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Counting Blessings

Taking time to truly reflect and count some blessings is a great way to keep a continuous positive light… It helps to keep the positive energies flowing without hiccups – it helps to make the energies within more powerful and projective. 305 more words

Flashback: Painting My D.C. Summer by Numbers (08/11/12)

To commemorate my first month as a “real-world” D.C. resident, enclosed below is an excerpt of a blog post about my first D.C. summer, three years ago and pre-real world.   794 more words



I looked back and forth to the two of them across the kitchen island, realizing how for the first time in my young life, the world mysteriously made sense to me. 785 more words


Watching old TV with a three year old

Every afternoon our DS takes his siesta, 90 minutes of nap time where I can clean up, send 1-2-1 time with DD or just sit staring at the wall for a bit while DD entertains herself. 578 more words

Stay At Home Dad Blog

rewind to the start before it all went wrong

blasted music into my earpiece on the way home just now and it made me reflect and think about a lot.. a lot of things.. 337 more words

7 top tips to Risk Enablement

I’d like to start this blog by asking you a simple question:

What are you doing right now?

Now, I know you’re reading an internet page but how? 975 more words