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The Continueing Saga....

So, I have continued to use guided meditations set to music. My stress levels decreased…Woooohoooo! I was more relaxed, my mood improved, I was happier, I appreciated life more. 361 more words


OooooKaaaay, My Story....

How did I get involved in meditation? It’s actually a funny story. No Really.  I got into meditation the same way that hundreds of other people get into it; my doctor told me I needed to lower my stress levels. 264 more words


Cleanse your body with this amazing tea

Tea is not only something to be consumed when you are sick, it should be enjoyed on a regular basis. When I was first introduced to Lu Chun Lingzhi Plus Tea, I was told it had the same effect as soap has when washing a dirty and oily drain. 392 more words


Frankincense Essential Oil

The frankincense tree grows in India and Middle Eastern and African countries, including Oman, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Its milky-white resin hardens into orange-brown ”tears,” which when steamed produce an essential oil with a fresh, woody, fragrance with balsamic, smokey tones. 184 more words

Do You Make Dentistry Affordable For All Procedures?

By Lisa Philp, RDH, President of Transitions Group North America 

Once the dentistry has been diagnosed, planned and presented, we must find ways to fit the financial investment comfortably into the patient’s budget and individual financial situation. 303 more words


Reasons to Start Running

Running is said to provide both physical and emotional benefits. Even running for a short period of time can help enhance your overall well being. Not yet convinced? 554 more words


Bring on the scenic route!

According to a study from Ohio State University, adding trees to your morning commute reduces stress.