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Finding A Balance

At the moment, I’m studying for an exam. It’s the main thing I’m working on just now, so I’ve got a lot of time to devote to it. 129 more words

What's Possible

What’s emerging as I continue to ask myself and understand for myself What Matters to me in the work I do (see here and here… 894 more words


The Meatloaf Tale

Today I’ve been reflecting on habits. Specifically, why we do what we do – habitually. When I think about it, I do A LOT of stuff out of habit (for better or worse), and it seems worth it to stop sometimes and consider why. 531 more words


Simple Things & Positivity

In years gone by, a positive weekend would have involved a day out / a take away / big plans. This weekend has not included any of those things but I have had a lovely weekend. 399 more words


Setting examples...

Working through the Bible in a year has led us through to the end of the first book of Kings. Here we pick up the story of the succession of David, the division of the kingdom and the decline towards exile of the children of Jacob. 640 more words


How My Solo Road Trip Taught Me About Myself

In the summer of 2015, I packed up my 2009 Nissan Pathfinder with a month’s worth of supplies and drove a loop around the country  1,687 more words


The way things change...

The way in which things change is so crazy and time flies by so quickly, this post is no way attached to the post I made about reflection, however it seems to be clear it’s something I am doing a lot of lately. 452 more words