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Weekend Movie - Faintheart

Love Is A Battlefield.

(Geek Comedy)

The sales assistant Richard (Eddie Marsan) loves to spend his weekends reenacting Viking battles as Readmund the Just. Unfortunately, this time-consuming hobby separates him from family life and when Richard fails to attend the funeral of his father in law on time and in appropriate attire, his wife Cath (Jessica Hynes) throws him out of the house. 542 more words

Witnessed Up Close

Boyfriend's A ModelĀ 

I just have to brag on my boyfriend. He is one of the most photogenic people I know. A while back he modeled in one of his reenacting outfits for a local photographer. 39 more words

Everyday Life

The Boyfriend's Coat

So my new sewing project isn’t for me it’s for my boyfriend. He’s been wanting a new coat for reenacting and I told him that if he got everything I’d make it for him. 109 more words

Everyday Life

The Boarding Party, or, Trip to the Wrong Ship

L’Hermione, remember her? That French ship? We were asked back in January if we wanted to be part of a group of Citizens of Boston in 1780 who came out to greet… 886 more words

Living History

Itching for Style

Wool. It’s a thing. This dress from the Met has many of the markers of everyday fashion– a vernacular form, if you will, of what Deliverance Mapes Waldo is wearing in this portrait… 299 more words


Reenactress: A Documentary

When film maker J.R. Hardman started as an American Civil War reenactress three years ago, she was not allowed to wear uniform and join the ranks, as females were not supposed to be combatants. 925 more words

Reenactress: Examining female reeanctors as soldiers

As some of you may know, I have been involved with Civil War reenacting for five years now, serving in units portraying both sides of the conflict over that time. 346 more words