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How to Throw a Successful Yard Sale

By gosh, there’s nothing better than a good sale. And I’m not talking about shopping. Selling off your stuff can be surprisingly fun, liberating, and profitable. 221 more words


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

It’s a well known mantra, one I try to live by.  For Earth Day this year, it felt important.  It pushed its way from the subconscious of my mind, elbowing out my to-do lists and my mental grocery lists to plop down center stage.  334 more words

Life, As I Know It

Earth Day 2017

We would not be where we are today if it weren’t this beautiful blue marble in which we call home, so why not preserve it? 220 more words


Happy Earth Day! Giving Gifts Sustainably

Happy Earth Day! Since April 22, 1970, people worldwide have spent this holiday celebrating the progress we’ve made towards a more sustainable world and reminding us that the work is far from over. 773 more words

Conscious Choices

We're eco-friendly. Here's why...

Hey Friends! Irina here.

Happy Earth Day!

Question: how many Nat Geo and BBC documentaries about planet Earth and its intricate workings does it take to make me feel single-handledly responsible for everything, good and bad, happening on our planet right now? 382 more words


How can you help save the Earth?

Earth Day is Every Day, but April 22 marks this significant day to reflect on making better choices due to the impact of pollution humans have unfortunately created on our planet. 878 more words


Earth day ... everyday.

We have one home, a planet we call earth… our home. We can take care of the sacred space every day by reducing, recycling, and reusing. It is up to us.