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I think I took the red pill

My beaming bride asked me to order a couple of things she needed off Amazon and somehow these just showed up in my cart.  I know, crazy, right? 163 more words

Military History
15.04.18…..Residents take photos from time to time in passing and as demolition now begins…..here is a gallery as they come to me.
4th of March….resident wishes not to be named….. 44 more words

IT translation reference material

Information Technology (IT) translators, like myself, are used to strictly following different reference material. Even when the client has its own glossary and style guide, not always are they totally comprehensive so we have to turn to third-party resources. 255 more words


Az Chinese whispers and Composition studies...

Still Life with a Twist ~C~

CONTEXTUAL information: In my previous post I quoted from a translation of a COLOPHON (a textual note added to the artist’s work by a viewer). 758 more words


D&D 5E - Dinosaurs

5th Edition Dinosaurs

I am looking forward to running a “Tomb of Annihilation” campaign. One of the fun things in that book are the dinosaurs. I like to use miniatures on my battlemat and I thought an inexpensive way to do that was to get some small toy dinosaurs the right size, glue them to a base and paint them. 377 more words

Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition

Fact File: Fighter Aircraft Since 1945 - Frank Schwede

This book provides technical data along with a brief history of the development of each fighter type and it’s variants which are all organised by the country/bloc of origin. 112 more words

Book Review

Black and White on Glass

Graphics are a part of many engravings on glassware. When graphics or text is viewed on a computer monitor, it is generally displayed in black. But it is important to understand that whatever is engraved will turn frosted white on the clear glass. 233 more words