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Video: Donald Trump on New York Values And His Support For Partial Birth Abortion

Of course this is an old video, so Trumpkins will say that Donald Trump has changed. Yet, prior to Trump deciding to run for president in 2015, he was unwavering in his support for abortion, and on the other issues mentioned he has made no indication of any change at all. 34 more words


Merry Christmas (Belatedly) And (Early) Happy New Year

Hello, folks. I’ve missed you. It’s true. I have. This is a short post just to give you some updates:

  1. I have a new Facebook page solely for my writings, …
  2. 237 more words

Reader Requests - Red State (2011)

Set in Middle America, a group of teens receive an online invitation for sex, though they soon encounter fundamentalists with a much more sinister agenda. (IMDB synopsis) 1,190 more words

Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, the Republican Presidential Debate, and Other Words That Will Make You Read This

Well there it was ladies and germs, the three hour slog that was the CNN presidential debate.  I was right, as usual, that it was going to be the limp-wristed, clammy handed attempt by the GOP Establishment and The Clown Show media to discredit and dishonor anyone running who is not their pay-for-play escort. 722 more words


The Action and Reaction Fueling the Trump Campaign

Sir Issac Newton’s Third Law of Motion:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

I have generally avoided discussing Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign initially because I thought he would flame out quickly but lately it’s been because of the viciousness of his hard-core supporters. 666 more words

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Sarah Palin Perpetuates the "Blood" Feud While Pretending to be a Warrior Against Sexism

No surprise here.  The barracuda eats her own again!  Eric Erickson who writes for Red State has been a long-time defender of Sarah Palin and her family.  398 more words

CNN: Jason Johnson on RedState Reaction to Donald Trump

On CNN New Day, Dr. Jason Johnson discusses the reaction of RedState Gathering to the dis-invitation of Donald Trump.