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here’s to hoping gorillaz won’t leave us hanging

here’s to hoping gorillaz won’t leave us hanging

Lion Chariot! (Redrawn)

Plutarch, Antony 9.5: Reasons why people believed Mark Antony to be a horrible person:

  • getting so drunk at a wedding he threw up into his own toga the next day…
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Digital Art - ❝An Unorthodox Meeting❞

Gift artwork for my friend, Michelle – AKA TwistedDisaster on deviantART!
Its of our two characters; (from left to right) Tetsu, who belongs to Michelle, and Clio, who belongs to me. 370 more words

Art Work

Avengelyne Cover Redraw

You all may remember this revision I made to this same cover a while ago, trying to fix some of its …. issues. Well, I needed something relatively mindless to do the other night while chatting over google hangouts, and decided to pick it up again and just outright redraw the cover and see what happened. 283 more words

Character Designs


I was watching a livestream of a friend who draws, and she was uploading her images to redbubble (an online T-shirt shop, where you upload your image and they do all the printing and delivery side.) It made me more motivated towards designing t-shirts, as the site says “You’ve got nothing to lose” and “it’s free.” I guess this is a great incentive, as I don’t have to buy or spend anything on production costs or materials. 277 more words


Digital Art - Infinity - Painted Tiles

Digital Art

Trying different ways of doing things brings new possibilities.

I like to get my fingers and toes wet, before I dive right in.  Testing out the water so to speak. 21 more words

Rainbow Of Life