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Calm the Redness

Are you feeling flushed?

Does your face feel hot and itchy sometimes? Do you get breakouts at an age that you think you shouldn’t?

Maybe you have a skin disorder called ROSACEA! 572 more words

All about broken capillaries on the skin.

Broken capillaries:

Appearance: Associated with blotchiness, fine thread-like blood vessels on the skin surface, visible on fine areas, especially the eyelids.

Possible causes: Constant dilation of capillary walls leads to weakened elasticity resulting in broken capillaries. 74 more words


I Began With Vanity, I Continue In Good Health

I first started using Rodan+Fields products because, at age 50, I began to notice a few more wrinkles, a little less youthful glow. I never considered myself particularly vain, but I never intended to age gracefully either. 677 more words

Skin Care Products & Adventures


When in love your cheeks turn red

When in anger your forehead turns read

When in cold your ears turn red

When some one says ‘I LOVE YOU’ your face turns red… 18 more words

All about blotchy skin.

Blotchy skin:

Appearance: Redness, hot to the touch, skin appears congested, skin can be either too thick or too thin. Thin skin is easily stimulated, remains blotchy for longer and prone to telangiectasia. 98 more words


What to do with red, angry, sensitive skin...

Those with red, sensitive skin should not:
– Take hot showers or wash their face with hot water.
– Use soap with detergents in it. (if it suds or foams, don’t use it) 96 more words


Acne Terminator

Totally no time for bothing today, but I must share this one with you.
I don’t really believe in acne products working immediatelly-but this one does! 25 more words

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