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The Fantasy Genre and Its Lessons on Love and Friendship

My favourite genres have always been fantasy and mystery, and when elements of the two are combined, so much the better. Before our schoolwork started to actually matter, reading took up the vast majority of my time. 949 more words


The Sea and Matters of Life and Death

Two or three weeks ago, I showed my college essays to a friend. I had only applied to two American universities, so my collection is quite limited. 659 more words



In three short weeks, I will be setting off for England for potentially the last time in a long while. And in two additional weeks, I will be sitting my final IB examinations, the occasion for which my entire secondary school life has been leading up to. 615 more words


My eat, pray, love moment 

I promised myself, my boyfriend and my blog, I’d never become one of those stereotypical travellers – leaving my London life behind in a bid to find myself abroad. 299 more words

A Guided Fall by Wendy Tamis Robbins

Its my pleasure to introduce you to the work of  Wendy Tamis Robbins

If you love her work as much as I do, please subscribe to her blog and tell your friends! 561 more words


Your reflection is your own

As part of our GP training programme, we attend weekly teaching sessions. This comprises of either a lecture given by a consultant, or a presentation given by a GP trainee. 409 more words

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