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So You're Going to a Reenactment

Yo, waddup, my peasants? Or, should I say, hello spectators!!

This post is dedicated to you, specator! You’re welcome! I know a lot of living history blogs are dedicated to fellow interpreters, but this one is just for you! 1,958 more words


Inviting Interactions: Observations on Visitor-Centered Guides for Living History Events

There’s a difference between visitors attending a living history event and visitors interacting with the event – it can be the difference between going to a concert and sitting in with the band. 1,631 more words


Living Deliberately

A friend of mine recently wrote about replicating the domestic life of the past (specifically the 18th century) and how much meaning that had for her. 721 more words

Living History

“You Will Do Your Work on Water”: Hydration in the Field

You may talk o’ gin and beer
When you’re quartered safe out ‘ere,
An’ you’re sent to penny-fights an’ Aldershot it;
But when it comes to slaughter…

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18th Century Linen Mitts - Research

Last weekend I had a lovely time at Fort Dobbs participating in their War for Empire French and Indian living history weekend. I learned about 18th century shoemaking and tailoring, visited with friends, tried my hand at log hewing (not so easy in stays!), and soaked up some North Carolina sun – perhaps too much sun. 512 more words


Petty is as Petty Does

It was a simple set up: two barrels, a board, my frail, and me. (I could really use a wheelbarrow, and a rain deck. At least the rain deck is something I can make myself.) But this was more than adequate to sell luxury goods (rum, whiskey, radishes, and ginger candy) to the soldiers at Fort Dobbs. 74 more words

Living History

The First Outfit

If there is one universal truth in re-enacting it would be that your first outfit is nearly always horrible. I am no exception to this sadly. 351 more words