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pulling tiny strands
from the web of forever
is making me blind


Summary of my cancer presentation at the ISSS convention in Berlin, August 2015.

I am presenting a new yin/Yang cancer treatment system guided within a greater framework of a 3000 years divine book of I Ching, the book of change from the Chinese Zhou Dynasty. 353 more words

Value Clarification

Is chemistry supervenient on physics?

Many philosophers of science and physicists take it for granted that “physics” determines “chemistry”. Or in terms of the theory of supervenience, it is commonly supposed that the domain of chemistry supervenes upon the domain of fundamental physics. 1,055 more words


The latent energy of innovation...transactional or transformational?


Over the past 6-9 months, we’ve seen an M&A frenzy which has been based on 2 considerations: the low cost of capital and the need to buy innovation. 562 more words

Behavioural Change

Defining Life - What it Means if I'm Right

This is part of a series: Define Life

In my previous post, I tried to make a more precise definition of life.  Now, I’ll list some practical ramifications of it. 192 more words


Defining Character

There have been several occasions when people have made comments to me about how the personalities of my children are related to the order in which they were born into our family.  476 more words

Permaculture Principles

Defining Life - Is it Only Physical?

This is part of a series: Define Life

As recently as 150 years ago, one of the most common scientific views of life was Vitalism.  This view says that there’s something special about living things that distinguishes them from non-life, and causes them to do things and make substances that are found nowhere in nature.  1,265 more words