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The Scarlet Letter and Identity

The Scarlet Letter: A Romance is an 1850 work of fiction in a historical setting, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and is considered to be his magnum opus: 1,241 more words


Notes on Reductionism 4 – Separating Laws and Content

Reductionism is the attempt to “reduce” everything to physics. Should it not be possible to describe everything as a physical process? Chemistry is clearly a branch of physics. 864 more words


Homemaking, the Last Homely House, and the meaning of Life

Raewyn had a home day yesterday – we both had colds. It was sunny so we went outside and pruned the big appletree. It was good… Raewyn looked so nice up in the appletree I wanted to share this photo… 239 more words


Notes on Reductionism, Part 3 – Programmability

WordPress is only a tiny part of the internet, but trying to reduce it to physics completely seems to be astonishingly difficult. So let us try a simpler task. 881 more words


Notes on Reductionism, Part 2 – Enlarging the Box

In the previous post I have argued that a complete description of a system like WordPress is impossible because the system can be extended by information entering it from the outside, information that cannot be derived (at least not completely) from what was contained in the system before. 370 more words


Notes on Reductionism, Part 1 - Extensibility

If you look at WordPress (or other parts of the internet) you may notice the following: on the one hand, it is an electronic system, consisting of computers and networks and their components; so on some level, every process inside it is simply a physical process. 301 more words


Reducing culture to memes

The economy of ideas #2

Human culture is such a complex and fluid assemblage of shared knowledge, ideas, beliefs, attitudes, perspectives and practices. How can we even begin to analyse and usefully study it? 740 more words