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13th July 2015…..The Zero Carbon dream, the Green Deal, eco-positivity and manufacturers – all have contributed to a message that says if you envelope buildings with  either silicone or acrylic rendered external wall insulation, you are freeing residents from heating bills, damp, condensation and mould.  1,328 more words

Welcome to the very first ever post on The Startup Sales Guy blog. If you’re like me, you love tech and you love startups. My name’s Drew. 270 more words

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Experiment Wind

In this experiment, the student learn to determine for an area the optimal location to place a wind turbine in order to get the highest yield by using google earth. 264 more words


Identifying Diseases & Pests

A lot of things try to chomp, munch, consume, and destroy our crops. Before you can figure out what to do, it’s good to know what the problem is! 81 more words

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24x7 Content Library is Open!

Always wanted to have a library, but couldn’t really build one. We have built it for you! Now you have your very own academic Content Library. 373 more words


Dungeon Master's Reference - The GM's Nomenclature

One of the first bits of advice you’re likely to get from a veteran GM is to show don’t tell. Instead of telling the players “there is a blacksmith in the village” you show them a blacksmith, by saying “the rhythmic ringing of steel upon iron carries on the evening air”– or something better than that. 1,435 more words

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D&D 5E - Player’s Handbook Errata

Wizards of the Coast released an official errata to the Player’s Handbook a few days ago. You can get your copy here (Errata_PH.pdf). It has a couple of entries that directly address the issue of PC hiding rules. 483 more words

Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition