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A Cosmic Test?

I’m one of those people who dream in color.  I grew up thinking I was special because of these vivid nocturnal images, only to later discover that most people dream in color.   347 more words

Good Vibes : Pulling Teeth by Lucius

Tasks that once came easy can sometimes feel like “pulling teeth”.  Whether it is discovering new ways to reach my students, thinking of material to write for my blog, or simply navigating everyday life in Thailand, each activity can be a strain on the mind if not properly tackled.   353 more words


Childhood is a victim of every war.

Sreejana Chettri.


Your perception is your reality.

Sreejana Chettri.


September Writing Challenge: Reflection

They say the things you don’t like about other people are a reflection of what you don’t like about yourself.

What characteristics do you constantly point out in others as a nuisance? 23 more words


Mấy cái cây gia vị


Định viết bài này mấy bữa rồi, mà bận làm cái chi chi.
Trong lúc ngồi nghiên cứu về cây cỏ, thấy lòng rộn ràng, nó bảo: chời, ngồi ngâm quài, phải làm gì đi chứ! 432 more words


Burn Thirsty


mark their days

with a coolness

indifferent to everything –


Some people are content enough

with their discontent,

with the way things are less than what they could be. 27 more words