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Games for the Summer Quarter 2019

Hello everyone,

We only have a couple of sessions before the end of the quarter, so if you’re keen to run a game, please respond to this post with some details and/or post them on the Slack channel. 74 more words


Texas Referee Suspended After Being Caught Repeatedly Using N-Word, Claims ‘It’s Really Not Me to Make Them Kind of Statements’

A Texas high school football referee has been suspended from the state sports officials association and from refereeing for the season after he was caught on tape using racist language. 845 more words


Basketball is Canadian, and so's the whistle you hear in every NBA game

The game of basketball was invented by a man who grew up on a farm outside Almonte, Ont.

It sits just under 400 kilometres from Scotiabank Arena, home to the… 690 more words


With the increased introduction of VAR, is it time that the offside rule got an overhaul?

Football’s Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system allows for crucial decisions within the live game of football to be made by reviewing replays and seeing incidents from angles not able to seen in the moment by the referee. 668 more words


Be Kind To Your Referees!

Andy Green, Chris Mulholland, and Mike McCoy

With the MK Battery Cup Conference Cup Series for Power Wheelchair Soccer in America approaching, we’d like to take this time to remind everyone to please be kind to our referees! 792 more words


The Video Assistant Referee hasn’t solved soccer’s referee problems

On the evening of May 6, 2009, at Stamford Bridge, legendary sides FC Barcelona and Chelsea battled it out to secure a spot in the Champions League final. 1,030 more words


Tournaments: How Even?

I have a lot to catch up on. Big O was a HUGE success. I’m about to leave for another tournament this Friday, come home, then leave again Thursday to Tournament Head Assist Besterns in Denver. 2,726 more words