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Bugout! California Part 6 - Park Rules

“You about ready?” John asked, standing next to the kitchen counter.

Sarah came out of the bedroom, putting in earrings as she walked. “Yes, I’m ready,” she said. 3,697 more words


Neighborhood Spotlight: Jen Carpenter

You may have noticed this month’s Neighborhood Spotlight around the South Bay .. Usually accompanied by 6-8 dogs she is hard to miss! Recognizing the busy schedules of South Bay-ers (not to mention the time spent in traffic for those of us commuting!), Jen Carpenter simultaneously understands that many pet owners love their dogs as if they are human family members.   525 more words

Redondo Beach

Bugout! California Part 5 - Police Visit

Robbie drove slowly down Yukon Street to his apartment. The streets were filled with debris and broken glass.

His driveway was empty. None of the usual cars in the extra spaces in front. 3,744 more words


Hello VIP "Passport to Redondo Beach" Party at Bluewater Grill!

At the beginning of this week, I had the pleasure of attending the VIP “Passport to Redondo Beach” at Bluewater Grill. This event was the official launch of Bluewater Grill’s new waterfront dining patio and lounge. 623 more words

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Bugout! California Part 4 - Watchers

Robbie was just about asleep on his mom’s office couch when he heard a crash, then a scream. He peeked out the window into the side yard, seeing one kid helping another over the fence by the garage. 3,700 more words


Bugout! California Part 3 - South Bay Mayhem

“Be careful by the windows,” Robbie said as they all got up the stairs. A couple of gunshots sounded.

“That’s not very far away,” Gil said. 3,603 more words