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And the healing continues....

When I decided to start this blog two years ago, my goal was to bring awareness to craniofacial disfigurements. To do that, I told my story; the good, and the not so good. 549 more words


Learning from Everyday Things

I find that the best learning opportunities are those that pull together threads from different interests and weave them into a bigger theme. This week was a great example of that connectivity. 965 more words


A Drawing Dilemma

If you had a year to teach yourself to draw and paint, how would you go about it?

Here’s the thing…

I love drawing. I understand the theory, and can draw pretty well with either my… 290 more words

Prolific Creativity

“People are not mirrors. They see you completely differently than the way you see your self.” – Unknown


Reflecting on myself as an individual for many reasons, the main fact is I feel that I am the problem. I don’t like to think I am, but from everyone else’s outer emotions, looks and feelings I get the impression that it is me, my fault for everything, but my mind screams like a mad manic woman, that I put too much pressure on myself, but Susan who else is going to put pressure, who else do I talk to? 424 more words