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Faith and the Compatibility of Science and Religion

Here’s an interview with Vernon Smith concerning the relationship of science to religion. I had no idea Vernon felt this way until I read his  98 more words

Friedrich Hayek

Collectivism and Individualism I [Social, Philosophical]

TL;DR: Collectivism sees entities holistically, looking at them as rock solid units or “atoms”. Individualism sees most entities as being made up of smaller subunits, and looks to the behavior of these subunits for answers, although this does not deny the role of the collective. 1,422 more words

Essential Articles

Emergent Phenomena: More Than the Sum of the Parts

I’ve been seeing the word emergence more and more in the last few years. But apart from the obvious notion of something arising, it hasn’t been clear to me what the term—and the excitement—are all about. 878 more words

Chain Of Life

In the Shadow of Vernadsky—New Study Underscores Claims that Living Microbial Life was Discovered on Mars in 1976

In 1976 NASA’s two Viking landers successfully touched down on the surface of Mars, becoming the first spacecraft to successfully land and operate on the red planet. 929 more words


The Mystic Heart: Science – A Likely Story

Part 2 of the discussion between Wayne Teasdale and Ken Wilber where they talk about the use of science in relation to spirituality and what has been discovered with long-term meditators. 63 more words


Instantly Gratifying Activism: The Garbage Epidemic

In just an hour and a half on a warm day this past September, I joined about 50 other people in FDR Park in Philadelphia and helped haul in over… 656 more words


Basic actions?

We do many things by doing something else. You might move across the room by walking and walk by moving your legs. But do you move your legs… 779 more words