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Redneck Air Conditioner and 15 More Ways to Keep Cool in the Summer

Portable Air conditioner
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Portable Air conditioner Here’s How To Make A DIY Air Conditioner That Will Actually Keep You Cool How to Clean a Room Air Conditioner Canadian Cooler Cooling Contraption… 20 more words

CYP#4: Hefty Complete!

Three for three! Hefty’ story is complete. This is by far the fastest storyline I’ve written. I’m thinking that’s a good thing too.

Your (second) favorite zombie-slaying redneck is ready for you to take a walk through the wastelands in his shoes!

Up next? Tyberius.


Proud moments in redneck history: Barbie Jeep racing

Oh holy crap, how did I not know about this being a thing that exists?  I so want to do this!

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Another Rant

Yet again, Southern, white-trash, Christian, Republicans have amazed me with their stupidity and ignorance. I keep seeing posts about Paris and Islam. Some I can see a point, others enrage me on the deepest level. 471 more words

A redneck love poem, LOL

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Redneck Repairs - version 2.0

I shared with you some of the amazing repair skills of my folk, rednecks, in a previous post.  (Redneck Repairs – version 1)  No one post is able to contain the amount of pure genius displayed on a daily basis though, which requires me to share “version 2.0.”  Please enjoy… and try not to be jealous that you didn’t think of these yourself. 19 more words

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