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What To Do?

I got a text the other day from my father’s wife (no, I do not refer to her as my stepmother. No it’s not because I’m being a dick. 840 more words


Thru Hiker vs. Homeless Person

Ozark is one of my favorite Netflix series of all time.  A week ago I finished rewatching the first season and now I’m rewatching the second season.   373 more words

Song Lyric Quotes: Christmas Ditties

I’ve decided that up until Christmas, I will get everyone and me in the spirit by posting lyrics from Christmas songs on here. Be warned, these will not be traditional carols but satirical and otherwise amusing Christmas songs. 186 more words

adventures at Wal Mart

Adventures at Wal Mart (discovering opposable thumbs, this story is 100% true, it happened several years ago)

Today, I had to exchange a television at Wal Mart because the one I bought there a few days ago did not have a remote. 728 more words


Jews In Mississippi

He showed us how to circumcise a redneck

In a way that none of us had done foresaw:

He found aforementioned redneck in his bedroom… 9 more words


extra mayo

When I asked for extra mayo on the side, she stared at me with those banjo eyes.  You know the eyes I mean.

The eyes that seem to be much farther apart than they should be.  501 more words


NRA 'It was either her or the goat'

The NRA has entered the Scottish ‘goat hunting’ furore by giving its support to some mindless bimbo who shot a defenseless Scottish Wild Goat dead, then posted pictures of herself with its lifeless body on Twitter in the name of some warped idea that what she had done could be called sport. 167 more words