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Jersey Lily Cake

Rather a glamorous name considering that what we’re talking about is plain white cake. We forget, however, the two things that made this cake exciting when it was first being made: the notoriety surrounding Lily Langtry herself, a celebrity/model/actress, and the new technologies and processes that made a white cake finally possible. 1,158 more words


Dietary Guidelines- General

As soon as anyone discovers that I’m a holistic nutritionist I always get the question “What should i be eating and why should I not?” I always joke and say don’t eat bacon and eat lots of garlic. 302 more words

Kheema (Mutton mince) Momos

Momos, a nutritious, healthy and extremely simple recipe. These are steamed dumplings made of refined flour with stuffing of choice. The stuffing could be vegetarian or with meat, depending on ones preference and taste. 722 more words

Healthy Recipes

Namak-Pare/Nimki (Salted APF Crackers/diamond Cuts)

Namak Pare/Nimki are fried snacks which are usually prepared on festive seasons like Holi or Diwali. But these can also be made on day to day occasion and can be stored to serve as anytime snacks or to any special guests arrived. 291 more words



All these breakfast biscuits, cereal bars, cakes, chocolates and crisps that line our stores and catch our eye in adverts appeal to the idea that snacking is normal and necessary. 768 more words


Why Breaking the Sugar Addiction WON'T Result in Weight Loss - and what you SHOULD do.

Here is something I know and see everyday. I see people that WANT to lose weight, that are overweight or just carrying extra weight particularly around their middle that CAN’T because they are absolutely addicted to the foods that cause an insulin spike…not just SUGAR. 932 more words

Dal puri

A traditional Bengali breakfast, usually served with ‘aloor dum‘ (coming soon !! ) ;)

People usually call ‘Dal puri’ as ‘ 468 more words