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Revitalize: Week 9

I did something WILD this week, and not only drew TWO drawings…but one of them…IS A DUDE.

This is important, I promise.

Not the dual drawing; these characters were all designed in the same fandom phase, and it made sense to do a double. 850 more words


Amy Update II

Beginning on the actual line art, like the actual one, no, I’m probably gonna start over ;-;

Fan Art

Amy Redraw

If you have followed me for a little bit, you’ll know I’ve posted a piece of fanart of Amy, from Space Boy (it’s super cringeworthy) , but I’m deciding to redraw it (since I just had to)

here it is

Fan Art

redraw of an old design!

Revitalize: Week 8

Sketchbook B!

Lots of color, lots of OCs for fandoms, and LOTS of manga. We’re reaching a point in my artistic career when most of my drawings were OCs for fandoms I belonged to (although, like, this was the age of dial-up internet….so fandom meant literally just a fan of something and not the intense community we know today.) 799 more words


Revitalize: Another Interlude

I refuse to accept that it is almost July.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I am very happy that we’re already almost at month 6 of 2016, so the year of global catastrophe is already halfway over. 1,342 more words


Artwork #14 - Some Sketches (San, random girl, etc)

Just picked up random anime chara.

Ummmm…yea I like Warframe. Chroma is so damn cool. Well, this beast is based on Chroma.