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A word from the wise

Some years ago, according to Tony Campolo, a survey was taken of a group of nonagenarians – people who had done a lot of living, and were probably better qualified to reflect on what life is about than most of those experts we see in television chat shows. 113 more words

Life's Journey

Unknowable Me

Growing up has always been a recurring cycle of thinking I understand who I am and what I want and why I want it only to discover that I have been wrong in some way. 269 more words


audacity in love

The simplicity with which you presume my love will prevail all your shit is saddening. Not because its not true, but because you exercise your entitlement to it. 517 more words


the 100 day project - Days 9 to 11 - life lessons

I feel like many of my posts so far have been reflective and maybe sort of heavy? Am I imagining that?

So far, 2015 has been a heavy growth kind of year, and I’m realizing that I need to step back a little bit, simplify, and focus on the things that really and truly matter. 166 more words

Te Reo Maori in Classrooms-Reading Response

They key issues emerging from the reading:

  • Having Te Reo in classroom helps Maori children feel they and their culture “belong” there.
  • It is people that are most valuable resource for teaching the rep Maori in the classroom.
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“You are my hiding place and my shield. Your Word is my hope.” Psalm 119:114

Inner Awareness

Disappointing Myself

Throughout my college career, I’ve thought about what my high school self would think if she could see me now. I do this partly to get perspective about whether or not I’m on the right track in life, but also because I look up to her. 847 more words