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That's a Wrap!

This post is all about reflecting on the past eight weeks and explaining what I have learned about social media. I took a social media class as an elective for my bachelor’s degree and I ended up really enjoying it, as well as gaining some important knowledge that I will be able to use in the future. 597 more words

Four weeks in...

Can you believe that the first four weeks of term one are over and in a week’s time, half the term will be over! I honestly can’t believe how quickly time has flown! 463 more words


the dying leaves - pt 5

I couldn’t actually believe I was actually here in this room right now. I didn’t know if it was out of disbelief or that I that I had finally walked through those doors and committed to what I said I would do. 2,085 more words

My Life With AVM

Reflecting on someone’s action

I read a blog today about a girl who is sad, confused, depressed about things going on in her life. She has a lucrative job in one of the high paying companies, lives in the city, has plenty of friends, money, comfort and yet she has an emptiness in her life. 363 more words

HS| In between

I feel stuck as if I do not exist entirely in the past, but I am not foreseen in the future either. I am stuck existing in the “in-between.” I long to exist in entirety, but I feel as though I only half exist. 258 more words

BoA - Some Moons Ago

Some time ago… I would say two years… or maybe three, I’m not so certain. I listened to this song religiously. I’m not entirely sure why. 461 more words


So Many Questions!

Last night driving home, I kept thinking of my crush. I can’t call him, his phone is acting up still. I can’t text him. The only think is to talk to him in person if I see him or email him at his work (and that just seems silly if it is not more of an important work nature). 117 more words