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Stamp Acting Up: 250th Anniversary of the Newport Stamp Act Riots

Last Saturday was the event of the Summer for me and the RI contingent. Last year’s event was the event that inspired me to make my blue suit and up my civilian game. 997 more words

Living History

This Represents Me 

I love taking photos. Photography is a big hobby of mine.

Love reenacting!

When I get bored I take selfies. Doesn’t everybody? ;)

Me and my cowboy, this was taken before we got together. 170 more words

Everyday Life

The Myth of Perfection

Ain’t nothin’ perfect.

Jackie’s got good points, and although I think they are slightly tangential to where I thought I was going on Monday, let’s pick them up. 521 more words


"The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together." All's Well that Ends Well.

For an SCA fencing competition a little over a week ago, I resurrected a challenge I’d made last year:

Lorenzo Gorla, a gentleman of the Barony of Iron Bog, a student of the Italian masters, supporting and advocating the True Fight of the rapier (as demonstrated by his countrymen Masters Saviolo, Rocco Bonetti, and others), requests the attention of all fighters of English blood, or those who hold a belief in the superiority of the English fight, that is, the fight with the short sword, the back-sword, the sword-and-buckler, or other varieties of military weapons, and requests they join him in a display of arms.

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Why Civil War (and Other) Reenactors Hate Visitors

Because not knowing history makes visitors worthy of contempt.

Strong Language

Curator’s Comment: The intention here is for reenactors to show how ignorant visitors can be, but they seem to have gotten it backwards.


Changing Clothes: A New Look at the Progressive Movement

Before I begin, I owe an apology to those who I unintentionally offended by my previous posts on the subject. I realize that my title was ambiguous and generalized. 1,072 more words

American Revolution

Scallops, Starch and Wet 'n' Wild

Somehow, in the two years since I made my first Regency dress, I have never made another day dress for myself. Now, I wear Regency/Federal clothing pretty often compared to your average citizen, and I have to wear my white dress and… 1,002 more words