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SEE: Redneck Couch Moving At Its Finest!

Been looking to start a new business but haven’t figured out that great idea yet? This may be it!

Even watching it, I don’t believe how they did it ::: the commentary from the woman on the ground is priceless too. 6 more words


Making Up Is Hard to Do

Have we forgotten how to say we’re sorry?

Sarcasm doesn’t help.

Neither does blame.

Unfortunately, that seems to be what our modern society is based on. 562 more words

Hillary, Bill, Obama And Democrats Continue Insulting Americans

Call me old fashioned, but if you want to a people it seems to me that you should like them. Hell, at least pretend you do. 170 more words

My Redneck Birthday

So for the last three years, my father and I have found a couple of people to tag along with us to go to a NASCAR race to celebrate my birthday — Yes, I like every sport basically. 536 more words


"Redneck Lena" who is she?

Now that the first post is done, and I got your attention, I hope you keep coming back, I hope you “like” and also share my blog. 374 more words

I'm a better woman than you

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has openly declared himself a transgender woman, and intends to be the first LGBT Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. 405 more words

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What Is A Redneck?


From the time I was a kid, I heard white people call themselves rednecks.  I heard black people call them the same thing.  1,151 more words