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Occupation as Liberation

240 years ago, Philadelphia was occupied by British forces under the command of General Howe; the city was taken after a brutal campaign through the… 561 more words

Living History

Living Like a Refugee

When I was in middle school, we were given an assignment that is now considered inappropriate: we were asked to trace our family history or genealogy as a way to help understand historical time, stories of immigration, and the ways in which we are all American (according to the then-prevalent “melting pot” model of being American). 306 more words

Living History

Harlots Inspired Levite, part 2

Waddup, my peasants???? SURPRISE! EARLY POST BECAUSE I CAN’T KEEP A SCHEDULE! WHEE! #noragrets #Iknowitwasmispelled

So I finished my Charlotte Wells inspired Levite on Friday with the completion of my velvet based on the hat dated from 1775-1790 (I would safely put it around 1780-90) 957 more words

Playing Soldier: The Rise of World War II Reenacting

Chapter 1: A Hobby, A Way of Life

You are inside of a boat moving over an unsteady ocean, the man in front of you shivers from the cold and tries to keep his balance along with the other 20 men in front of him while the boats motor drowns out any audible sound. 13,448 more words

Sticking to It

So this happened: I sold things from a stick at Brandywine, and found a thing I enjoy doing with people I enjoy being with. (It’s so hard when you want to be with people, but can’t figure out how you belong, especially when you have a need to be busy.) 158 more words

Living History

Becoming Theda

Hi guys!!! So on Saturday, I attended the Camp Doughboy WWI Weekend at Governor’s Island in New York and, to be honest, it was a breath of fresh air compared to Rev War living history events. 2,495 more words

Putting On a Really Big Shew

No matter which side of a reenactment you find yourself on, host site or participant, reenacting events can be a strange and difficult experience. Reenactors often think historic sites should be begging them to come and bring the place alive. 154 more words