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What I Learned (LHS Hoops 7/10)

Many a coach
Waxes on the benefits
Of common goals and the life lessons
Learned when people compete
On a team.

Many a poet
Writes eloquently of the rewards gained… 257 more words


Life is bittersweet: March Comes in Like a Lion Episodes 1-2

I watched a few first episodes this season, and while I haven’t had the chance to get to some particular topics of buzz (sorry Yuri On Ice and Yuri On High School Band Class 2), you’d better believe me when I say that March Comes in Like a Lion (referred to as 3gatsu from here on for convenience’s sake) is, in the words of videogamedunkey, “a mastapeece.” 914 more words


Conspiracy Gnosis

For those who don’t remember, gnosticism (which is still around) is based on the idea that the person has ‘secret knowledge’ (gnosis) which makes them superior to the ‘uninformed.’ The idea appeals to our pride and our sense of being ‘in the know,’ and ‘on the inside,’ the smugly superior ones with the knowledge rather than those sheeple who follow the shadow masters of the world. 586 more words


Le Ultimate Appreciation Post!

Deliberate bad mix of French and English in the title….okay, my French is actually very terrible.  Anyways, this is more of a personal reflection than anything, because I really need this or else I’ll go insane.   768 more words

Random Reflections & Reviews

Assignment 3 Post 5

Out of the two images I have designed, the first has proven the trickiest to edit, or at least edit well. The more I think about it, the more I reckon I need to pare it back; I’m trying to fit too many elements into it, and it needs more breathing space. 141 more words

Digital Literacy

Day 293 Prayer 

Good morning!

This morning after reading my Bible chapters for today, I read the last chapter of Self-Improvement 101 Mga Dapat Malaman ng Bawat Leader. It’s a book of John C. 136 more words