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Mindful of Stress

It seems that people are more open to talking about being stressed out. The question is how to lessen and relieve stress. Every time we watch the news we are bound to elevate our stress because so much news is negative. 126 more words


Music, as we all know, is THE Universal language. It can soothe the savage! That said…

Singing can have a profound effect on how we feel.  81 more words

Music And Energy Meet

What is the key to happiness?

Does job stress equal life satisfaction? In a study of 350 employees in the telecommunications industry, participants were asked about three key areas of their work and personal lives: job stress, happiness, and life satisfaction. 94 more words

Spring 2018

Relationship Insurance Part 1 of 3: How to Grow and Maintain Love During Conflict

Conflict can either strengthen or destroy a marriage. The way couples handle conflict is the most significant aspect of being successful or unsuccessful in keeping the marriage together.  607 more words

Reducing Stress

Music in the NICU

Music has been utilized to reduce stress in many circumstances. Researchers were interested in if music could help NICU babies reduce stress. 86 more words

Spring 2018

Trouble Getting Some Zzzzzzs? Try These Sleep Aids

I’ve certainly had my share of sleep-deprived nights. For me, it’s usually not a matter of having trouble falling asleep, but waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get BACK to sleep. 1,251 more words

Alternative Health

A Smiling Sloth Says it All!

 MOTHER’S DAY – because I have the best mom in the world.

GRADUATION DAY – They finally did it!

Yes, I’ve gone Sloth-silly, but it happened by accident when a friend encouraged me to put some of  my seasonal ornaments on Etsy.  91 more words