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I’ve been wanting to say: “it’s a little known fact” for a while. A phrase that reminds me of a sketch with the great Peter Cook. 222 more words


#LiveUpdatesPapua Cultural March by Paniai & highland students defies police blockade in Jayapura


May 2, 2016 1025 West Papua time

KnpbNews is reporting that despite early arrests this morning, no more arrests have followed the detention by police of the mass gathering in outside the students hostel in Waena, Jayapura. 80 more words

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#LiveUpdatesPapua Arrests begin in West Papua mobilisations, after night of Armed police terror raids across Papua

by WestPapuaMedia

May 2, 2016

Breaking News:

Arrests by Indonesian security forces of West Papuan demonstrators have just begun minutes ago in Jayapura,  as West Papuan people begin planned mass mobilisations to demand self-determination and referendum on the occupied colony’s future. 379 more words

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Heritage matters

Wandering around sunny Harrow on Sunday lunchtime I was struck by the way suburban high streets look much the same. Generations of planners have allowed the erection of carbon copy shopping centres and trashed the remains of local heritage. 223 more words


A month of being wooed

In case you miss the new page tucked away on No Thanks! here’s a link to it.

The idea’s simple. The SNP say they’re going to have a summer campaign to convince ‘No voters’ to change their mind about separation. 152 more words

Should We Leave the EU?

As you will all know (if not, how?!) on the 23rd June we will all be expected to vote on whether or not the UK should stay in the EU. 428 more words


Turnout in Italian referenda, 1946-2016