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Experiments On My Children

In this blog, as week by week I have actually attempted to think through my conclusions, I kept coming down to the necessity of “critical thinking.” By this, of course, I meant a grasp of very basic logical principles and errors, but at the very front of one’s mind — tools for wading through a constant barrage of propaganda. 1,039 more words


Do It Again...

I DON’T TOTALLY AGREE with the essay linked below, but perhaps only because my acquaintance with Neal deGrasse Tyson is primarily his short, enthusiastic discussions with Stephen Colbert. 1,239 more words


Apparently, you spend eighteen months of your life on the toilet, five years in the car, two weeks picking your nose, eighteen years thinking about having sex, a month actually having sex (yeah, right).  17 more words


Ten paradoxes of a new kind of Science that we explore

Instead of equations, patterns would take over, replace equations and a new kind of science would be born. Feynman said it and there were plenty of followers, several greatest thinkers put thought into this matter, but none took this seriously. 3,574 more words

Inexpressible Truth

Is this my world

My life

My being

Whose vantage point is true

Or does it matter at all

Does language speak through you

May I transcend… 64 more words


2015 ISS Report

Team ISS – 2015, North Delhi EGF (UESI-Delhi)

The ISS 2015 was a two weeks intensive course which started on the 1st of September and ended on the 12th of September. 1,900 more words