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Breaking Treaties Video

Breaking Treaties a video about prophecy, sickness, and our solution to help us move into the future.


My Organic Veg Box

There has never been a better time to go organic.  Daily we are hearing in the media of the rise in cases of obesity, and of the increase in Type II Diabetes.  463 more words



Love the planet? Also love seeing the planet, but don’t know how to do both?

Here are some tips for keeping your carbon footprint low while you travel, reducing waste and keeping the planet happy! 1,076 more words


Boycotting Big Oil, can it be done?

Boycotting Big Oil, can it be done? We’re not stopping a pipeline, we’re protecting a planet. There are people all over the world working on different project from protecting endangered species, to environmentalist, humanitarians, light workers, engineers and scientists.   891 more words

North Dakota Pipeline

To Truly Protest Corruption

As I was preparing to head out to the North Dakota pipeline to show my support and unity for a cleaner greener tomorrow. I realized to truly protest corruption, I have to stop being a part of it.   504 more words

North Dakota Pipeline

Hydrogen Power to end the Pipeline

We see a sickness and what is the first thing we do?  We treat the symptoms.  Sure we can stop the pipeline from being built and we should.   679 more words

North Dakota Pipeline

North Dakota Pipeline Protesters With Out Drinking Water

When there is a will there is a way.  The protesters are showing great resilience even after a recent set back signed off by the Governor.   473 more words

North Dakota Pipeline