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Redrawing an old drawing #7


You’ll be happy to know that this isn’t another baking/cooking blog post. I’m doing yet another redrawing an old drawing but this time it’s a digital version. 103 more words

4 years of art progress

I was digging through an old toybox when I came across my first sketchbook, from just over four years ago. I had just discovered the manga/anime style and had jumped right in with some….  223 more words


PA Gov: GOP’s Proposed House Map Is ‘Drawn In A Way To Benefit Republicans’

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf will not submit a new Republican-drawn map of Pennsylvania’s congressional districts to the state’s high court, saying Tuesday that it uses the same unconstitutionally partisan tactics as the 6-year-old boundaries struck down in a gerrymandering case. 136 more words


Sorority Squat: Revitalize Week 15

So I used a scanner instead of my phone to upload the image. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

My cat loves the printer/scanner. And by “loves” I mean she stares at it for hours after we print one document, trying to stick her paw into the machine while knocking everything off the desk because she is not-so-smol anymore and our printer was not placed catty-corner with the understanding that our kitten would want to play with it. 658 more words


F.R.E.D.: Revitalize Week 14

Okay so in my defense I did actually draw last weekend. One of them, at least. YES that’s right, I did 2 drawings last week. They’re both sloppy sketches, but hey. 702 more words


Redrawing an old drawing #6


Sorry I’m a day late I woke up yesterday feeling so ill so I took the day to rest up and I’m bringing you the new post today. 159 more words

Tokyo Ghoul Fan Art Remake

Haven’t watched the new season of Tokyo Ghoul. My priorities are on Naruto, Magus’ Bride, and Bebop right now after school work so I’m not watching it anytime soon. 22 more words