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Two Minute Breath Exercise To Relax & Alleviate Pain + 21-Day Yoga Challenge

As someone who for years has been a shallow breather and doing the opposite of what’s recommended, i. e. I’ve been “chest breathing” and pulling my stomach in when inhaling and out when exhaling, I’m determined to be more mindful of doing things correctly. 1,462 more words

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Day 2278: Stress balls

What are stress balls?  Are they squishy balls that you can squeeze when you’re stressed?

Are they creatures who are feeling lots of stress?

Harley does not look like a stress ball in that photo, but usually he stresses and runs away when I try to take a picture of him. 243 more words

Personal Growth

Prime your mind.

In less than 5 minutes, start your new life…one that is stress-free, successful, and filled with joy. Take the 7-day challenge!

Life can only get better! 12 more words

Music And Energy Meet

It Really Is Too Hard Sometimes

Reflecting on the past week, and looking at the weeks ahead…Im stressed. Last week was chock full of heartbreak and headache. Losing my beloved pet, the car breaking down, a mismanagement of money lead to a bounced check, and so on. 158 more words

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Tense? Stressed? Worried? Tired?

Not sleeping well?

Take a minute to just breathe & relax.

Concentrate on a soothing, glowing, warm light radiating from your heart out into the world, then that same light returning again to your heart! 102 more words


Fascinating Info About Yoga And Stress, Plus Free Yoga Routines

I always feel better after doing some yoga, although, unfortunately, I don’t practice very often and I’m not really good at it (hmmm, maybe the two are related :-)). 853 more words

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We were conversing over craft pours at the local microbrewery, strangers in the process of becoming acquaintances. Talk drifted in the direction of livelihood ( 718 more words