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Is Your Food Waste Reducing?

A slightly different angle this Friday.

Rather than confessing my food waste as I do usually I’m opening up the blog for you to talk about whether you feel #FoodWasteFriday is helping you to make progress and reduce your food waste. 105 more words

No Waste Tastes Great

Win A JuJu Menstrual Cup!

What the hell is a menstrual cup I hear you ask! That’s what I was thinking the first time I was introduced to this strange new way to deal with “old auntie flow.” And before you keep reading if you happen to be man right about now, back out now!  457 more words


"On the Go" Painting Pallet

I paint exclusively with acrylic, or water-based paints and products. I do not like to waste my effort nor my time, but other benefits await the earnest designer, uhh, … 408 more words



“Items including a washing machine, tumble drier, a WWII mine and a curling stone have been removed from Scottish waters over the past ten years. … 800 tonnes of litter is the equivalent of two full Olympic swimming pools.” ( 45 more words

VIDEO: The Roebuck - the pub with the best food waste strategy

Meet Jareth Mills, Head Chef at The Roebuck, a gastro-pub tucked away on the leafy side of the Borough.

His zero-waste policy earned his pub to be shortlisted for the Best Food Waste Strategy of the… 128 more words


Call for Zero Waste Bloggers

Some bug must have bitten me to start this big change, pursuing a zero waste lifestyle. Friends and family may wonder, ‘What’s going on with this lady?’ as I all of the sudden brush my teeth with a self-made mixture of coconut oil and baking soda and come up with other weird stuff they’ve never heard of. 246 more words

Minus The Plastic

Historic Walls

Weekly Photo Challenge  “Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you.”

This weekend was unusually warm for March in Minnesota. 321 more words

Photo Challenge