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Le quattro ragioni per cui ho votato NO

1) I cambiamenti alla Costituzione che Renzi, Boschi e Marchionne vi chiedono di approvare vogliono far diventare l’Italia qualcosa che non è mai stata: un paese centralizzato, con un governo forte, in grado di omogeneizzare le sue diversissime regioni, province (che infatti il Pd si è affrettato ad abolire) e comuni, costringendole ad accettare la penetrazione dei prodotti standardizzati offerti dalle multinazionali globali. 558 more words

Post In Italiano


This is the headline many Italians will be looking for after the Referendum tomorrow.

Officially, the Referendum has been called by PM Renzi to decide on whether the constitution should be changed to limit the powers of both the Italian Senate and Regions in the country’s bicameral parliamentary system. 438 more words

A quick regression analysis on UniCredit

The Italian referendum is tomorrow. I have been quite bullish on UniCredit, however, the majority would say its stock is highly dependent on the outcome of the referendum. 165 more words

Italia Sì, Italia No: Explaining Tomorrow’s Referendum

On December 4th the Italian people will be called to the polling stations with a heavy lift on their shoulders: the Italian Constitution. But what exactly are we going to vote on? 1,341 more words

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A Five Star shadow over Rome

Hardly has there been a recent period without turmoil in Italy’s political system, but there is something exceptional in the waiting weeks before the referendum of December 4.   1,580 more words


Why the world is suddenly so obsessed with Italy's constitution

On Dec. 4, Italians will vote in a referendum that has been compared to Brexit, despite the Italian government’s insistence that the stakes aren’t nearly as high… 930 more words