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Quality Seafood

Saturday, July 2nd, lunch

130 S International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach CA

Part 2 in a two-part series on seafood markets

For the beginner sushi connoisseur, sea urchin roe still in the shell, along with items like octopus tentacles that try to crawl down your throat and Chinese “drunken shrimp”, seem like holy grails of fresh seafood. 1,211 more words


A Day Shopping Japanese Stores near LA, California

As many of you already know, I spent a few years living in Japan, collectively.  If Genki Husband could speak Japanese, I would probably be living there right now.   1,837 more words

Daily Blog Journal

Gourmet Sliders in Redondo Beach

A new restaurant featuring gourmet sliders opened up in North Redondo. Bryan and his wife went there to check out the food…


Celebrating Bastille Day at Dominique's Kitchen

Bryan was out of town and happened to see an email announcement for Bastille Day. He jumped on it so that he would not miss out on this opportunity….


Why the Redondo Beach Power Plant Is Best Converted Into Wetlands

Wetlands are nature’s resiliency plans, and according to the EPA the ecosystem services they provide are valued at billions of dollars. What if the 50 acre… 119 more words


Roger Clinton to Be Charged With DUI After Arrest in Redondo Beach: Report

Roger Clinton will be charged with driving under the influence following his June arrest after driving erratically on Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach, according to the… 93 more words

Local News

Neighborhood Spotlight: Allison Gander

Staying inspired throughout the grit and grind of daily life is not always easy! Our meetings with our monthly Neighborhood Spotlights have become something that we genuinely look forward to …and always come away from feeling refreshed. 775 more words

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