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Teaching Reading with Reading Modes (Reading Modes Series Part 1)

As an English teacher I am tasked with the goal of teaching my students how to read, understand, and analyze a wide variety of texts. As one of my colleagues often says, a major struggle for English teachers is the “all-at-once-ness” of it, and the teaching of literature is no exception to that. 825 more words


Let's Put Out Money Where Our Mouth is.

Note: I wrote this piece with my students as we all wrote “editorials” for their last writing assignment. I cannot overemphasize the power that comes from writing WITH my students. 1,122 more words


Tools for Teacher Time Management

When I first started teaching I taught five periods with one period of prep time, unless of course I had to sub for a colleague. I also took grad school classes two nights a week. 909 more words


Running out of time (or, how I'm dealing with snow day #7!)

You would think that, after 10 years teaching, I would have my timing perfectly planned out everyday. However, the truth is I always run out of time. 1,012 more words


Mise-en-Place: For cooking and teaching

Last weekend I heard an especially timely piece about organized living on NPR. The piece was about a chefs’ term “mise-en-place” which means “to gather and arrange the tools and ingredients needed for cooking.” Two parts of the story really stuck out to me. 576 more words


Learning to trust my past self

For several years now I have done the majority of my planing for the next school year in June. For example, when school got out in June 2014, I spent several days planning for the 2014-2015 school year. 561 more words


The First Day of School

I always have trouble sleeping before the first day of school.

But last night I slept like a rock

To be fair, I anticipated my usual anxiety around the first day and took Benadryl (it helps me sleep). 579 more words