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Lessons from a Plastic Spoon: Simplicity, Solidarity, and the Low-waste Journey

Today, a plastic-use-fail spoon from lunch became a inter-generational learning experience. I washed the accidental plastic spoon and suddenly, by grandmother was there. She passed on a few years ago, so her presence was more memory/felt presence than sudden POOF-teleportation. 1,021 more words

The Year of Living Minimally - Week Thirty

Living minimally leads to a better environment. Makes sense, right? Less waste.

Here are a few tips that you might already have incorporated into your lives, but if not, they’re easy fixes to clear clutter and help the planet. 240 more words


DIY Venice Mask

Well well.. Living in Padova, which is only 30 minutes by train to Venice means that it a must for going to Venice Carnival on February. 103 more words


Boxes... Use it!

When I moved to my new apartment this 2016, I was shocked because I realized that I had many many boxes in my room when I cleaned my old room! 278 more words


Hungry Harvest - Providing Fresh Food to those in Need

Today is my delivery day for my Hungry Harvest box.  I coordinate my choices of likes and dislikes and pleasantly receive some surprises in each box of fresh fruits and vegetables. 274 more words


2018 Goals

I’ve always been a goal setter. Even before I made it more of a formal process for myself, I think I was doing it on some level as a youth. 125 more words

Can Graphic Design be a catalyst for Climate Change?

In the context of strong political changes, the importance of understanding and behaving ethically towards climate change is requiring vigorous intellectual and collective transformations. Responding to such a complex issue would require a holistic alteration in humanity (Naomi Klein, 2015). 608 more words