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OETC Flash Reflections

I am home from #OETC16 and I am so. Tired. 

I feel like there are a lot of things I learned that need to settle in my head. 327 more words


Review and Reflect

The Millionaires In Training take the time to review and reflect on what they have learned to date.  The scholars display a well developed success conscious as they link concepts and ideas from multiple readings and audios.   51 more words

The Law Of Success

Happiness Habit 2: Be Teachable

On any given day, I have an abundance of opportunities to learn new things in books, through people, and by listening to what’s going on around me. 345 more words



I woke to your words
from the night before,
painting the skyline in
hues of promises and
subtle dreams recanted,
where the truths were
ripe and the future still… 38 more words


Weaning: A Time to Feast

Last week, after months of indecision, we decided it was time for our youngest child to say goodbye to nursing. To be honest, I wasn’t really tired of it, but it just seemed like it was time. 878 more words


The Mask You Live In: Screening & Panel Discussion

The Mask You Live In explores the definitions  of masculinity and the socialization process in which masculinity is constructed in current U.S. society. The film does this by interviewing men from different backgrounds about their experiences starting from childhood to current time in order to see the ways in which masculinity has impacted their lives and the choices that they have made throughout their lives. 424 more words


Arrival in the Desert

Never be in a hurry. Do not expect to hear God’s word
immediately on your arrival in the desert. You must
wait in silence. Your whole being should be an attitude… 40 more words