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Positive Picks

Late again! Surprise! I was definitely going to write this yesterday…but when I got home, my laptop battery wasn’t charging and I spent a good hour or so messing with that. 443 more words


Gratitude Detox...

Bill is talking in his most recent post about the “antitoxin of gratitude”. Since I feel I need to detox emotionally, I want to spend a moment remembering all that I am grateful for right now, at the same time as I am struggling with a lot of other things. 232 more words


Janelle Monae Revives the Protest Song

By Ashley Joyce – Washington, DC

This August, singer-songwriter Janelle Monae appeared on NBC’s “Today” show to promote her new album, “The Eephus,” released on her new Atlanta-based label, Wondaland Records. 536 more words

Marketing proposal progress

The progress of the marketing proposal for Derry Shillito’s new film issues and his crowdfunding campaign are going really well! At this moment in time we have the promotional video near enough to competition and I also feel it is to a high quality standard. 151 more words

Your Invitation


The mess.

The shadows.

The voices.

The sensations.

Just witness.

Without judgement.

Resist the urge to fidget, correct, improve, change, or make excuses.

These are all of your ego’s autonomic distractions, to prevent you from hearing and responding to the messages of your spirit. 467 more words


I Knocked on Death's Door.

“I wish I believed in God.”
That very thought lies in the back corner of my mind, biding its time until an instance of free space occurs and it forces its way to the centre of my focus. 610 more words


God, Hear My Prayer

I got a letter from my father today. Instant dread sinking into me when I noticed the handwriting on the envelope. Could be my grandma, could be him. 1,020 more words