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Indiana Frontier Experience 2015

One of the best parts of completing a new project is getting to show it off! It’s so fun to put on the whole outfit, and really see it all working together. 349 more words

Ignorance Truly is Bliss

I’m off to some “Reenactor Professional Development” this weekend at New Windsor Cantonment. The site is small and quaint but it still ranks as one of my favourite places. 602 more words

Living History

Battle Road Made a Man 

(with apologies for the child-centered content.)

Well, sort of.  The Young Mr sported a brand-new, all-hand-sewn frock coat and breeches, as well as brand new size 15 shoes (thank you, USPS Priority  Mail and Robert Land’s stock of the rara avis size 15.)  He was spotted in photos that were shared with me later, and there he is, front and center, in his new, blue wool broadcloth suit. 368 more words

Living History

My First Spencer

Let me tell you about the beginning of my Regency wardrobe.

Almost two years ago, on the first of July, 2013, I moved from my childhood home in Petoskey, MI to Louisville, KY. 1,216 more words

Momentous anniversaries and visiting Civil War history

To my loyal blog readers, my apologies for not actually posting something worthy on the actual anniversaries recently, but I do want to share with you that the last several days have commemorated some momentous events related to the history of the Civil War. 354 more words


The Thing About Reenacting Is...

So this weekend was a whole new ball game for me, I accompanied my boyfriend to my first Civil War reenactment. I know what you are thinking, that my boyfriend is probably a complete weirdo and I am too for going with him. 205 more words

Everything Else

Blog of the Week: Historically Speaking

I’ll be honest with you, this blog has the best photographs. This blog is fantastic for this alone, but it also has some very trenchant and meaningful discussion about reenacting. 16 more words

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