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A Cell Is a Dumb Machine

When I was a kid, I watched Once Upon A Time…Life, a great TV show about the body, with a particular focus on the immune system. 1,419 more words

Brian Epstein's radical metaphysics

Brian Epstein is adamant that the social sciences need to think very differently about the nature of the social world. In The Ant Trap: Rebuilding the Foundations of the Social Sciences… 1,489 more words


Biblical Science vs. Reductionism

Traditional science has worked under the assumption that reality can be reduced to smaller and simpler elementary parts. This is called reductionism.

However, some pioneering thinkers have taken the view that nature is complex even on its most fundamental levels. 386 more words

Moving Toward Understanding Consciousness

1. Introduction

Alva Noë is currently a professor of philosophy at the University of California in Berkeley, CA. His research centers on cognitive science, the origins of analytic philosophy, phenomenology, philosophy of mind, theory of art, theory of perception, and Wittgenstein. 1,945 more words


Media and Marginalisation

Prof. Vivek Kumar, Professor at the Centre for the Study of Social System (CSSS), Jawaharlal Nehru University delivered a lecture on 16th February 2017 on the topic of ‘Media and Marginalisation’.He lectured on how dalits are marginalised in media. 351 more words

Communication Studies

Mechanisms according to analytical sociology

One of the distinguishing characteristics of analytical sociology is its insistence on the idea of causal mechanisms as the core component of explanation. Like post-positivists in other traditions, AS theorists specifically reject the covering law model of explanation and argues for a “realist” understanding of causal relations and powers: a causal relationship between  954 more words


Consciousness 2: Going batty?

One of the reasons why consciousness is considered such a hard problem is because many of the methods that have served us well in other disciplines are counter-productive here. 844 more words