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Why are some Christians Young Earth Creationists?

It baffles many people whether Christian or not why some Christians are Young Earth Creationist, with a belief in a 10,000 year old earth and rejection of evolution. 958 more words

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Young Earth Creationism is not just a belief, but proof of allegiance to a very special group, the Real Christians (or, I now fear, Real Jews or Real Muslims). Once a belief assumes this function, rational criticism is counter-effective. (Of course you and I, dear reader, are not as others are, and would never allow our allegiances to shape our beliefs.)

The Symbol of the Isle

Isles seem like single pieces that have no relation to each other. But if we look closer and look below the water, we see it stems from one and the same and that it’s just “hills” in the structure of earth. 75 more words


Artificial Wine

This is bizarre but inevitable I suppose given the popularity of reductionism is science.

Reductionism is the view that all complex phenomena can be explained by analyzing them into their component parts. 351 more words

Wine Culture

Reductionism isn't enough for public health

By Håkon Boman Andresen

The overarching goal of the public health sciences are to increase the population’s health. Society spends a lot of money each year on health research, which again is used to develop public policies and guidelines. 1,240 more words


The map is not the territory

“Man is an amphibian who lives simultaneously in two worlds-the given and the home-made, the world of matter, life and consciousness and the world of symbols. 1,581 more words



God created man in His own image,

in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

Gen. 1:27


To be made in God’s own image is the greatest compliment God ever paid to man. 1,383 more words