Comic skirts and Hulahoops: When your clothes and hoop match! 

Getting the comic character shirts whipped up into your new favorite skirt, with matching hulahoop. Beginner hoops or polypro for more advanced hoopdance available. Here is a sleek peak into my new line.  23 more words

Hula Hoops

Babz says "It's a wrap!"

Really it is a wrap. A wrap around skirt. I am in serger heaven. Recycled t-shirt skirt. “Lily wrap”

For sale . Size med. -xl


Rock it like it's Hot

New skirt. Prepping for 2017 festival season. I am so glad I have Babz to help model the goods like a rockstar!! Event specific skirt. Not for sale. (Yet) revival


Skirts from shirts

Goals for 2017: More sizes and better consistency with sizing.

XXL , 46″-48″ waist.

“Fly away with me”


Dance, dance, Happy pants!

New 2017 product! Leggings and pants. So happy in my new pants it just makes me want to dance!! All items can be found on Etsy. 8 more words


Beer and fashion

  • Michigan is the beer state. We have so many fabulous brewer’s available to us and when I run across a beer shirt I grab it. Woman want to share their love of beer by flying their freak flag without having to wear a “man” style shirt. 43 more words


    Meet Babz Button!

    Babz and I met this summer. Origanally, Babz was created by Dennis Russel, an amzingly creative gentleman. Babz and I immediately hit it off, so she came to live with me and we have been bff’s ever since. 38 more words

    Hula Hoops