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Mary's Surprising Response

In Consciousness Explained, Daniel Dennett proposes the following continuation to the story of Mary’s room:

And so, one day, Mary’s captors decided it was time for her to see colors.

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Stepping Back from the Brink

George Monbiot, acclaimed Guardian columnist and environmental thought leader, wrote this piece today about The Patterning Instinct. I’m republishing it here verbatim.

An astonishing new field of enquiry explores the deep changes that could avert a planetary disaster… 1,036 more words


Dan Zahavi on Husserl’s legacy

Richard Marshall chats with Dan in 3:AM Magazine.

Very briefly put, I think phenomenologists reject various forms of reductionism, objectivism, and scientism. They insist on foregrounding the experiential perspective, and are more interested in descriptive adequacy than in explanatory mechanisms.

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Situated Cognition

The Naive Realism of Politics & Worldly Affairs

Thou shalt not taketh anything too literally. 

Up until this point when I have talked about naive realism I have been talking about the philosophical type, which is the idea that reality is what it appears to be and from inside it we can study it and understand it. 826 more words


My pet cat is just a collection of actions


How not to defend humanistic reasoning

Sometimes the attitudes of philosophers towards science baffle me. A good example is the article Defending Humanistic Reasoning by Paul Giladi, Alexis Papazoglou and Giuseppina D’Oro, recently in… 1,788 more words