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What kind of problem do you have?

What kind of problem do you have?

Maybe it’s not really a problem you have. Moving along the scale getting worse, it could be a… 388 more words

Systems Thinking

Rostow's Stages of Economic Growth

Walt Rostow was an evolutionary theorist with regard to economic and social change. As with many evolutionary theorists, Rostow contended that economic growth occurred in stages that were both logical and that led to a logical end result. 495 more words

Social Change

Nature Knows No Perfect

Reductionism.  Rob and I have been commenting a lot during discussions in our home about this phenomenon.  It is one we come up against again and again.   338 more words

Permaculture Principles

Psychology's Tunnel Vision : An Alternative View Point

For years, psychology and its theories and “proven” hypotheses have failed to explain to a reasonably degree,  Human behaviour.  The often limited approach leads to an obvious limited understanding in what behaviour entails. 875 more words




Post 342 ⇒   by Gautam Shah 

Design effort that conceives a complete and self-contained system to begin with is called a… 488 more words

Interior Design

The Great Emancipator

Today is February 12th, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, so it seems appropriate to say a little something about him.  But, I don’t really have anything to say that hasn’t already been said a million times before.  772 more words


When forgetfulness becomes pathological

A few years back I was a member of the Policy Group for Alzheimer Scotland. I resigned as I was concerned about some of the approaches being taken at a national level including significant concerns about the target set for the early diagnosis of dementia. 393 more words