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BHATURA is a dish that is a hit at any party and deep fried Indian bread usually accompanied with chole. My favourite dish authentic restaurant style BHATURA recipe from Punjabi Cuisines. 268 more words

Refined flour isn't cool

As I’ve said on a previous post, before I started looking for information on my own, I only knew what the common sense says, and it only tells you to stay away from carbs because they “make you fat”. 228 more words

Nutrition & Eating Habits

Healthy Foods to Avoid Part 1

“Healthy” Foods to Avoid
Part 1
Whole Wheat Bread, Bagels, and Pasta. You likely already know that refined flour versions of these carbohydrate-dense foods are “off limits” if your goal is a slim, tight waistline and clean slate of health. 774 more words

Jersey Lily Cake

Rather a glamorous name considering that what we’re talking about is plain white cake. We forget, however, the two things that made this cake exciting when it was first being made: the notoriety surrounding Lily Langtry herself, a celebrity/model/actress, and the new technologies and processes that made a white cake finally possible. 1,163 more words

Other Neat Stuff

Surati butter biscuits

This is my second post on yummies from Surat! First was Ponk wada!😋.
My uncle from Surat, always got butter biscuits and khari biscuits from a famous bakery called Mazda bakery long back! 245 more words

Cakes And Bakes

Turn Up, Tune In And Veg Out!

If you have picked up a magazine or newspaper or turned on the telly, you will have seen an increasing amount of cookbooks that steer clear of wheat, dairy and refined sugar. 336 more words

Dietary Guidelines- General

As soon as anyone discovers that I’m a holistic nutritionist I always get the question “What should i be eating and why should I not?” I always joke and say don’t eat bacon and eat lots of garlic. 302 more words