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Starting From the Bottom (Now We're Here)

Yo, waddup, my peasants? It’s ur girl with a rare little tidbit of advice!

Now, I know that I’m not the best example to follow because I make some pretty bad decisions. 2,526 more words


Making an Impression

Dorothy Mercier: widow of an artist (and a painter herself), Mercier went into business after the death of her husband, Philip, first as a printseller and stationer, and later as a purveyor of artists’ supplies. 381 more words

Living History

Adventures in Reenacting | A Standing Crust Pie

Sing a Song of Sixpence,

A pocket full of rye,

Four and twenty blackbirds

Baked in a pie.

If you didn’t know it, I love the 18th century, (I’m looking forward to participating in some reenactments this year). 400 more words


What Serk?

So I need a dress to go under the apron dress. I think this is known as a “serk”.

For my 15th century smocks I make them very similar to the below diagram: 407 more words


What Resource?

So I’ve started work on my mock-up ‘apron-dress’ before starting on my good fabric.

Yes, I went for a pretty herringbone, but following on from my… 284 more words


Where's that Found?

While researching I’ve come across a lot of people referring to their gear by the burial it was based upon. I need to get used to seeing this and recognising the time and place it is from. 87 more words


Headcovering Research

From what I read women may have covered their heads, or may not have. They had to cover their heads once married, but didn’t have to. 121 more words