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I learnt to cry

And be free.

To not be ashamed

Of what’s real

In me.

Many things I have

Held within.

But today

I learnt to cry



Thy Kingdom Come - "Prayer without words"

This morning we met together to continue our prayers on the theme of ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.

In the light of what has happened recently, the focus of our thoughts today were led to those words from our Lord’s Prayer: 521 more words


Reflection on My Professional Goals for the Year

It’s time to take a trip in the wayback machine.  Let’s set the clock for September of 2016.  The academic year had just begun and excitement was in the air.   1,347 more words


Day 7 - Camino - Looking for love

Please don’t read too much into the title, as I am married and I’m not looking for love along the Camino…. well not as it sounds anyway. 260 more words


Life Has Its Ups and Downs

Over the past few months, I have missed blogging. I’m trying to write weekly now, if not daily. I must admit I’ve been in a fog for over a week and an emotional roller-coaster. 518 more words



Since the first exam we have learned Rational Functions, Exponential Functions, Composition of Functions and Inverse Functions and Logarithms.  What I found interesting there is a natural number called “e” (2.718). 98 more words

Reflection ~ Before the Exam

My experience in Precalculus since the first exam has been a rollercoaster. What I mean by that is I would do a Desmos activity in class or for a blog assignment; feel as if I had grasped it well. 479 more words