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KATHMANDU: In a sign of first substantive discussion on contentious issues with the Madhesi parties, the government has “recognised” their concerns over the demarcation of federal provinces and hinted at revising it. 500 more words


Digital Renditions

ah! Im running a bit low on drawings at the moment so here is some digital renditions of things! First up my digital drawing of my mumma bear 😁 she looks much nicer coloured digitally! 28 more words


Terra Mystica: a terrain-based Eurogame with puzzlingly bad art

My husband and I are board game aficionados, to the point where we actually try not to buy board games; we have a games closet that has already overflowed into basement storage, not to mention the fact that with a toddler in the house we just don’t have the time for board games (or really any kind of games) that we did pre-child. 1,598 more words

Sexist Character Designs

NEW COMIC- So, I love dogs

I’ve always loved puppies, always had them in the house, but my landlord doesn’t allow pets so I’ve been jonesing for some canine company. Everytime I see a pup I forget the owner and lavish my affection (with the dogs permission).

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Oh man I can’t even remember what the original was called. Probably something about an 80’s prom knowing me. Well here’s the original

And here’s my redraw! 16 more words


Unicorn redraw

another redraw 😁this time it’s this unicorn 😁

Here is the redrawn version

In don’t like it all that much 😕


Redrawing Allie

Remember that one time I drew Allison from the blood of Eden series(one of the best series ever.EVER.) well I redid her and she looks way better! 30 more words