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To seek peace, you need to have peace within.

On a long bus journey back now and somehow my Pokémon Go app isn’t working so decided to just update my WordPress again.

Just attended an appt at NYSS and kinda got “cheated” into buying more products from them omg I really am bad at rejecting!?! 290 more words

I know I'm being shallow but...

I know I’ll never belong, yet I always hold that glimmer of hope each time, which never fails to lead to disappointment.

I sometimes (or more like always) envy people who belong to a tight clique, that hangs out tgt, have inside jokes, etc etc. 103 more words

Perspectives & more

I’ve been seeing things negatively lately, and I do wanna attribute them to some things that have happened. It hasn’t been very easy for me, having to feel strongly against some things, which on hindsight are things I probably shouldn’t even fret about. 373 more words

Rumi Reflection 11

“Children tell many tales, some imaginary, some graced with hidden guidance; seek the treasure buried in the clutter.” – Rumi

It’s interesting how much you can learn from a child. 71 more words


Hot Sauce

The purpose of this post is no other but a tribute to hot sauce.

Anyone who has had a meal with me knows my serious love for the stuff. 580 more words

Random Thoughts

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The photo that broke the internet...

Okay…so it didn’t ACTUALLY break the internet but by posting this beautiful artistic shot of my client, I was effectively banned from Facebook for 24 hours. 190 more words