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How long does a paper straw last?

As I’ve said before, paper straws are much better for the environment than plastic straws which exist on this earth for centuries. Not only do paper straws look great, full of cute patterns and available in lots of colours, they are biodegradable, meaning they don’t hang around injuring wildlife, or filling landfill like plastic straws do. 270 more words

5 ways to reduce waste at your next party

Obviously, we can start by avoiding plastic straws when you’re planning a party, wedding or event. But there are a whole lot of other ways we can reduce our impact on the environment. 441 more words

Enjoy your next coffee with a home-made coaster!

We were surfing on the internet and we saw so many amazing ideas for upcycling. People are coming up with great ideas to up-cycle practically with any kind of material. 207 more words

Journey Begins

6 Ideas On How To Reduce Waste While Improving Performance Within The Supply Chain

As David Kiger has previously asserted, today’s supply chain is full of nuances and complementary activities that, if disregarded or simply overlooked, a company or a business would immediately face tough challenges. 802 more words

David Kiger

1 Lime 5 Ways

The other day I was making a salad to accompany my dinner.  I cut up an onion, tomatoes, chills, and juiced 1/2 a lime.  In my attempt to be more green and mindful I thought to myself “Hmmm, how else can I use this lime?”  To my surprise I was able to use 1/2 a lime in 4 other ways; the 5th way was not something I actually did but a use I thought of after the fact. 168 more words

Charity News: Bring Me A Book

It’s a surprising statistic, but according to a global research study, (PIRLS 2011), Hong Kong has the LOWEST rate of family literacy in the world with only 12% of parents reading to their kids (vs. 538 more words

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The Change Box: Septber Unboxing & Discount Code

First a note: I wrote this up when I was on holiday interstate on my phone and, when I was finally done, I lost all of it. 1,587 more words