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Review: Debt Free for Life by David Bach

Short and sweet review for this: it’s not a terrible book considering it does have a few tips that are helpful for financial management, but most of it is not worth the cost of buying the book. 110 more words


Top 10 Baby Names of Various English-Speaking Countries (2016)

Today the Office of National Statistics released the most popular baby names of England and Wales in 2016!  Here’s the combined top 10 for girls: 515 more words

Baby Names

Semi-accessible websites also for lab/troubleshooting/surfing

Addgene : this is primarily an inventory of plasmids that labs all over the world have designed, created, and used in their experiment(s). They’ll then add this to Addgene, i.e., the contents (recipe) for the plasmid as well as send a usable stock to Addgene for storage. 97 more words


The models for Sugimoto Saichi

Sugimoto Saichi was actually the name of Noda-sensei’s great-grandfather, but while Golden Kamuy’s protagonist’s surname is written as 杉元 , Noda-sensei’s great-grandfather’s is written as 杉本 (both are read the same, ‘Sugimoto’). 666 more words

Funasaka Hiroshi


Part 1 considered the principles of how screened cables work to avoid interference from electric and magnetic fields. We now look at some more practical details. 137 more words


Asking People to Brag About You

As fall quickly approaches, those of you looking to apply to UNC’s School of Social Work have a little more than 4 months (5 if you are Distance Education) to submit your application! 592 more words

Bi Misconceptions - Bisexuality Awareness Week

Bisexuality is often joked about being “invisible” within the community. Although the number of bisexual people is about equal to gay and lesbian people combined, there is a lot of misinformation about it. 662 more words