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My new eyebrow tutorial

And how to work out the right proportions for your own eyebrows!  What do you think?  I’ve thickened my brows up a bit since I recorded this (last week, can you tell because my lips are a bit bigger than they were the week before, but not as big as they are in this pic from this morning)! 109 more words


Objects in life

Objects in life are closer than they appear.

Thoughts that arose while making it:
Scale is important. Compare this to this. Otherwise you are lost, even with a map. 82 more words


Lost and found


Praying the Lord’s Prayer at McDonalds.
A man who was lost/homeless/mentally ill/addicted/blind (any or all)

I went to McDonald’s to get “second breakfast” after attending mandatory substance abuse awareness training for my job (This class has to be taken every 5 years). 109 more words


Base Camp

During an expedition in Alaska, a man went for a short hike one morning when a blizzard fell upon this region.  Quickly turning back to return to base camp, white out conditions blinded this man, causing him to become disoriented.  238 more words


Experience Vs Logic

As we move further into expansion we begin to illuminate behavior patterns that we have created out of the emotional responses of those around us.  We self police our behavior depending on who is around us at any one moment.   1,351 more words