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NEW COMIC- So, I love dogs

I’ve always loved puppies, always had them in the house, but my landlord doesn’t allow pets so I’ve been jonesing for some canine company. Everytime I see a pup I forget the owner and lavish my affection (with the dogs permission).

Β© Bridget Fahey Hodder 2015



Oh man I can’t even remember what the original was called. Probably something about an 80’s prom knowing me. Well here’s the original

And here’s my redraw! 16 more words


Unicorn redraw

another redraw 😁this time it’s this unicorn 😁

Here is the redrawn version

In don’t like it all that much πŸ˜•


Redrawing Allie

Remember that one time I drew Allison from the blood of Eden series(one of the best series ever.EVER.) well I redid her and she looks way better! 30 more words


Frankenbabe redraw

Remember frankenbabe? Well she got a redraw and shes a hella babe. Her skin colours a bit off but hella babe.

Here’s the original

And here’s my redraw


Lorde redraw

have you seen that SouthPark episode where stans dad is Lorde? I AM LORDE LORDE LORDE LORDE. Anywho like 12 million years ago when I started this blog Lorde was doing big things overseas and winning Grammys and what not. 49 more words



i had a lottttt of fun redrawing my princess bubblegum and my narwhal pollution babe! It’s cool working a different style into a pre conceived idea! 51 more words