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I Left My Home Town. No, I Don't Miss It.

I really, really, really wish I could sit here and go on about nostalgia, the Southern charm and small town, wholesome values, but I can’t. The truth of the matter is, I’m so glad I left and I don’t know why didn’t leave sooner. 505 more words

Good Old American Showdown: Bikers Vs. Hillbillies

I’ve become pretty good at judging screen shots before clicking on the video. Bit of a “judging a book by its cover” type thing, i’ll admit, . 683 more words

Viral Video

Halloween Costumes Past and Present

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As I have mentioned before, I get very excited about each holiday! Having kids makes it so fun to dress up for Halloween! 440 more words

Boy Mom

His & Hers Redneck Toothbrush

Rednecks invented the tooth brush. If it was anyone else, it would of been called a teeth brush. Great also for hockey players!

Get it here!       $6.66


Duties of American Citizenship in Redneck

I had so much fun presenting Donald Trump’s Inaugural Speech in Redneck style that I thought I should try the same with some other notable speeches in history. 6,421 more words


The Worst...

This morning as I get started in my day I had to ponder what to write about.  Having no clue as to what was even on my mind, I mindlessly made something to eat. 248 more words

In Defense of Poor Folk!

When I write about poor people I get mad and I get crass. I cuss, I make awful jokes, and I attempt to infuse my writing about poor people with the familiar voice I spat out at midnight in my best friend’s converted lounge-garage. 1,855 more words