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205/365 Shutter release challenge

silent thought

When I saw this reed grass it brought images of people with there heads bowed in prayer or silent thought.

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Nikon D7200

Ice Plant

Although it appears incongruous, Ice Plant is not indigenous to California. History records that it was brought over from China. This 24×24 “painting” began as an iPhone shot, taken near Point Lobos.



And so it begins....

Reedmaking… beginning to practice tying on to the staple…


This is a bad photo, right?

The subject is right in the middle, the horizon is right in the middle, nothing is in focus. Yet somehow I keep coming back to this one. 92 more words


Reed Care

Below is the post shared by Richie Hawley on his blog about reed care that I think my students and colleagues might find interesting:

Many students and professionals ask me, “How do I make my reeds better?” This question comes with the expectation that I will be passing on advice or a method of adjusting a reed with a knife or sandpaper.

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