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Dollinger Farm

Dollinger Farm is a family farm in Chanahon, IL. It’s your stereotypical family fall-time-collect-your-pumpkin-while-your-child-screams farm. The grounds and site are very nice. There is a cute little petting zoo, a nice pumpkin patch, and treat van that makes elephant ears. 628 more words


Contextualize This

Right on, Mr. Hiwell: The music of the Army being in general very bad is a post I could never write, because I lack the detailed knowledge, or the desire to acquire music-specific knowledge (just as Mr Hiwell could give two rats’ about stay-making details, or the… 817 more words

Living History

The Hardtack Challenge: How a Soldier’s Staple Holds Up Today

By Savannah Rose, ’17

Even though I am president of the college’s reenactment club, I had never had the “pleasure” of experiencing one of the primary staples of the average Union soldier’s diet: hardtack. 763 more words

A Side of Oysters

Or, Fleshing Sexism into History

Here’s a bitter blog post instead of the angry one someone expected after the Turkey Shoot. It started elsewhere with a discussion of this print: there’s more going on in this, and in many genre images of oyster girls and oyster sellers, than you notice at first glance. 410 more words


The Grand Parade: Remembering the American Civil War

By Elizabeth Smith ’17

On November 21, a small contingent from the 26th PEMR or PCG—Gettysburg College’s reenacting group—gathered early in the morning in Union uniform and civilian dress outside of the Appleford Inn. 536 more words

Shoot meat, win a target

That’s almost literally true: shoot a target, win a target would be a more accurate description of Saturday’s frivols in Massachusetts. At least the gentlemen seem to know they’re a little silly. 403 more words

Living History

Packing Meat

Sometimes you end up doing things for reasons you don’t entirely understand. Remember that brief flirtation with the 1830s? Well… we met again, and this time, I said yes to the dress. 413 more words