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Thought of the Day 11-24-16

Asking “What is beautiful?” is like asking what “comfortable” weather is. If depends on the person. I like it in the 60s and dry. My neighbor likes it humid in the 80s. 22 more words

Just Plain Stupid

As the high-life redneck president, Trump appeals to middle-class white trash, but he also endears himself to the just plain stupid. I mean, look at his appointments. 18 more words

Redneck Ingenuity

One of the things that we like to do on this blog is to share with our users & visitors, interesting or unusual photos from our own contributors. 53 more words


Thought of the Day 11-16-16

It is up to you to decide if your deeds are white chalk on a blackboard, or black marker on a whiteboard.

Redneck Facebook

My dear friend John was recently on a visit to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. (Personal note: I just realized[1] that Tolkien probably called his… 490 more words

Thought of the Day 11-10-16

Throwing more manure on a pile of manure doesn’t create a heap of gold.