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When Your Box is too Small

If reductionism is like trying to stuff all of reality into a box, we could say the problem is that the box is always too small. 60 more words


Scientific Metaphysics and Big History


Four Species of Big History

In Rational Reconstructions of Time I characterized Big History as the culmination, the natural teleology, as it were, of… 2,360 more words


Why you shouldn’t blame lying on the brain

Two thinkers I greatly admire are having a dust-up — well at least, Jerry Coyne has taken Richard Gunderman to task concerning his article (I’m familiar with Richard’s work on the… 21 more words

Philosophy Of Mind

Good Morning December 21, 2016

Good morning on this the twenty first day of December in the year of our Lord 2016.

I ran into this description of knowledge on twitter: 415 more words

Faith and the Compatibility of Science and Religion

Here’s an interview with Vernon Smith concerning the relationship of science to religion. I had no idea Vernon felt this way until I read his  98 more words

Friedrich Hayek

Collectivism and Individualism I [Social, Philosophical]

TL;DR: Collectivism sees entities holistically, looking at them as rock solid units or “atoms”. Individualism sees most entities as being made up of smaller subunits, and looks to the behavior of these subunits for answers, although this does not deny the role of the collective. 1,422 more words

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