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Oh, will.you.is.so.crazy!

I really think there needs to be a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode for the Superbowl Halftime show. Who wants to help? Come on. I know a lot of you are Tom Servos in disguise. 548 more words


When banality collides: Kings of Leon vs. Glee

This morning’s world news: Egypt continues tripping all over itself in dangerous crisis. Over twenty people die in a Columbian coal mine explosion. An army of heavily gunned men in the Congo rape over 60 men, women, and children — again. 427 more words


Jean Paul [even] Gaudier

Oh, it was pretty bad the first time around, but seeing this outfit again on poor two-year-old Mia from TLC’s “Toddler’s and Tiaras” this evening sealed the deal for me. 112 more words


Great Ruth

“So what do you do in here?”

“I think about things.”

“Which things?”

“Things I never stopped to think about the first ninety years of my life. 190 more words

DNA Hurricane

Perfect Chemis-what? Oh, pleez, tween book writers!

After dinner, Russell took Bella to the bookstore so she could pick out some new wordy rappinghoods for making straight A’s.

“Hey, are you next to your computer?” 142 more words

DNA Hurricane

What happens at the prayer pole stays at the prayer pole, right?

My kid goes to public school. We pay fifty gazillion dollars a year in property taxes, so it’s not exactly a free resource. I expect her to come home every afternoon with a wrinklier brain than when I kissed her goodbye that morning. 725 more words


Get the frac off my lawn, Gashole!

“Mom, there’s a man at the door who says he can make you rich. Can I answer it?”

I almost felt sorry for the guy. … 1,827 more words

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