, new school, my mom never bought me “cool” clothes throughout my entire school life. 2,027 more words

Tim Hawkins!!

Favorite comedian ever! I love this video which I guess proves how much of a redneck I am! LOL

My First Oil Painting!

Super intimidating at first, but I actually really like oils now!

All in the Fam'

I think I may have found that cuzin’ on my daddy momma great-great-grand-pappy side that I’ve always heard about but never met.


"Walking..." in a winter wonderland?

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I love winter as much as the next gal! Can I get an “Amen”?

I mean hot chocolate, sliding really fast down a precipitous hill, cider,  258 more words

Creating Empires

I'm Just Here to Show You What's Really Going On

This whole blog is me talking about my experiences, yes. But it’s also me yanking the mother flopping curtain down and saying what I feel, what I think many people feel, but don’t say. 311 more words

Unconventionally happy with the slow life.

So what do you see here? Baby goats, a dog that got cheated out of legs, couple trees, yard that needs to be mowed, and a child with a sun face. 315 more words