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Adobe 2016, Marketing cloud solution overview, Adobe.com, viewed 18 April 2016, <http://www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/solutions/digital-marketing/pdfs/marketing-cloud-solution-overview-ue.pdf&gt;.

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More on Deep Networks

Concerning the fractional max-pooling, we have the following reference: Fractional Max-Pooling. The idea can be understood with the following image:

which was obtained from the same paper. 83 more words


28.04.2016 References

Discovering the works of two art pieces related to soundscape and spoken words, based on  field recordings, sonification.

  1. Andrea Polli “Sonic Antarctica”Website of the artist : …
  2. 33 more words

Sir Math-a-Lot

(In advanced Math 8, we are working on graphs. They are doing an activity to graph data from an experiment they did on each other. I’ve told them to make their graphs take up most of the page, but I see a girl making a tiny graph.) 56 more words