Dress that looks like a tee and skirt

It always begins with rifling through the fabric stash and leftovers that treasure is found.

So I found a striped green fabric that is stretchy. Just enough to make a square top. 76 more words


Bohemian Dress(es)--> Skirt + Dress

I found this gem at Goodwill in Phoenix, Arizona. I couldn’t do up the zipper, but loved the colour and the bohemian style.


Thanks to my Aunty Barb for bringing me to Goodwill and all the estate sales in Phoenix! 383 more words


Sandy shoes

I’ll admit that I was a bit apprehensive about this because I couldn’t picture it as easily as my daughters glitter crocs.

Glittery crocs

But I don’t make as many things for him, simply because there is less boy geared patterns and crafts. 58 more words

ReFashion 2016: Denim Repair

Boro and Sashiko are Japanese mending techniques. Sashiko refers to Boro means  rags or tattered cloth. Boro is the textile created from clothing that has been patched several times. 255 more words


A Romper Wedgie is Never Good

I’ve always liked the look of rompers but could never find one that flattered. Or that fit well. And this romper from value village was no exception: 266 more words


Coming Soon!

Hello friends!  Since we last talked, I graduated with my M.A in Anthropology, got a job, and I’m getting married in October!  So that’s where I’ve been, what have you been up to lately? 79 more words


Glittery crocs

When my daughter saw the glittery crocs at a store she wanted them. I didn’t like the price tag. She knew I had glitter, and she knew I had glue. 82 more words