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The SNP Are Not Our Friends

As Theresa May hypocrited herself using anti Brexit arguments against the Scottish attempt to pour boiling water on its head much as the UK or England and Wales at least had done I was struck by the easy ride Nicola Sturgeon gets. 252 more words


NB government commits to referendum on voting age, preferential ballots

The New Brunswick government has committed to implementing several of the Commission on Electoral Reform‘s recommendations, however some depend on whether or not they are re-elected next year. 372 more words


One week until Article 50

Its just a week until Britain is expected to trigger Article 50, sterling is at a three week high, UK inflation is at its highest since 2013, leaked EU documents suggest Britain could be kicked out EU and fined £50bn.  285 more words

Market Commentary

The “In Defense of National Identity” Argument: Comparing the UK and Hungarian Referendums of 2016

In 2000, the Hungarian academic Laszlo J. Kiss wrote, “By the end of the twentieth century, ‘nationalism’ had become a loaded term, generally associated with xenophobic ethno-nationalism and smacking of genocide and ethno-territorialism.” It is for this reason, he continued, that “there is a tendency to avoid discussing nationalism, national identity and the power of ethnicity in shaping policy” (Kiss 2000). 2,406 more words

European Union

Head to Head: Scottish Independence

Matt Gillow Vs Ally Sadler on IndyRef2: who do you agree with? Vote in our poll

The EU referendum result arguably illustrated that the United Kingdom is, in fact, dis-united. 1,204 more words


On the question of Scottish independence

The topic of Scottish independence has come back to haunt us all once again. Many of you will have thought this thorny question had been put to bed almost three years ago when the Scots voted 55.3% against independence. 617 more words