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Seeking the Whole Truth: The Problem of Reductionism in Secularized Human Science

Seeking the Whole Truth: The Problem of Reductionism in Secularized Human Science

Handout for Presentation on 9/28/2015
Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
Christian Medical & Dental Associations… 27 more words


Think bigger!

I opened Acts chapter 26 at a very timely moment.

Last time I posted, I wrote about the current international situation, which is so very distressing and frustrating as we watch innocent people suffer. 847 more words


Scientific Fundamentalism

Following up from our previous installment on Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principal, Sir Arthur Eddington reminds us (from his book “The Nature of the Physical World”) that “our particle can never have simultaneously a perfectly definite position and a perfectly definite energy…. 462 more words

Parasitic Wasps, Biopolitics and the Tree of Life

Last week, we learned of a species of parasitic wasp, which through the transmission of a symbiotic virus produced in its ovaries to a caterpillar host, has actually been able to transfer parts of its genome into the host’s lineage.  1,632 more words


The spade, the chainsaw; the art has gone

This film attempts to express my concern about the use of mechanical language in the profession of which today I am part.

  I considered calling this film "It wasn't spade country" 8 more words
Medical Writings

Interpretation and Explanation (and Wittgenstein)

I’ll admit I post at PSR now and again, and that some of my posts aren’t especially edifying. Anonymity really can (and does) bring out the worst in people, even when we try not to succumb. 1,369 more words


Fritjof Capra

Fritjof has been one of the key influencers in encouraging a shift from a Cartesian view of the world that separates things into their constituent parts and a more holistic way of considering things. 373 more words