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Motel Hell (1980)

“It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent fritters!”

According to an old mask crafter of a bloke whom I’ve met at Horrorcon UK 2016,  it is with that slogan that the film was advertised when it first came out back in 1980. 130 more words

A Distinctly 'Murican Olympic Event

I caught a bit of the diving competition yesterday and it got me thinking about an event for those who can’t dedicate all of their time to being an athlete yet still somehow aren’t counted as professional athletes. 111 more words


You Know You're a Redneck When...

…You erect a structure in your front yard and none of your neighbors have any idea why it’s there or what the hell it possibly could be used for. 37 more words

Why writers should stop using 'redneck' as an ethnic slur, and probably won't.

Science fiction is awash with discussion about diversity. Almost since its inception, the genre has been dominated by Anglo-European men. (Oddly enough, modern sci-fi was invented by a woman, Mary Shelley, with her novel, Frankenstein.) In the past few decades, however, more women and some African-Americans, e.g., Octavia Butler, Samuel R. 875 more words

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How I Survived Redneck Springs

It was a good start to the day, aside from a forgotten cooler. But other than that the weather seemed nice and I was looking forward to a day at the springs. 2,198 more words

Friends on the Frio

The Frio River; a redneck paradise where cheap beer and chewing tobacco are required, while teeth and bras are optional. It’s a place where the redneck truly shines through the backwoods engineering of coolers that double as speakers, and weedwackers that are transformed into margarita makers.   640 more words

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