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Illuminating Lampshades

The more you look, the harder things get. That’s usually cause for celebration, but I’m starting to feel the pressure of more ideas and commitments than time. 633 more words


Undocumented but Not Alien

Sometimes it’s hard to know how a riot gets started; other times, the cause is pretty clear. I’ve started one or two myself. The latest stems from Our Girl History’s… 559 more words

Living History

Civil War Food Ideas 

Today while I ate my lunch (mashed potatoes, gravy, and Texas toast….don’t judge it was yummy!)

I read through the Civil War cookbook my mom gave me. 101 more words

Everyday Life

Petticoat Starching 

Yesterday was such a glorious day, especially for it being January! This is Arkansan weather for you! So after class I decided to starch my petticoats before I went to work. 156 more words

Everyday Life

Late Night Owl Y'all

I know that we have all heard that there is a season for everything. Life is made up of seasons, all kinds of seasons. Well I am in one season that I swear will be the death of me…..I am now a night owl. 238 more words

Everyday Life

New 1860's Pantaloons Part 1

I am starting on a new sewing project. New pantaloons for reenacting! I purchased 100% natural and organic, un-bleached cotton from my local Walmart. Yes, Walmart! 375 more words

Everyday Life

Women's Lives in Early America: Symposium

Eventually, the to-do list will catch up with you. Vague ideas about things you’d like to make turn into thoughts about why you don’t have whatever the thing is. 151 more words

Living History