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here it is, requested by my good friend Ali!

Here is step 0, the bare face, moisturized and depressed

Step 1: Base (foundation, TM, BB cream) … 258 more words

How I Cleared My Skin

This is something I could talk a while about so I found it to be a good first topic on my Youtube channel. It’s a new channel and it’s my first video, so I invite everyone to watch and see if you pick up any tips or ideas on clearing your skin or just keeping it in good health. 329 more words


Avocado Face Mask!

Before I started uni I used to make an avocado face mask  once or twice a fortnight. I stopped because organic ones are expensive and I was living on a student budget! 409 more words


Be Prepared for Biting Insects (let's live together!)

We’re off to the midge haven of Scotland for our summer holiday, so in true girl guide fashion I’ve followed the motto of “be prepared” and have stocked up on insect repellant and cream to apply on bites. 356 more words


What Role Does Inflammation Play in a Healthy Body and How Can Food Keep it in Balance?

A few days ago, I was listening to a lecture from my training at IIN and the lecturer, Dr. Stephan Rechtschaffen, made a point about how the basis of all disease is chronic inflammation in the body. 758 more words


Why Your Rosy Cheeks Could Be Signaling a Health Problem

During my 20s, I saved a lot of money on makeup: I never needed blush, because I had a perma-rosy flush. But a few weeks after I turned 30, I noticed a squiggle on my left cheek that looked like a red pen mark yet turned out, upon closer inspection, to be a capillary. 853 more words

Treatments for Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is also called as eczema and it affects mainly in children at about 10-20% in UK and very less in adults may be up to 3%. 156 more words