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The College Student's Guide to Eco-Friendly School Supplies

I’m sure that every environmentally conscious college student has run into countless dead ends when trying to find school supplies that are not all plastic or incredibly expensive. 617 more words


Reuse, reduce & recycle - the best and worst I recently experienced travelling in Europe

Like most people, I have become increasingly aware of the excess plastic that is being used in today’s society and have been more conscious of it during our recent trip to Europe particularly within hotels, cafés and on the beaches. 642 more words


Creating a better world, one choice at a time...

While I was pregnant with my son, I made every effort to keep him as healthy as possible. I ate healthy foods. I exercised. I took my prenatal vitamins. 326 more words

Bye bye wormery - hello petition

The wormery is no longer however I did find one lucky surviving worm who has been rehomed next to the wisteria. We are not beaten though! 154 more words

Water bottles and to-go mugs - Completely plastic free?

I’ve been thinking about our reusable coffee mugs and water bottles, daily use items for us, and looking for alternatives for them as they have plastic parts. 1,251 more words

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Zero Waste Living: The 5 Rs of Zero Waste Living

So, besides from minimal living, I also started a lifestyle called zero waste living. I guess we are all aware that our planet is not going to stay long if we don’t take care of it, right? 616 more words


For the love of Nature

Nothings fills my hearth with despair quite as much as hiking in the middle of nowhere and coming across litter. I cannot imagine hiking for a couple of hours in beautiful scenery and then just throwing my empty can on the ground. 262 more words