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there is not a single image of reality

When I studied photography at the academy of fine arts in Ghent, a few years back, I often felt disconnected to the pictures I was taking. 240 more words


Lessons Learned....

Life has provided me with many lessons of which I am blessed to share with others. One of the key notes I’ve learned is to stop holding such high expectations for others. 267 more words

Today's Reflections

Happy Birthday, Courtney

My love,

As we’ve now had more than a year of the family tradition of writing birthday letters, it seems only right that I compose this one for you. 921 more words


Conversation and other failures

One summer when I was in college, I worked at a an arts camp, helping out with the dance department. Since I was 19 and extremely single, I was 30% excited about the job itself and 70% excited about the possibility of meeting boys. 1,200 more words


The Art of Blogging

Over the past 2 months, I have stuck with a defined scheduled for my blog in a bid to attract more viewers.  My youngest son explained to me that people like routine, that they like to know what will be on and when.  284 more words


Discovering the Interior

Stained glass window in one of The Painted Churches in Texas


I love every one of The Panted Curches I have visited. As you approach each of them, you see lovely but fairly plain old buildings. 55 more words


vision of joy

The two blind men wanted their sight, Bartimaeus and an unnamed man. Don’t we all want to see? Need to? In blindness we run after gods made out of stone, not even thinking about the God Man who became flesh like us. 531 more words