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Doing your part to reduce waste and live cleaner

Although I am not convinced that global warming as portrayed by the media, politicians and special interest groups exists, I do believe in doing your part to reduce waste and live cleaner.   357 more words


HOW TO: Handle and reduce waste or garbage in your home

Introducing new feature in this site which is ‘HOW TO’ where I mostly will be elaborate and tell you how to do things that are most likely about your everyday habits.

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Go Green

Concord - War against Plastic Bottled Water

A community initiative, Concord on Tap, in the small town of Concord, Massachusetts in the U.S. was led by an 84-year-old grandmother, Jean Hill, for the ban in the sale of plastic bottled water, after she learnt about the environmental impacts of disposable plastic bottles from her grandson. 207 more words

Future Of The Environment

What's next for Plastic Bottled Water?

We all know how the invention of disposable plastic water bottles has made it more convenient to carry water about and are almost always available in stalls and even given out for free in events such as the one above, National Day Parade or during any Open House event. 389 more words

Future Of The Environment

Reducing my waste a little at a time - the temptation of clothes shopping.

Back in early September I decided I was not going to buy any clothes, either new or secondhand, until at least Christmas.  This is in a bid to reduce waste, and declutter my life a little.  283 more words

Zero Waste

You Don't Know You're Beautiful

While everyone’s jumping on the love the skin you’re in/love your body everybody/inner beauty is all that counts/you do you body positive campaigns that are the making the rounds at the moment, there’s one #embracetheugly that hasn’t gotten nearly as much as love as it should. 793 more words

Food Wastage

To dump or not to dump?

We’ve all had that healthy eating binge week where we’ve bought the entire fresh produce aisle  to make salads all week long only for everything to go off two days later or hosted a wine and cheese night in attempts to seem like a functional adult only for the leftovers to live in your fridge until they’ve grown their own leftovers. 828 more words

Food Wastage