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Democracy (only if it favours a Unionist)

I’m quite frankly sick of the line from Unionists that Scotland voted on Independence and that the issue is now dead. I’m fed up hearing that the settled will of the Scottish people is to stay within the Union, so we will never have a vote on it again. 377 more words


"Vote Yes ..Let's treat everyone equally" Marriage Equality Referendum leaflet from Labour

“Vote Yes ..Let’s treat everyone equally” Marriage Equality Referendum leaflet from Labour in Cork. The leaflet features Kathleen Lynch.
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Irish Politics

Why the No campaign is inadvertently helping the Yes campaign

Firstly. I like boys. Heck I like boys so much that I want them to be allowed to marry each other. Same for girls.

Anyway, today Twitter exploded after Breda O’Brien spoke out against gay marriage in an… 474 more words


SC Decision on 19A Clears Way for Ultimate Abolition sans Referendum-Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne

(Colombo Telegraph interviewed Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne, President’s Counsel and member of the Government’s constitution drafting team, on the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution and the determination of the Supreme Court. 1,366 more words

19th Amendment

This article on gay marriage made me so ANGRY.

This article on gay marriage published by the Irish Times this weekend has made me so ANGRY.

Breda O’Brien is a pretty well known columnist in Ireland.   462 more words


Translating A Soundbite

They’ve said it so often I’m sure some of them actually believe it. However, most, I presume, know it to be intentionally misleading. What I’m talking about is this: 145 more words


Marriage Equality Referendum 2015

On the 22nd of May this year, the citizens of this Republic will be asked to vote ‘YES or ‘NO’ in a marriage referendum. They will be asked if “Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex”. 104 more words