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Ten years ago, child Lillie became very jealous of the creators of Pokemon, so she did what anyone would do. She made a rip off. This is what a Wondermon looks like. 21 more words



Hello everyone

So, here we go, the start of sharing my anthro artwork with the ‘wider world’ as mentioned/promised in my previous post.

Also, a quick shout out to the person who commented on that post. 207 more words


Redrawing an old drawing #5


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I absolutely love making these blogs for you. Drawing is probably my biggest hobby so being able to do it for my blog is just the best feeling! 150 more words

Yandere Simulator Drawing- Nearly 1 Year Benchmark

It’s almost been 1 YEAR since I first started this blog. Where did the time go?

To celebrate this little benchmark, I redrew an old entry during the Nemesis art contest that Yandere Dev put up on  122 more words


Now Streaming

I’m currently streaming at https://picarto.tv/eulb. I’ll be updating the post if and when I get done.

Update: Done streaming. Here’s Gin-me:

The eyes weird me out, but I’ve been drawing for hours and its too late to change it. 42 more words



I made this quickly while I’m in the middle of making a fully completed digital drawing.

This character was originally made for a french immersion school project earlier this year (shown above), and I wanted to redesign her.