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Beyond Reductionism? An Open Letter in Response to Jerry Coyne

On Friday, August 4, I published an article in AlterNet entitled “The Dangerous Delusions of Richard Dawkins.” The response was flabbergasting. The article, which was quickly picked up by both… 3,390 more words


Edgar Morin on 'Thinking Global'.

How do we understand the difference between the behaviour of an individual and that of a society, between a small group of like-minded people and a political movement or between the ecosystem of a few acres and a whole planet? 1,191 more words


Neuroscience as an antidote to commonsense? I doubt it!

Advances in neuroscience have given us new insights into the workings of the brain, at least to the extent that the measurement of blood flow suggests which parts of the brain are operating at any one time. 784 more words


Life's irreducible structure: Can life evolve from chemicals?

“Life itself is a quotation” – Jorge Luis Borges

If you took a pen and and a piece of paper and wrote the word “water”; and suppose I asked you to determine how the chemical and physical properties of the paper and ink determine the meaning of that word – you would probably respond with a blank stare.

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The recent exhibition at the QUT Art Museum ‘Less than: Art and reductionism’, curated by Katherine Dionysius, presents works from the QUT Art Collection that explore the aesthetics and themes of reductionism. 701 more words


Is Mind, Freedom and Love Only Brain Activity?

Atheist Prof. Raymond Tallis Walks Us Through The Non Sequiturs of Neuroscience Reductionism: Neuromania, Darwinitis and the Misrepresentation of Humanity

Raymond C. Tallis is a philosopher, poet, novelist, cultural critic and a retired medical physician and clinical neuroscientist.