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DIY Updates :)

After making the woodbox handbag, which took me about a week of hammering and glueing, I did some simple but fun DIYs to recharge.

First one is a refashion of a maxi skirt. 191 more words


So much for New Year's Resolutions

I promised myself that I would blog twice a month, and this is my first blog of 2017! Oh well, I’ve been sewing so I need to catch up. 195 more words


From Dumpy to Delightful - refashioning a sweater

I picked up this sweater at Goodwill for $3. The color was fun, it was comfy, but I thought it made me look like a grandma (Oh wait… I am a grandma… hmmm… I LOVE BEING A GRANDMA!! 36 more words

Gail's Nest

DIY Sequined Sweatshirt Embellishment

Although it’s taking me longer then originally planned, I’m still going to finish re-vamping the 5 items of clothing in my Value Village Refashion Haul… 339 more words


Japanese Knot Bag

I am 4 months into my ‘no new clothes year’ but I missed sewing,  you can’t really get that much sewing satisfaction from darning a pair of socks. 218 more words


“Always wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident!”

“Always wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident!”

My Grandma used to say this before we left the house. I fell down a Google rabbit hole trying to figure out where this saying came from and why it even exists. 319 more words


Old Skirt Meets New Techniques

The very first garments I made were gathered dirndl skirts with elastic waistbands. I wore them with long t-shirts that covered the bulgy, gathered waist. Among those skirts (most of which now reside in a storage box for posterity), was one made from vintage plaid wool, given to me by a friend. 554 more words