Make and stuff dog toys with fabric scraps 

I’ve been keeping fabric scraps to make toys for Coco. I take a bigger piece, cut shapes, and then sew around the edges. Leave an opening to stuff scraps in. 175 more words


McCalls M9872 contrast dress

I don’t typically buy patterns as i have been getting by with DIYing. However, this pattern called to me at Walmart. I traced out the top pieces on packing paper that came with handbags so i don’t feel bad about poking holes and slowly destroying the original pattern pieces. 705 more words


Faux wraparound dress

While organizing my fabric stash, i stumbled upon 2 remnants from previous projects – the end of a skirt that i had chopped off to shorten a store-bought piece, and a skirt lining of a previous early project that hadn’t worked out. 354 more words


Frumpy button up shirt transformation

I found this LOVELY cotton button up at the thrift store. Loved the pattern, loved the fabric, did not love the fit nor the collar. 239 more words


Dress that looks like a tee and skirt

It always begins with rifling through the fabric stash and leftovers that treasure is found.

So I found a striped green fabric that is stretchy. Just enough to make a square top. 76 more words


Bohemian Dress(es)--> Skirt + Dress

I found this gem at Goodwill in Phoenix, Arizona. I couldn’t do up the zipper, but loved the colour and the bohemian style.


Thanks to my Aunty Barb for bringing me to Goodwill and all the estate sales in Phoenix! 383 more words


Sandy shoes

I’ll admit that I was a bit apprehensive about this because I couldn’t picture it as easily as my daughters glitter crocs.

Glittery crocs

But I don’t make as many things for him, simply because there is less boy geared patterns and crafts. 58 more words