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All About Clefs

When my students are first working with the Grand Staff, they are often confused about the placement of the various clefs.

In piano music, we generally use only the G-clef (Treble clef – not “trouble clef” as some think!) and the F-clef (Bass clef)  I try to show students how the curvy part of the G-clef wraps around the G above middle C and the F-clef looks sort of like an F marking the F below middle C.   104 more words


Encephalopathy Work-up

Screening tests

  • Serum glucose, electrolytes, calcium/phosphorus, uric acid, lactate and pyruvate, liver, renal and thyroid function tests, blood gasses
  • Prolactin levels (10 to 20 min after suspected seizure, diagnosis seizure vs.
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Cancer and other health problems still being caused because of past nuclear explosions

Nuclear explosions from the past are still causing cancer and health problems today https://www.businessinsider.com.au/nuclear-explosion-fallout-cancer-health-effects-2017-8?r=US&IR=T, KEVIN LORIA AUG 18, 2017 

  • Threats of nuclear war between the US and North Korea are bringing “horrifying realities” of such weapons back into focus.
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Beware of ATM Scams

Check out these photos – and protect yourself!