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Titles Are Complicated

As I was getting ready for work today, I decided to document my makeup.  I wanted something neutral with a bit of color that would pair well with a bold lip. 291 more words


Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray Review

I was waiting in line at Sephora last weekend and once again fell into the trap that is the travel-sized section. The giant “b6″ label on the box totally caught my eye, and a look at the description immediately made me want to try this product. 369 more words


15 Ways to Get Rid of Redness On Your Face

If you’ve ever wondered how to get rid of redness on your face, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Blotchy, uneven skin is an issue that affects many women—but fortunately, you don’t have to suffer in silence. 55 more words

Skin Care

Three More!

I had on my calendar that radiation would be done on July 2nd. I wasn’t expecting my radiation technician to tell me I was on a 28 day treatment plan and my last day is actually June 30th. 230 more words

LUSH Skincare Products for Clear Skin: My Miracle Cure!

Hi everyone! Please take a look at my video if you ever had concerns about acne, oil, and redness. My skin was a nightmare, but now I have the Dark Angels Cleanser and the Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water as my miracle cure. 54 more words


NEW Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream

Having a BB Cream that works for oily skin is a plus for the beauty industry these days as not everyone has dry skin and some prefer to have salicylic acid in their makeup to help fight acne breakouts. 114 more words


The Best Way to Stop Dog Allergies

Itching, scooting, sneezing, redness—these are all signs your dog may be an allergy sufferer! Environmental allergies are on the rise for our furry friends but our dogs don’t have to suffer in silence. 92 more words