Day 3- Mom Jeans

Welcome back lovely humans!  Do you know what today is? It’s March 1.  And according to my bestie and college roommate Julia, that means it’s socially acceptable to lay outside and tan (unfortunately the weather hasn’t caught up with us yet).   490 more words


Day 2- Maternity Jumper to Maxi Dress

Welcome to Day 2 of my 7 day (I-need-to-get-off-my-butt) challenge.

Let’s just bask in this together for a second, shall we?

Thursday I found another glorious homemade item!   369 more words


Part one of Two: Back Attack! and the not so closeted lace addiction!

Part one of two: Refashioning from my sister’s second hand picks!

Check out this super cute linen/cotton dress!

I’m was happy with the high-low hemline and the torso section. 417 more words


Awkward length blazer refash

I found this sweet just-like-new blazer at value village for 10 bucks! The brand is “Kensie” (probably cost about $70.00 originally) with a lovely linen/cotton mix. 507 more words


Day 1- Recycling a Torn Blouse

Alright beautiful people, let’s get this challenge going!

In light of my week long challenge I went to one of my favorite consignment stores and scored big time!   242 more words


Pick-me-up Refashion Challenge!

Hello lovely humans!

What have you been up to lately?  Personally, I’ve been sitting on my booty, feeling slightly overwhelmed at the impending doom of 4pm on March 10(thesis defense day), and avoiding doing most things society would consider “productive”.   266 more words


[Refashion] I had a jumper. Now I have a dress. And a skirt.

I must confess, I’m in a pretty bad sew-jo slump at the moment. I mean, I still love sewing, and I still am thinking about new projects all the time. 886 more words

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