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Perfect Parchment-Baked Salmon

I love salmon; salmon on a bagel, salmon in salad, salmon in pasta… You get the idea. But, my husband does not like salmon, not even a little bit. 519 more words


Blue Cheese and Caramelized Onion Tabasco Burger

I’m from a small town in Kentucky, where the classic “Pool Room Cheeseburger” reigns supreme! However, the burger I’m going to tell you about is nothing like the Pool Room Cheeseburger… which is why I was extremely skeptical at first. 578 more words


Cowboy Calzone, Pizza Sauce, Pizza Crust: 3 Pioneer Woman Recipes, 1 Awesome Meal

I made The Pioneer Woman’s Cowboy Calzones for my husband, and he went crazy for them. I used The Pioneer Woman’s Pizza Crust, and served the Calzones with a side of her Homemade Pizza Sauce, because I like to dip my Calzone. 737 more words


Buttermilk Biscuits: The Real Deal

2016 left a bad taste in my mouth. However, the new year is an opportunity to cut loose from negativity and move on to better things. 393 more words

Paying it forward

Yesterday Kenny and I got up early for a trip north in Oklahoma. A week ago my hubby surprised me with telling me we were going to The Mercantile Store owned by The Pioneer Woman. 329 more words

Top Wild Horse Article of 2016

Forward by R.T. Fitch, article by Debbie Coffey

“Happy New Year to everyone, it is our most sincere hope (and plan) to make a real difference for the wild horses and burros in 2017 and we are thinking out of the box and have a few things in the works at Wild Horse Freedom Federation that no one else has ever tried before so stay tuned, it is going to get interesting. 603 more words

Horse News

Christmas Chaos

At the beginning of every episode of The Pioneer Woman on Food Network, Ree Drummond says, “Here’s what’s happening on the ranch.” Apropos of nothing in this blog post, I love when she says that, because I have a secret desire to live on a ranch. 933 more words