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The Lies I've Lived

Silence is always the higher road. Grief is controllable and timely. Recognizing that anger exists is enough. Sleep isn’t necessary.

Worrying is more successful than trying. 36 more words


Did I Miss God Today?

Lenten Practice: Examen
Daily Act: Spend time with the prayer of examen and record in a journal/reflect on your responses to the questions for reflection below. 665 more words

Meeting Halfway

Finding the in between is somewhat about reading the lines, somewhat not.

Finding something that compromises,

It’s not about people, it’s not about things.

It’s about something that cannot be felt, nor seen. 124 more words


Identity Crisis

What makes you you?
The things you’ve seen?
The lives you’ve touched?
The where you’ve been?

If you woke without your memories,
Tell me, who, then, would you be? 110 more words


temptation 1: fill...

We’ve given up.

We’re empty.


And then it comes.

The whisper.*

…fill the space…you can’t leave it empty…you must learn something…you must know something more…you can’t simply give up… 268 more words


"I'm not here to be average. I'm here to be Awesome!"

I love twitter. I love it because I can log in at any time of the day or night and can be entertained, challenged, vindicated or otherwise. 495 more words


I lost my voice yesterday...

…and it’s been a strangely wonderful experience.

I had a sore, irritated throat for a while, which was not so wonderful. Before long, I realized that my voice was sort of just … disappearing. 256 more words