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Avenue of the Giants, 2016

The silence of centuries
settles in amid these giant redwoods.

Nothing to say to us,
their limbs whisper high overhead.

And, later, when we yell… 30 more words


25 to 26 in rhyme and image

I touched the west coast

saw some really tall trees

rode the edge of a highway

captivated by sea

hiked a bright valley

 where we followed the blue… 8 more words


Night time trek.

Redwoods standing tall, side by side

Hiding the full moon and the twinkle of the stars

The thick smell of the woods; raw, musty, undisturbed… 159 more words


I stopped to check out one of our albino redwoods earlier this year in one of our seldom visited parks. Albino redwoods are a curious genetic mutation where the tree will not produce chlorophyll and must tap into the living tissue of other redwoods to steel sugars. 415 more words

Humboldt County