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Forever and Always!

— Pastor’s all: “Do you, Cletus, take your cousin Bobbie Sue…”

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— Now, I understand if this was a fleet car for an HVAC company… Nope, nevermind, I still don’t understand! I can only offer my sincerest condolences to the families who lost their small pets down those pipes. 16 more words


Toyota Prickup

— For when you gotta drop the kids off at soccer practice at 4p.m., and hit up Home Depot at 5p.m. Absolutely barbaric.

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25 Redneck Valentine Greeting Card Sayings

“I love you more than beer.”

“You complete my bobble-head collection.”

“You tractor-pulled my heart.”

“Your eyes sparkle like moonshine.”

“You are the prettiest girl in the Wal-Marts parking lot.” 406 more words


Oh!!! You Must Be A Redneck!!

That’s what it means!!! It must be time to take down the Christmas lights!!

Extremism is Hurting Your Cause

For the majority of my life, I went to school in the south.

Some of my best memories were formed in places like Goldsboro, North Carolina and Prattville, Alabama. 590 more words


Propane Tank Mailbox

Yesterday was Thank a Mail Carrier day, which got me thinking about this mailbox in Limestone County, Alabama.

It’s a propane tank that was converted into a mailbox and it is a shining example of redneck ingenuity.   17 more words