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Five Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Use (Post 1/2)

I started this fresh new blog awhile back in the hopes that I would regularly be posting content. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. I spend a lot of time thinking about what to write and how to do it best, and very little actually writing posts. 705 more words

Going Green

The Truth About Carbon Footprints and You

      For the vast majority of people in the world, we go about our daily lives without thinking about our individual impact on the earth. We don’t necessarily think about how the steak dinner we are eating or the trash we are throwing out can have a big impact over time especially when billions of people are doing the same thing. 1,109 more words

Mental Health

Petrol vs electric cars, which is better?

Electric cars are becoming increasing popular and are making a lot of noise, (not literally, they are much quieter than petrol or diesel run cars.) Environmental issues have never been more in society’s face. 587 more words


Health and Beauty (Part One)

This part of going plastic-free, or at least reducing your plastic waste, can be really difficult. But if you’re reading this from Auckland, you’ll be happy to know there are a growing numbers of plastic-free options in the health and beauty department. 769 more words


How To Soundproof Your Motor Scooter Riding Experience

Noise is a polarizing thing when riding a motor scooter. Some people just can’t get enough of it and fit the loudest exhaust on the market and push their scooter to the limit just to hear it. 1,364 more words


Go Shopping In Your Wardrobe

It’s hard to research ways to reduce your environmental impact without coming across minimalism. There is a wealth of great ideas in the minimalist community, and one that has continually caused me mental pangs has been reducing one’s wardrobe down to the clothes that one actually wears. 624 more words


Our Commitment to Sustainable Beauty Should be a “Package” Deal

After hours of research, scouring the raves and reviews, you rejoice in finding your new go-to organic lotion. Everything that went into the bottle meets an ethical standard that is both good for you and good for the planet. 672 more words

Beauty Products