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In a nutshell: DTCC whitepaper on distributed ledgers - Jan 2016

On 25 Jan 2016 the DTCC released a white paper entitled “Embracing Disruption – Tapping the potential of distributed ledgers to improve the post-trade landscape”.  It is a very good read: high quality, succinct, and cuts through the hype. 1,707 more words


Switch CRM instances in instant!

Another post related to bookmarket!

If the crm DEV/UAT/TEST/PRODUCION instances are similarly named, which in most cases are, and all you have to do is replace a few letters to switch to another environment, here is a ‘highly’ customizable bookmarklet that will help you do exactly that. 80 more words

"Every type of data needs Data Leadership"*

As we all begin to make our final plans to attend Data Leadership 2015 late in November (http://bit.ly/1YOKrJV), it struck me after reviewing the agenda once again that we have now reached a point where there are now many discrete & different forms of data being used across most enterprises (Public, Private & NFP) on a regular basis. 701 more words


Dropping down to data quality

Presenting the user with a predefined list of options may seem like a simple solution to solving data quality problems like that described last week. 451 more words

Data Quality

B2B Lead Generation: Why I get excited about data reconciliation

B2B lead generation is all about connecting with the right people, at the right companies, at the right time and crucially maintaining the right sales funnel. 432 more words

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