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2. Reductionism

I am given a universe. I have two hands, ten toes, a couple of floorboards, and an oxhorn comb, and I am sitting inside an almost pentagonal room inside a nearly rectangular home on a street in a town in a country that covers most but not all of a large continent. 253 more words


Freedom regained

by Julian Baggini

We’ve heard a lot in recent years about how scientists — neuroscientists in particular — have “discovered” that actions in the body and thoughts in the mind can be traced back to events in the brain. 3,213 more words


A Matter of Perspective

There is a continuum of ways to look at life and the experiences that make it up. We can boil things down, build them up, figure out rules that govern things, maintain personal philosophies. 1,808 more words


Gulliver’s levels

Jonathan Swift’s ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, first published in 1726, mocks the travel journals of its day with their increasingly fantastical adventures. It is also brilliant social satire, mercilessly tearing through contemporary conventions and pretentions. 585 more words


Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels: Energy Capture & Cultural Values

The subtitle says it all: How Human Values Evolve. In itself this is not particularly new or compelling, but the manner in which Ian Morris… 481 more words


Basics of scientism: the web of knowledge

A common criticism of science is that it must make foundational assumptions that have to be taken on faith. It is, the critic asserts, just one world view among other, equally “valid”, world views that are based on different starting assumptions. 1,515 more words