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COWs and Boundaries

I’m not always referring to the animal when I talk about cows in this article; I’m referring to Crisis Of the Week (COW). COWs are crisis that usually pass and that will not mater in a week, month, or even Read More … The post COWs and Boundaries appeared first on Counselor-Education.Com.

The Easy Referral: A Collaborative Strategy Supporting Clients in Four Steps

There is so much I do in how I work, I take it for granted others do similarly. Apparently though, my practices are different or others simply haven’t caught on with how to be most helpful to the people we serve. 791 more words

Persona 5's Real-World Locations

(Source: kotaku.com)

While Persona 4 takes place in a town called “Inaba,” Persona 5 takes place in Tokyo.

Warning: This article might contain spoilers. 201 more words


Spanish - observation on addressing children

What sounds strange to you in the title? Nothing? Something?

In English or German, addressing your child with the words “my daughter/son” instead of their name is not common and sounds rather odd to me.  115 more words

Linguistic Musings

How, if at all, do names succeed in referring to particular objects? An Essay in Dialogue

Written by Ollie Austin

In a possible world…

A: I want to know, how do names succeed in referring?

B: Explain.

A: Well, only yesterday was I speaking with Bertrand when unexpectedly he said to me, and unashamedly, I might add, ‘I believe that I have solved four puzzles about referring.’ 2,474 more words