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Review: Mind and Cosmos by Thomas Nagel

Thomas Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos is subtitled “Why the Materialistic Neo-Darwinist Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly Wrong,” so obviously it’s moving in controversial territory. … 2,666 more words



Hey folks, how’s it hanging? Do me a wee favour and have a look around you right now. Where are you? Bedroom? Office? Bathroom (because you’re reading this while on the toilet (no judge))? 984 more words


Dueling Identity Reductionisms

I received this video from a student. This is confessionally one of the more pleasurable parts of my vocation. I get to talk to people about what they’re watching and asking questions about. 1,146 more words


From Carl Hempel's "Philosophy of Natural Science" (1966)

“Scientific explanation is not aimed at creating a sense of at-homeness or of familiarity with the phenomena of nature. That kind of feeling may well be evoked even by metaphorical accounts that have no explanatory value at all, such as the ‘natural affinity’ construal of gravitation or the conception of biological processes as being directed by vital forces. 102 more words

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Challenging Neurosexism

In her brilliant Royal Institution lecture last week, Professor Gina Rippon from Aston University comprehensively trashed ‘neurotrash’ and the harmful gender stereotypes which it perpetuates. The term ‘neurotrash’ refers to the inappropriate application of neuroscientific findings to everyday life. 1,062 more words


Worldview and Wellness, Part 2

In Part 1 of this post we dealt with the historical and philosophical reasons for the bias towards a reductionistic mindset in modern day thinking, and how this affects current understanding of the concepts… 2,320 more words

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