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Friends on the Frio

The Frio River; a redneck paradise where cheap beer and chewing tobacco are required, while teeth and bras are optional. It’s a place where the redneck truly shines through the backwoods engineering of coolers that double as speakers, and weedwackers that are transformed into margarita makers.   640 more words

Life Events

You Know You're a Redneck When...

…You build a mole hill of a fire pit in your yard just outside your trailer made of scorched cinder block, gravel, dirt and yard debris, with an old oil drum nearby to fuel the flames. 31 more words

"Redneck" Pokémon Go

If you aren’t completely obsessed with the new game, Pokémon Go, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about… just know this, the game is awesome and the positive? 33 more words


Fred on Isis

“I think they are too religious ” Fred said, reading about the latest terrorist attack. ” They need to get a job. They just have too much time on their hands. 16 more words

Redneck Co-Workers

Redneck Pokemon

There is so much to say about this video, but so little time. But first, let me state the obvious. Only in the deep south of the United States can you find a female redneck chewing tobacco all while being upset about her Pokemon game. 64 more words



BUBBAWORLD COMIX OMNIBUS VOL. ONE is available now online.  It collects the six main humor titles in one book. ALSO… I now have a Coloring Book for Grown Up Folks… 18 more words