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Graven Images

Religion is man’s attempt to interact with the divine, and the constant temptation is to attempt to cut God down to a comfortable size.

This, I think, is the source of the Old Testament’s prohibition of physical images of God. 257 more words


Who am I?

And what is this “I” which asks who I am?

Hegemony For Beginners

Imagine you’re a Martian
Crash-landed from the stars
Parted from your mother-ship
Not knowing where you are.
Or if you will, a kid in school… 194 more words

Materialism and idealism as mirror images of each other

I previous posts I have discussed how, in my analysis, there are three principal answers to the question of how mind and matter are interrelated – materialism, substance dualism, and idealism – and that I believe there are good reasons to rule out substance dualism. 451 more words


Reductionism, What it Means and An Alternative.

The word means what you would expect.  It means to reduce something to its most simple state.  The analogy is made of reducing something to peeling back an onion.  330 more words



Some teachers talk too much.
Like revving on the clutch.
First the purring
Then the whirring
Then the raucous ear-drum-burning,
Scaling up their dulcet tones… 149 more words

Live and Let Learn

If a child lives with negatives
They barely live at all
With low expectations creating a wall
That with the passing of the years
Will see ambitions disappear… 189 more words