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#PPShoutYourStory: Erick Erickson nails barbaric way Planned Parenthood sees the world with ONE graphic

As Twitchy readers know, Planned Parenthood was exposed as the monster it is once again. Now with more barbaric butchery and selling of aborted baby body parts. 206 more words

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Read the advice to GOP candidates RedState didn't want you to see!

The advice given below just got me banned from RedState.


Libertarian rants (and jokes) on the gay marriage decision this weekend

Or for Republicans – avoiding both sticky subjects and acting like a banana Republican…

26,210 more words

Gay Marriage

Not voting this time

I tried to vote yesterday in the Ohio primary, even though the Green Party, with whom I’m registered, does not have much of a primary out here in Knox County. 193 more words

Buncombe Short Report: "Many Conservatives are Blowing it on the Ferguson DOJ Report"

In which I agree with someone posting at RedState — might there be some common ground after all? From the conclusion of a lengthy article that is well worth reading in full: 586 more words

Buncombe Report

RedEye Panelist Gay Bashed Over Ferguson

TV’s Andy Levy, one of the most out libertarians on FoxNews, was gay bashed, as a “closeted gay libertarian,”  last week, by conservative blogger Pat Dollard… 136 more words


Forget Sarah Palin; Erick Erickson tracks down another celebrity promoting 'animal abuse'

How anxious are people to prove how much smarter they are than Sarah Palin? So smart that “pro” journalists at Agence France-Presse, CNN, and the… 357 more words