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The Case for Leaving the European Union

With the government set to hold a referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union within the next two years, and with much of the public ambivalent on our position in Europe, I think it is high time the euro-sceptics amongst us begin to outline the arguments against membership and the opportunities leaving would present. 1,385 more words


In or out of Europe? And which Europe debate review

Yesterday evening King’s College London held a very interesting debate regarding the future of Britain in Europe, and what Europe may look like in such a case, which I was fortunate enough to attend. 2,639 more words


Saint-Lazare petition against $10M town hall project falls short

SAINT-LAZARE – Residents came just 17 signatures short of launching a referendum on a new proposed town hall in Saint-Lazare Tuesday.

In St-Lazare, people signing registry that could trigger a referendum on new $10M City Hall.

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The Scottish Schism

Healing the Cracks.

The recent referendum has been blamed for creating a schism in the Scottish psyche. This current piece of southern british banter is proving to be more of a propaganda release for the bitter together band of deluded brothers that form the first ranks from the westminster tactical stance to crush a mythical Scottish rebellion. 805 more words


Repeal The Eighth: Vote Yes

“I implore you to vote yes”.

As UCC’s Student Union continues it’s campus wide referendum to allow students the opportunity to decide whether or not UCC will support the repeal the 8th campaign, Kelly Doherty voices her opinion on the situation, and urges every student to use their vote. 996 more words


Flag referendum 1

I’m a politics nerd, so of course I was excited to receive my voting papers in the mail for the first part of the flag referendum – despite strongly disagreeing with the way it’s been conducted, the fact it’s a smokescreen for the Key government’s third-term flailing, the bankruptcy of the “design process” and lack of genuine public debate, and of course what a gigantic waste of money all of the above entails. 406 more words