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Genre- The Musicals

Make them laugh, or make them think? Some of the best musicals I’ve seen achieve one of these, or both. What can seem like an art form that exudes cheerfulness and promotes escapism can do that while also paying homage to political movements and pushing social agendas. 264 more words


Our Final Look in the Mirror

You see this person every day, and every day you look at this person with a critical eye. Evaluating.



This person you see, the one you so critically assess, is you. 529 more words

Girl Lost: Girl Found

As you read, please imagine
not a physical, in-this-world
kingdom, or home,
but one located where
no time, no space exists
in the imagination; and yet, 122 more words


Fact Or Fiction

The best documentaries, seen by the right people at the right time, leave a permanent imprint on them and compel them to take action- whether by protesting against injustice or simply reevaluating their own lives. 236 more words



This has come out of the #ldinsight chat today on what have we learned from the Friday Twitter chats.

In response to the plea to let things emerge and the very lovely open space principle that “the right people will be arrive” to be in a conversation – I’m thinking about the difference between being interventionist & making stuff happen vs being non interventionist & letting stuff happen as it happens. 613 more words