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Date Night

I think B has pretty much filled you all in on where I and my family come from. We are hillbillys. We are woods-people. We are river rats. 626 more words

Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality – The Real South

I consider myself to be an outsider to the south. Being from Indiana, but living most of my life in Bristol, TN I have observed many things that I disagree with and simply anger me on a daily basis. 735 more words

Weird with a side of turkey bacon

There’s nothing special to report, just the fact that I’m hemorrhaging currency out of every orifice in my financial body (aka, the usual).

This ***)))SPECIAL REPORT(((*** was told to me by my sister-in-law’s brother’s 2nd wife.   1,989 more words


Redneck Middle-of-Nowhere for no reason Parade

I was raised in a little hickbilly town almost in the middle of nowhere.

The town itself is maybe a half mile long and where it should say population 1,000….the sign says unincorporated. 372 more words

Lil Ole Me

An Open Letter to Andy Hallinan (Florida Gun Shop Owner)

A friend of mine just posted your video on Facebook with the caption ‘must watch’.  I did.  I shouldn’t have.  The only conclusion I came to after watching that stupid video is that you’re an idiot. 1,089 more words