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Image of the week

This week, a very summery picture of Loch Skerrols on Islay.

The summer has really still to arrive this year but this is a reminder of what it can look like.


Kinderdijk, we love taking our visitors to the wide polders of the Alblasserwaard. While walking the trail I realized that the windmills are always insight, there are so many of these ´water giants´ situated in the area. 85 more words

Dutch Impressions

July 30, 2015 at 04:57PM

Reed Warbler by Jon_Clark at http://flic.kr/p/wjic1p

Taken at Straws Bridge, Derbyshire.

Juno Alto Saxophone Reeds (by Vandoren)

Juno reeds are preferred and fully endorsed by the saxophone players  in Saxsquatch & Bridge Band! Made with high-quality cane, they come individually packaged to maintain freshness, and are a single-cut reed, meaning they blow warm and free. 24 more words


Poor Ducky

Hubby and I walked up to the dog walk this evening and noticed a young duckling in the reeds on the way.
Coming back, it was still there, and we realised that something was wrong by the way it was trying to swim away. 268 more words