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Redressing Barbie

Barbie dolls are often synonymous with childhood. What if we could weave in recycling practices during this playtime to introduce children to the idea of sustainability? 648 more words


Τα Ψώνια μου στις τοπικές χωματερές | Shopping at the local landfills

Εδώ και πολλά χρόνια “ψωνίζω” συχνά υλικά από τις τοπικές άναρχες και παράνομες χωματερές του νησιού οι οποίες είναι ουκ ολίγες δυστυχώς. Παρακολουθώ και καταγράφω την εισροή νέων υλικών σε όλες τις περιοχές αδειάσματος σκουπιδιών στο νησί και ερευνώ τις ανθρώπινες συμπεριφορές σχετικά με τη διαχείριση των απορριμμάτων. 657 more words


Eco-Friendly Advice: For people who want to give Eco-Friendly solutions an honest try.

I am back and ready to write. Even though I am a book lover, I go in bouts of reading a book, and sometimes, my life leaves me too tired to read. 1,311 more words



Nowadays, with the start of a lot of discount days for instance Black Friday, people shop a lot and maybe buy items which they will not use. 144 more words

Zero Waste: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


We should shift our nation toward clean production and principles of zero waste.

A waste-free society is essential to public health and the integrity and sustainability of the biosphere. 575 more words

Green Party

100% Off Black Friday Special!

You read it right!! This deal can’t be beat! 100% off all tops, bottoms, jackets, rugs, holiday decorations, you name it, they are completely FREE! How is this possible, you ask? 379 more words


5 Simple Shifts Toward Sustainability


This post is for everyone out there because, as humans, we must check our environmentally harmful routines and start living in way that can sustain our only habitat. 1,024 more words