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Redraw: Frost Giantess

Well, more like inspiration. *shrugs* Hannah Cheng’s original work.

Mostly just trying out the salty watercolor tool on Sketchbook. Eh. Nehhhh. Eggh.


Remember this from months ago? No. Ok… I did this as an idea for a digistamp. I cleaned it up and started to colour it in (I don’t know why, digistamps are just outlines) but I got so far and decided I didn’t really like it, and stopped working on it. 305 more words


Zebra to Feathers

This zebra image was found online and I decided to repaint it my way.

Drawing Posts

A Redraw of Matisse

We were assigned to find a drawing or ink drawing of a portrait drawn by Matisse for Life Drawing class.

Drawing Posts

Revitalize: Week 4

Alriiiiight. Mermaids.

Honestly, this original was a stand-out drawing in this sketchbook. A rare gem. It’s actually not awful, and most of the stuff in there is REALLY awful: her arm has shape, her breast looks real, her face is less pointy and more rounded, the pose looks realistic and not impossible for the human body…I guess it was a glimmer of my potential. 948 more words


Revitalize: Week 2

HELLO it’s been a real long time since I updated. Actually, probably about a month. Whoops. I think, as psyched as I was to start this project, I started at a really inconvenient time: just before a visit from my now-fiancé, 2 weeks of spring break, and then trying to transition back into school. 602 more words



A vandal’s solution to any problem appears to be to set it on fire!