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Redraw and Compare

(sorry this is belated) Yesterdays art it up with friends prompt was Redraw and Compare! So im doing this one that ive already re-drawn once and now im doing again! 14 more words


Redraw – anathomy studying.

As a conclusion after all life drawing sessions, I have decided to make redraw of one of drawings. The goal was to correct proportions, focus more on anatomy and make a drawing with tones rather than relying on line work. 95 more words



This is an interesting map, re-drawing the U.S. to outline 50 areas of equal population. Interesting, but, dare we say it, a little dry. Could be way more cool! 108 more words



Today we have another original piece by me. I had drawn this in pencil in my sketchbook a while ago, and forgot all about it until I was looking through it for ideas and something to draw. 133 more words


Pascal's Wager part 2 - redrawn 

Unless God just needs that juicy, juicy belief and doesn’t care if it’s organic or synthetic.

Image source: portion of “The Last Judgment” by Hans Memling… 28 more words


||Naga On the Rocks~||

Hey guys! This drawing features an OC I haven’t drawn in a LONG time! Only like, one or 2 of you may remember her  Samantha Masakurai! 150 more words