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New Jersey politician wants to outlaw 'redshirting' at prep level

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No. 1 overall NBA draft pick Karl-Anthony Towns was one of many New Jersey products to bring the notion of “redshirting” teenagers in middle school — holding kids back a year to give them an athletic advantage at the prep level — to the national consciousness in recent years. 406 more words


Why I Redshirt My Boys, Despite The Controversy

He was hard to miss. His blonde head rose above that of his peers and his impish grin, contagious. As a 6th grade teacher, I was well acquainted with the idiosyncrasies of my students’ sizes as hormones waxed and waned during the pre-teen years. 1,562 more words

Homework in the Morning

Our first-grader* has homework.  Lots of real homework.  Like 10-20 or more minutes of homework a day, plus reading.  This, I was not prepared for.  Personally, I ascribe to the philosophy ( 719 more words


Academic Redshirting Thoughts

A friend of mine suggested I look at redshirting and share some thoughts.  When I say redshirting here, I am referring to the practice of delaying kindergarten by a year for a child when the birthday is ‘near’ the state cutoff day.  707 more words


To redshirt or Not?

Even though Gobby is only three and Drew is about to turn one, I’m already contemplating them starting school. There a quite a few reasons why I feel that they should be redshirted. 504 more words


Redshirting my kid won't ruin his life

Our son turned five this June and didn’t go to Kindergarten this September. We plan to have him start next year, when he turns six. My husband’s an elementary school principal and I’m a teacher; we planned our course of action carefully and with a pretty good understanding of what school is like. 990 more words


Worries from the Land of Forced Redshirting

Our oldest child is starting kindergarten today.  We are super excited for her.  We are also completely conflicted about it.  And not (just) because she’s growing up so fast. 1,001 more words