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15 Ways to Reduce Waste at Home

No, I haven’t given up! I just had a busy patch but I’m back now and I thought I’d share some of the swaps and adjustments I’ve made to our every day lives, 15 in fact. 570 more words

The Impact of Vintage

When having a conversation with my uncle during his recent visit to Colorado, he asked me, “What are you passionate about that doesn’t have four legs?” It’s no secret to anyone who knows me for more than a couple hours that I am a “crazy animal person.”  671 more words


On Reducing Waste [One Salad at a Time...]

I recently started packing my lunches in large mason jars. Traditionally, I would opt for a pit stop at Trader Joe’s and grab a pre-packaged salad on my way to work. 565 more words


BYO Cup - are we preaching to the converted?

I don’t generally have a coffee on my journey to work.  But the other day there was still coffee in the cafetiere and no time left, so I poured it into my stainless steel cup which falls somewhere between a “coffee to go” cup and a Thermos, and took it with me.  247 more words

Zero Waste

Re-evaluating my choices

Now that I am aware of the idea of zero waste, my eyes open. I look around and see more waste than ever. Do I really need to buy the shampoo that is neatly packaged into the glossy plastic container? 966 more words

Reduce Waste

Danish Store Sells Food That Would Be Wasted

Apparently Copenhagen, Denmark, is home of the first supermarket in the world that sells expired food products.

The creation of WeFood stems from a community-led effort. 86 more words


The plan: to reduce my disposable waste production

What do I mean by that?

Well things like straws, plastic bags, plastic cutlery and coffee cups. All of these items are used for a very short period of time and thrown away without a second thought. 450 more words

Reduce Waste