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CAP – KR706 // Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde's Advanced Poetry Workshop

  1. Strengths & Growth
  2. Challenge & Skills
  3. Commitment & Perseverance

ashley ho, 2016

Lay down light, dear gone-as-always
tonight blue underlined illusion again
blinds now bitten off, the haptic recall… 1,410 more words

The one that got away

She waited for me as she watched me love someone else. ….twice.

She deserved the chance , she deserved my time , she deserved my attention….. 67 more words


Reflections of a First Year International Teacher

**I started this blog post in June just after my first year of teaching, and summer got so busy that I never finished it. I still want to publish it because everything in it still holds true, and who knows maybe it will help someone.** 965 more words

Autumn's Gift

Last fall my niece Jen sent me these 2 lovely autumn leaves.  She lives in New Jersey, so autumn puts on a more colorful show there than we get on the South Texas Gulf Coast. 61 more words


Seeing it clearly . . .

A friend shared with me their difficulties over reflection – something they wanted to do to aid their learning, but something that was proving difficult for them to achieve. 206 more words


{Thoughts}: The Setbacks & The Gains (Working on Me)

I know there has been a certain lack of updates on a regular basis from me. I know I haven’t shared much of my writing, whether it be my poetry or my fiction, because honestly, I am burnt out. 707 more words


Busy Bee

Hello blogosphere!

I know. It’s been a little while. Please don’t hate me.

The month of August was a busy one indeed – I received a new job offer (that I have accepted), celebrated my birthday, took a trip to San Fran, and began looking for houses to purchase come January. 86 more words