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Seeking Help From Someone Like Me

Hi all, I am new to the site, I have been following and referring to the threads for a while now. I have PTSD. I have been in therapy pretty consistently since age 6 for a lifetime of trauma. 65 more words

Referring a mess

The referees in football have always been the easy target.

For most men in black, the weekend is a wave of criticism and hurled insults from player, manager and fan alike. 915 more words

The Earliest Call Centres | greatonlinetrivia

Referring to a dictionary, a call centre is defined as an office equipped to handle large numbers of telephone calls. It using computer technology to assist call management and supply information supporting the customer service functions of an organization. 21 more words

Therapy As "schooling"?

Has anyone heard of this new trend of referring to psychological programs as “school”? I think it s supposed to remove stigma but personally, I find it a tad disturbing. 13 more words

Return Policy

Being that many of our products are hand made hygenic items, we do not accept rerurns/refunds on any bath and body products. There are no exceptions. 181 more words


The Market Today 5/2/14: Fight

Fight There seems to be a fight going on! The question is, what fight am I referring to? Is it Russia and Ukraine? The one going on between my two young boys? 172 more words

Yourenglish cafe

Yourenglishcafe: Can you help us make Your English Cafe a better site? Then you can share in our profits!*.You NEVER need to invest a cent!*.You start sharing our profit as soon as you… 181 more words