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If Loving Willie Nelson Makes Me a Redneck, Then Pass The Canned Meat

Last month I was at a swanky luncheon for a birthday party.  Never very good at small talk, I leaned over to a virtual stranger and posed this question: “Does having an obsession with Willie Nelson make me white trash?”  To her credit, she blinked only once and gave me an emphatic, ” ‘Fraid so.” She wasn’t kidding.  625 more words

Redneck Computer Terms

ACTIVE DESKTOP: Caused from leavin food on yer puter desk.
BACKUP: What ya do when ya done run’d over a skunk in the woods. 669 more words


Innocent projects

It started innocently enough. Last night Shaun wanted to play outside. It was the first nice night in a week. The sun was shining and there was no wind. 602 more words


Memorial's (Hazy) Memories

The weekend was a blur involving too much alcohol, too much food, too much money, and not enough time.

I arrived at my sister’s house to find my brother-in-law in the yard in cutoffs using a chainsaw to cut an ancient gnarled juniper bush out of his lawn. 836 more words

Weekday Preacher