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Reflecting on the past couple of days, i realise just how spoilt i really am.
Don’t get me wrong though, i don’t take anything for granted and i’m incredibly thankful for all the people i have in my life. 111 more words


Curiosity Most Certainly Never Killed A Cat

The phrase “Curiosity killed the cat” is not only strange, but just plain wrong. A healthy curiosity is what moves us forward to learn and explore, and once a person’s curiosity is gone, so is their zest for life. 1,106 more words


Validation. Do you think its ok?

Validation. I think its something we can all deny, say we don’t need someone to tell us ‘its ok’ or that we made the right decision, but doesn’t it feel good when someone gives it to you? 487 more words

Blogging...not always happening

A couple of years ago a colleague started “The AMPed Project” at our school, SIS. Autonomous, Mastered, Personalized. That’s what AMP means and… 289 more words



for Mistspell

If we were to shed all our skins,
peeled off all our layers,
got rid of everything
that seems to define us
what would remain? 153 more words


Descendants of Pierre Lagassé and Marcelline David

Very few people know they are descendants of Pierre Lagassé and Marcelline David.

I am not one of them…

Strange isn’t to have searched for these people’s descendants since 2009? 138 more words

Old Pictures

Reflection #3 - A journey to the past yet again, a shoutout to all of my 2010 classmates and many people I have met in my life!!

After reviewing my yearbooks, I have come to forgotten where I have came from 6 years ago.  Oh the memories and many experiences I had during those times.   807 more words