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A Dark Day at the Beach

June 2016

And so we’re back where this blog began. I’ve tried to show the extent to which my life has been shaped by Europe (studying in France; living in Spain; friends from across the continent) and I’ve described some of the memorable experiences I’ve had in my continent since the idea of the EU referendum was first raised. 816 more words


The Majority Is The Minority

I recently saw this on social media and thought I’d share a slightly edited version it as it sums up the result of the EU Referendum perfectly … 1,139 more words

Why Organising A Referendum Is Never A Child's Play.

On a Saturday morning, during the last Summer holidays, I found myself asking my children and wife whether they wanted to stay home for a quiet afternoon with home activities or go to the local park. 476 more words


No al dibattito sul referendum

Da “Il manifesto” del 20 Ottobre 2016

Per organizzare un incontro sul No al Referendum all’Università Orientale di Napoli ci vogliono le procedure speciali. Ieri pomeriggio il Collettivo autorganizzato universitario aveva invitato la giornalista Francesca Fornario e il professore emerito di diritto costituzionale Massimo Villone a discuterne. 180 more words

Brexit: A bluffer’s guide to saving the nation

Amid all the Brexit claim and counter-claim, here’s a single, scary, incontrovertible fact.  That on the day after Britain leaves the EU in 2019 (let’s call it B-Day+1), not a single British firm can tell you the terms on which it will be trading with any other country, anywhere in the world. 920 more words


How did Farage even happen?

Well this is a bit of a pickle, isn’t it?

The majority of the UK electorate (small majority, but majority nonetheless) have voted to leave the European Union, the pound is now the worst performing currency on the planet, we have a leader of the opposition who quite a few people picked, and a Prime Minister who nobody picked. 635 more words


The Scottish Government’s Separation Bill consultation

It won’t have passed your notice that the SNP Scottish Government have just launched a Consultation on a Draft Referendum Bill.  You’ll see I call it something different, but they use the language they want to, so why shouldn’t I? 455 more words