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The Right Way to Check Someone’s References

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You think you’ve found the right candidate to fill your open position and now it’s time to check references. What’s the best way to get the information you need? 2,353 more words


The importance of a warm welcome

My very good friend Steven always jokes that as a a lowly Blue member with British Airways Executive Club frequent flyer scene, the only perk he can expect is “an extra warm welcome.”  It’s a phrase rattled off every time you board a British Airways flight: “…and an extra warm welcome to our British Airways Executive Club members.”  I’m not entirely convinced that it is any more genuine than the 7/11 store clerk in downtown New York asking me”how you doing today?” This got me thinking about why an extra warm welcome is so important later on in the customer experience. 507 more words

Customer Experience

Pokemon Go Secrets

Wanted to make this quick reference for all players.

  1. Start With Pikachu.  Walk away from the starting three Pokemon three times.
  2. Pokeball Curveball. Spin the pokeball in circular motions, you will see it shine, then throw at the pokemon.
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Pusheen the Cat Perler Pattern

Use this pattern to make your own Pusheen character with perler beads!



Time Management Tips

Even if you just employ a couple of ideas from this list – your time management skills will improve!


Did You Know?

Organ Donor Protocol

VS parameters:

  • SBP >100mm Hg and/or MAP >70mm Hg
  • HR 60-140 bpm
  • Temp 36-38 Celcius

Electrolytes parameters:

  • pH 7.35-7.45    PCO2 35-45    PO2 >100
  • Bicarb 24-30    BE 00 +/- 2…
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