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This Is...

I’m not sure how to put into words all the things I’m processing right now. I want to believe that they’re not all connected which is why it’s so difficult to find a cohesive way to discuss them, but I feel like they are probably more connected than I think. 132 more words



…that it is Friday.

This short week has felt extra long

The ocean is reflecting the state of my soul

It has lost it’s calm, churning and raging against itself… 52 more words


Counting the Clouds

Over Memorial Day weekend, I did something I haven’t done in years. No, I’m not talking about returning all of my recent purchases, skipping the trip to get ice cream, or beginning to tackle my lengthy to-do list that I swore to myself I would start. 252 more words


The Color of Hope

Texas has received devastating damage throughout the state delivered by deluges of rain, tornadoes, and rivers out of their banks. 46 counties have been declared disaster areas. 263 more words



Where will one find fortitude?
Forty two finds, one will wear
wares willing one fine fort into two
To enforce finite want, wilting where?


6 Months Later

It’s amazing how much your life can change in six months. Just over six months ago, the relationship I was in ended, and I was back to single life. 673 more words

Personal Growth