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DM Tips

How to be a Better Dungeon Master

Having just finished one campaign and preparing to start another one, I felt that it was time to review my weaknesses as a Dungeon Master. 676 more words

Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition

Messerschmitt Bf-109, The early years - Poland, The Fall of France and The Battle of Britain

This book is part of Frontline Books Air War Archive series covering various historical and famous aircraft types with this one taking a look at the Bf-109. 128 more words

D&D 5E - Schools of Magic

Schools of Magic

Here is a cheat sheet for when a PC uses an identify spell on a magical item in your dungeon. You know what it does, but when they ask what school of magic it is, do you know? 351 more words


D&D 5E - The Nature of Magic

What is Magic? How does it work?

I was trying to figure out how (in 4th and 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons) a character could learn all there was to know about a magic item by simply examining it for an hour. 1,485 more words


Diving into the sport of competitive programming

This blog post is to guide those people who want to get started or have just started with competitive programming. I would be sharing the insights from my experience. 454 more words


Jaime Garzón’s Colombia: a Nation Through the Art of a Prophetic Humourist

By Mauricio Rivera

Jaime Garzón was shot dead in Bogotá on August 13, 1999. His assassination, as those of political leaders Jorge Eliecer Gaitán (9 April, 1948) and Luis Carlos Galán (18 August, 1989) remains amongst the darkest episodes of Colombian republican history. 3,176 more words


Alphabet engraving reference 52 and 53

Below you will find images of the alphabets 52 and 53 from the book of ornamental alphabets. This concludes the alphabets from this 1914 publication. 12 more words