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Daily Devotional: Drink Deep of the Fountain of Life

John 7:37-52 pictures God’s Spirit as a fountain of life that begins to spring up deep within our souls. I am reminded of the image Jurgen Moltmann uses for the Holy Spirit: Source of Life. 379 more words



It’s tough to be on stage, either half-hearted or earnest. So they say, neither gives a fuck about reward. That’s what makes it so dangerous. Sliding along the thinning ice. 83 more words

Channeling MacGyver

I went redneck with my lunch yesterday. Or maybe it’d be cooler to say I went MacGyver.

Yeah, that’s it. I totally went MacGyver.

We had fixed Taco Salad for the church youth group Sunday and still had leftovers come Wednesday evening. 386 more words

Jane (The Oldest)

Sophistication and the Usefulness of Socks

I remember while I was growing up I wanted to act sophisticated. I wished my family were more “polished,” or at least less embarrassing. My mom will admit proudly that she is a bit of a redneck. 443 more words


Daily Devotional

Romans 4:1-12 is an answer to our every perfectionism.   It is not due to our perfection in actions, attitudes, or religion that our God reckons righteousness to us. 438 more words


I am a southerner, but oft times, ashamed of it.

Lately, there have been a tremendous number of articles going back and forth about the stance of residents of the American south on issues such as race, LGBT rights, abortion, medical care, social care of the poor and the hungry, education, etc.   963 more words