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"After Valley Forge, What?"

Yesterday, I attended a lecture at my university titled, “After Valley Forge, What?” by Dr. Bethany A. Morrison of Western Connecticut University. I first noticed the poster Tuesday. 906 more words

18th Century

Smart phone in my basket: Chronicling an 18th century life through 21st century eyes

At encampments I like to be up before the sun has fully risen. It is so refreshing to get dressed while the morning dew is still covering everything inside and outside my tent, while there is still a chill in the air. 303 more words

Design on a Dime: 18th Century Clothing Edition

For those that know me, I like fancy clothing. Especially 18th century clothing. Who doesn’t? The movies love to portray the romantic images of balls and court society with men in wigs and silk outfits covered in embroidery and lace. 1,076 more words

18th Century

Analogize This: Subcultures and Subgroups

Remember the post about the Clash, the rawness of the Vanilla Tapes, and authenticity? In response, someone commented elsewhere that there is a cross-over between punk and reenactor subcultures. 709 more words

Living History

The Debut of the Victorian Reproduction Tiny House

As I outlined yesterday, the last 4 months have¬†been spent- every waking, non-working, non-raining hour- has been spent getting the tiny house ready for it’s reenacting debut. ¬† 1,102 more words


Sesquicentennial events at Fort Anderson, NC

I came across this while researching the next couple of Civil War timelines. If I was in the Wilmington area, I’d definitely check this out: 97 more words

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