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N.A. (n.d.). Ellie McDoodle: Have pen, will travel. 31 more words


Do Resumes Really Tell the Whole Story?

A candidate’s resume is a one-sided advertisement of their best professional performance and achievements. It paints a picture of a glowing employee with all the right academic and life experience. 402 more words


Learning and Studying

I have recently become aware of the amount of people in my life and on this site who continually read my blog posts.  To all of you who keep coming back for more, thank you so much! 459 more words


Asking for references from Estate Agents

When selecting an Estate Agent to sell your property, recommendations from other people who have already had the Estate Agent sell their property is a good way of establishing the type of service you can expect to receive.   253 more words


Peter Viereck: Metapolitics

From Wagner and the German Romantics to Hitler

Transaction, 2003 (1941, with the subtitle ‘The Roots of the Nazi Mind’)

More than half a century after the fall of the Third Reich, Nazism, its roots and its essential nature, remain a central and unresolved enigma of the twentieth century. 438 more words


Guest Post: How to improve the job search process, from the perspective of a candidate

Today’s post is by Dr. Belle, a fourth-year postdoc

Job openings are both a blessing and a curse. They can infuse both search committees and applicants with a sense of hope for the opportunities to come, but at the same time the search process is stressful for everyone involved.  1,853 more words

Inside Baseball

Sense of Place - The Beginning

This is a new project that I will be creating. A 30 Second Animation based on a sound created by the sound students. My sound is quite simple – birds chattering. 113 more words