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Pleonasm pandemic: a plague of extra words

Copywriters write short and sweet. We say it like it is. We know you don’t have time to spend reading words that don’t need to be there. 218 more words

Women's football played by teams of women shocker

I think this might be an abuse of internet bandwidth by the BBC…

When it comes to Men’s football, no gender is specified anywhere, this is a bit confusing for me. 42 more words


Banned words -- 2014 edition

I ran across this on Facebook.  The Lake Superior State University has their 40th Annual list of banished words.  That is banished, not banned.

I like the list, and may take the time to go back and see previous year’s lists. 1,689 more words

Use The Right Words

Words to "X" from Your Writing

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I’m a day behind on my A to Z posts. Shoot me. Go ahead. Put me out of my misery because I’ve hit a wall with three posts left. 560 more words


Redundancy and discount

I recently discovered that our language is full of obsolete words, threatened with removal from dictionaries and other places where words gather to be noticed. 200 more words


Clear Writing - No. 4

 Redundant Word Search

(these are a few examples; there may be others you will need to look for)

Correct these words appropriately.

2-wheel bicycle                    6 a.m. 459 more words


10 Redundant Words To Delete

In one of his six rules for writers, George Orwell said: ‘If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.’ Shorter is better, he was saying. 502 more words

Technical Writing