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What is the best way to track down references?

Systematic searching and a clear focus are the keys to a successful literature review. For anyone embarking on a literature review, says Aurélie Gandour, “one simple step will put you way ahead of all your colleagues: go and get an appointment with a librarian”.  126 more words


Research Honey Pot at Chickasaw Nation Law Library.

Practice Resources: Getting Started, Chickasaw Nation Law Library, Oklahoma City School of Law


Research Guides, Forms, State Law, Federal Law, Court Rules, State and Federal Jury Instructions, Oklahoma Court Rules, State and Federal Jury Verdicts, Computer Assisted Legal Research – well, I think you get the idea. 12 more words


The Art of Referencing in Scholarly Articles

The reference section of an academic work is more complex than you might think. The references not only provide validity to one’s argument, but initiate meaningful discussion with the scholarly community. 258 more words


The Model 1904 Maxim Machine Gun, .30 Caliber

The Model 1904 Maxim Machine Gun, .30 Caliber was the first modern machine gun to be procured by the US Army and is overshadowed by its more famous successor, the… 968 more words

US Army

CNC Milling G & M Code Flashcards

Need help studying CNC Mill Codes? Here’s the resource for you. 111 more words



Sometimes when you draw it can be hard to draw something if you have not practised enough. Especially if you want something to look more realistic. 41 more words


Books for VSTEP - Những đầu sách hữu ích để ôn thi VSTEP

 “ Làm sao để vượt qua kì thi VSTEP?”. Đây là một câu hỏi chung của bất kì sinh viên nào khi bước chân vào cánh cổng ULIS. 382 more words