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The Mystic Heart: Science – A Likely Story

Part 2 of the discussion between Wayne Teasdale and Ken Wilber where they talk about the use of science in relation to spirituality and what has been discovered with long-term meditators. 63 more words


Instantly Gratifying Activism: The Garbage Epidemic

In just an hour and a half on a warm day this past September, I joined about 50 other people in FDR Park in Philadelphia and helped haul in over… 656 more words


Basic actions?

We do many things by doing something else. You might move across the room by walking and walk by moving your legs. But do you move your legs… 779 more words


Reductionism in our daily life

We are always under the idea that everything that happens around us has a deeper underlying reason. We try to reduce problems we face everyday into their deeper basic aspects. 718 more words



All I can say is, WHAT?!

(In case you didn’t know, Fortress Press is the publishing arm of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, or ELCA. 20 more words


Holistic Reductionism in the Spiral of Recursion

Everything consists of
single systems
that is built up
by a larger system.

But a universe
of fractal-like patterns
can’t be split
in a simple way… 67 more words


Why are some Christians Young Earth Creationists?

It baffles many people whether Christian or not why some Christians are Young Earth Creationist, with a belief in a 10,000 year old earth and rejection of evolution. 958 more words

Paul Braterman reblogged this on Primate's Progress and commented:

Young Earth Creationism is not just a belief, but proof of allegiance to a very special group, the Real Christians (or, I now fear, Real Jews or Real Muslims). Once a belief assumes this function, rational criticism is counter-effective. (Of course you and I, dear reader, are not as others are, and would never allow our allegiances to shape our beliefs.)