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Treasured Love

I’m far from being the poster child for what a perfect Christian girl should be. I don’t attend church as often as I should and I hardly say my prayers as much as I should, but if there’s one thing that I’ve always had faith and believed in – it was our love. 159 more words


The Tree

Every now and then when I am outdoors walking down a random path, a branch will catch my eye and remind me of my Tree. 745 more words


when I fabricate lies they feel like bottomless, gaping mouths. I say
“I love yous” as rushed as I do “I understand”-s. I
acknowledge God as much as I acknowledge my truths. 104 more words


Closure - one less commitment

Having ran a blog on Dalek computer generated images for almost 7 years, I am calling an end to it.

It was always a very niche blog which I only created for myself. 433 more words


A single complicated life with parenting challenges...

So my daughter turned five this month. I am a single parent with an ex partner who struggles with parenting so has at the moment little contact with his daughter. 347 more words


On Perfectionism!

It’s one of the biggest lies humanity has ever witnessed. It’s the endless pursuit of the nonexistent. The extent to which we push ourselves to reach it can cost us the mere understanding of our reality. 80 more words


Start Your Day with Devotionals

Are you glad when you wake up in the morning every day? Feeling low at times? Do you dread the chaos and the complexity of life ahead of you on a particular day? 470 more words