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Bloated stomach: Three top tips to remember every day to reduce pain and bloating

Stomach bloating is usually related to trouble digesting food and dietary issues.
For some people it happens only occasionally, after a big weekend or after pigging out on fast food. 25 more words

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Give Thanks to Your Planet

Thanksgiving is around the corner and so is the endless buffet of food. As you are preparing your recipes for the holiday, think about the waste and how you can limit your food waste on a day focused on food. 446 more words

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LOCAL NEWS: 'Cleveland First' Campaign Launched to Help Change and Reduce City Council

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The newly formed group called Cleveland First has so far gathered close to 3,000 of the 6,000 signatures needed to put two issues on the ballot. 259 more words


DIY Zero Waste Swaps

As much as possible,  I have made everyday swaps around the house and within my daily routine.

Here’s some of my swaps:

I stopped buying clingfilm, and use glass jars and reusable food wraps instead… 287 more words


Wedding Weight Reduction With RTT

Is that all important date looming? Would you like to reduce your weight and size and have the shape you want? You’ve tried dieting, along with every form of exercise that even remotely breaks a sweat, but still can’t ditch the weight. 454 more words


Four free & easy ways to be more environmentally friendly

As humans we’re very good at coming up with reasons why we don’t want to do something. We say things like, this takes too much time, that takes too much money, this is too hard, thats too far or whatever excuse seems relevant that day. 1,273 more words