The Magical Unicorn Hood (& Leg Warmers)

For me, the most satisfying sewing projects are the ones that *magically* work out without a firmly pre-planned garment. If I don’t have any expectations, and if it ends up working out AND being awesome, I’m completely thrilled and proud of myself! 495 more words


Ruffle Rage: Just hoop it out

For me, here are the main criteria for “hoop friendly” shorts: stretchy/breathable fabric, bright/aesthetically pleasing colours/patterns, tight yet comfortable fit to reduce the chances of hoop interference. 264 more words


The Bodysuit

Bodysuits were all the rage this summer. Similar to rompers and jumpsuits, they are generally made for the “average” torso length- which my torso is not. 241 more words


Sewing "Bits and Bobs"

Does a blog post have to focus on one particular project, technique or idea?  Maybe, but not today. Lets just have a sewing “conversation” about nothing in particular. 617 more words


Circus Shorts Version 3.0

As of now I will now stop mentioning how long it’s been since I’ve posted something because the trend is now months between posts, and that’s okay. 792 more words