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Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels: Energy Capture & Cultural Values

The subtitle says it all: How Human Values Evolve. In itself this is not particularly new or compelling, but the manner in which Ian Morris… 481 more words


Basics of scientism: the web of knowledge

A common criticism of science is that it must make foundational assumptions that have to be taken on faith. It is, the critic asserts, just one world view among other, equally “valid”, world views that are based on different starting assumptions. 1,515 more words


Who Will Speak For Us?

Storytelling is central to the human experience. It sets us apart from other animals to almost the same degree as language itself.

As stories are generated and retold, we develop a kind of grammar. 2,472 more words


Holism - The Sum of Any Systems Parts Creates Something More Than Its Component Parts

A recent and perhaps much needed debate in South Africa on the role of icons of the past in the makeup of its history and culture got me thinking of one of South Africa’s greatest statesmen, Jan Smuts, and some astonishing theoretical writing he did that had a major influence on my career and research thinking. 1,475 more words


Heidegger vs. Reductionism

Martin Heidegger is considered by many to be the greatest philosopher of the 20th century and is a personal favorite of mine! 

His work centers around existentialism, and specifically, phenomenology, an area of philosophy.   122 more words


On The Reductionism Fallacy (It's a free country!)

The Reductionism Fallacy is the oversimplification of a statement regarding a complex issue (more or less).  To clarify, the fallacy is the ‘over’ simplification of an answer.   261 more words