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A Letter to Someone Who Has Changed My Life

Dear B and N,

I could write you a twenty page essay on all the ways going to May Term changed my life, and that still wouldn’t be enough. 238 more words


Thankful for Thanksgiving

Most people have heard this saying before; at least, I know I have…a multitude of times. Yet somehow, I can’t turn off my brain and simply stop worrying. 461 more words


I found some of my old writing journals from my middle and high school classes. It was really painful to read through them. The stories are dark, morbid, full of death, isolation, and fear. 321 more words

College Life

Happy Post-Turkey Day!

I grew up in a family of nomads. We’re the type of people who are always on the go, on a plane, taking long road trips and staying in timeshares that almost feel like a second home. 244 more words


BLOG_6: 17 thoughts by a 17-year old girl

Artwork by http://chacoco.tumblr.com “petites illustrations”

17 thoughts by a 17-year old girl

  1. The most beautiful thing in the world is when your best friends move to the same beat in a musical frenzy.
  2. 542 more words
Lessons Learned

A Letter to Someone I Want to Forget

Dear You,

For months after I moved from Germantown, my heartbeat quickened when I rode the bus by my old home. Just the thought that you could be working there at that moment was enough to flood me with fear. 656 more words


Momentary Living

With the constant feeling of being overwhelmed by life and all it comes with, it’s hard to stop and genuinely enjoy the moment. I’ve been challenging myself lately to slow down, breathe and take in all that my life has to offer. 606 more words