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A few things; what's new in our home

What’s new in our home? This time I’m not writing about new materials or toys, but about a few things that we now have for my children to use at home or when out and about. 790 more words

Practical Life


I’m torn….(and so are the pants!!)

I’m torn between the view that if something is broken then it needs to be fixed rather than thrown away and buy a new one…and not wanting my son to look like a street urchin at school with his patched up school pants!


3 Ways Digital Applications Reduce Retail Waste

With more shoppers and communities becoming ethically conscious, many retailers are working to decrease their environmental footprint. Reducing waste not only improves brand perception and builds trust with customers, but it also saves retailers unnecessary costs. 520 more words

Merchandising Execution

No new clothes – learning to love the clothes I have and realising I actually don’t need more.

I have always been a bit of a shopaholic and a bargain hunter when it comes to clothes.

A few years ago I spent a year not buying new clothes – there’s a little about it on my separate (now discontinued)   blog… 1,132 more words

Zero Waste

15 Ways to Reduce Waste at Home

No, I haven’t given up! I just had a busy patch but I’m back now and I thought I’d share some of the swaps and adjustments I’ve made to our every day lives, 15 in fact. 570 more words

The Impact of Vintage

When having a conversation with my uncle during his recent visit to Colorado, he asked me, “What are you passionate about that doesn’t have four legs?” It’s no secret to anyone who knows me for more than a couple hours that I am a “crazy animal person.”  671 more words


On Reducing Waste [One Salad at a Time...]

I recently started packing my lunches in large mason jars. Traditionally, I would opt for a pit stop at Trader Joe’s and grab a pre-packaged salad on my way to work. 565 more words