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A Science of Qualia to Replace Conscience and Intuition

Conscience in Islam is defined as something that every human has been endowed with, and this makes it fair-game for Allah to judge at the end of times. 1,183 more words

Szasz On The Myth Of Mental Illness

This semester, in my Landmarks in Philosophy class, I used Thomas Szasz‘s The Myth of Mental Illness as one of the three texts on the reading list (The other two were Mary Wollstonecraft’s… 474 more words


Starting Roadmap for this Blog

It looks like it’s been too long since I last posted here – or blogged at all, really – but I frequently need time to organize my thoughts. 492 more words


New Study Proves That Everyone Is Actually A Vegan

The University of Ohiowa, working on a research grant from the Pepsi Marketing Science Division, has made a startling discovery regarding the true nature of human appetites. 384 more words


Memes Are the Laugh Track of the Internet & That Is Not A Good Thing

The more time goes on, the more that I really come to hate internet memes. It would be enough to hate them for just how stupid they are on their own merits, but when we consider that they may also be dumbing us down, they go from to idiotic to problematic. 768 more words


The Cult of Survivalism

In the past few decades an insidious ideology has taken root in the American consciousness. Based on irrational fears and a neurotic inability to accept the most basic facts of our existence, this pervasive worldview has infected every corner our culture. 1,002 more words


Society On the Surface: Distinguishing Between the Explicit and Implicit

Pretend that you have just opened a cool, crisp can of your favorite soft drink. You take a few short sips and savor them, then take in a long gulp of that sticky sweet stuff. 2,014 more words