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Houston, You Have A Problem!

By Sacks Roamers

Well, the dike has been broken and a flood of voters are set to make it safe to tinkle in Texas again. The Texas Supreme Court told Lesbian Houston Mayor Annise Parker to obey the law, and either hold a referendum or revoke the ordinance permitting transgenders to use the bathroom of their choice. 471 more words


The problematic statehood referendum

At the recent COAG meeting held in Sydney (COAG 2015), the Northern Territory’s (NT) Chief Minister Adam Giles triumphed in gaining support to hold a referendum in July 2018 which allows Northern Territorians the opportunity to decide if NT should become a state (Henderson 2015). 606 more words


Scott-ish Identity and The Referendum

The passage of time often transforms our perspective of past events, places and people.

As the one year anniversary of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum comes hurtling closer and closer to us I have found myself revisiting the arguments that transformed me into a Yes evangelical. 657 more words

Status Quo Ante Referendum (part 2): The buildup to the Economic Crisis

This is Part 2 of a 4 part analysis of the economic crisis in Greece and the Eurozone. Read part 1 here.

When the crisis of 2008 hit banks in America and Britain, Nicolas Sarkozy spoke about the folly of Anglo-Saxon capitalism, a nationalisation of the crisis which seemed to imply that there was something qualitatively different about the capitalism which existed in Western Europe. 1,228 more words

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Salmond: New Scottish Referendum 'Inevitable'

Scotland’s former first minister argued the only question was the timing, which “was very much in the hands” of his successor Nicola Sturgeon.