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All those bad boys!

Caffeine, sugar, fat, carbs, white flour, processed foods…all those bad boys!  27 more words

Why Eat Whole Wheat Bread? (Part 1)

For a while now I’ve operated under the assumption that whole grain bread (read: whole wheat bread) is a more nutritious option than refined grain bread (read: white bread). 1,260 more words


Seven Tips for Vegetarians

While my diet is pretty plant-based, I am not a vegetarian. Many of my clients are vegetarians or have children who have recently become vegetarian.  Some complain that vegetarian diets get boring or do not feel filling; parents show concern that their veggie kids aren’t getting the nutrients they need. 466 more words

Healthy Eating

White Sauce Pasta

Savour the taste of true Italian flavours with this easy pasta recipe in its silky, smooth and aromatic sauce made from Butter, Milk and Refined Flour. 243 more words