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Completed Website

After making the mock ups testing elements out and what works and what doesn’t, I’ve decided to make sure the background is black to fit within the brand. 72 more words


If I Could See, Would I Want To?

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I hope you’re all well. I don’t really have anything new to tell you so let’s get on to today’s post! 695 more words

University Limbo & Reflecting

You know that time between Boxing Day and New Years eve where you don’t know what day it is, what to do with life and you feel like you’re just in limbo? 348 more words

The other side of the coin...

Unbeknownst to my friends, I decided to take leave and explore my options in the education sector. I have been dipping my toes in the waters of supply teaching and teacher aide duties. 254 more words


Rooftops & Blue Sky

The view from above drowns out the noise below. A moment of tranquility that I force myself to take in. A moment of reflection after days of pouring out. 162 more words


Note to my Future Self

Hey sweetheart, stay strong. Hold your head up and take each and every day as it comes. I’m sure you’re going through some upsets and downfalls in life, but you can’t let that stop you from growing into the wonderful woman you’re destined to become. 353 more words


Teaching Reflections 2015-2016

Have you ever seen that graph that is supposed to reflect a teacher’s psyche during the year? Anticipation to burnout and then there’s the upswing again? 1,044 more words