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Who is it that speaks of others' right and wrong-Zen Master Muso Soseki

Rather than try to refrain from discussing judgements of others, therefore, students of Buddhism should turn around and reflect, “Who is it that speaks of others’ right and wrong?”

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"Five Years Dead"

It has been five years since I was part of the Machine that makes the world go round. I have to re-enter the workforce and have been trying for a while with little success. 718 more words



how gray the gloom

how dark the soul who won’t believe

there’s more than one right way to tell a story

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Will the Past You be Proud of Present You?

My grandpa first told me this quote when I was only 6 years old. 11 years later, I still hear it ringing in my head. It’s crazy to imagine what my 8th grade self would have thought about what has happened in my life so far. 277 more words

High School

Week 12 - talking about the semester that was

Well, it’s nearly the end of the semester and it’s been a long one. This whole semester has been a learning period for me and an adjustment phase. 1,187 more words


Working In Teams

Whilst I always like to think I work well in teams, I do also find it a more stressful time. For this four week long debate project I took it upon myself to lead the team as it seemed apparent after about twenty minutes that no one else was willing to take that role. 513 more words


Let me in 


Of imperfections

Imbedded in the glass

Of time.

I remind

You rewind

And all binds come undone.

We were one

Now two


Separate our once co- 29 more words

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