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22/01/17 Just a thought or 3

Having looked at the work of Elina Brotherus and watched the video (1) it got me to thinking. The work she produced both Suites Francaises and 12 ans apres both document her time residing in france both are from a highly personal point of view Suites Francaises is from the poiunt of Isplation not knowing the language or culture of the coutry she lived in. 339 more words


New Year, New Possibilities

2017 is a new year and even though there are so many uncertainties that this year could bring, I’d rather focus on the new and exciting possibilities that are ahead. 823 more words



Yesterday was the Women’s March on Washington, along with hundreds of sister marches in cities worldwide. I chose to participate in Buffalo’s ‘No Hate, No Mandate’ sister march, and wanted to share what made this event meaningful for me. 819 more words


Wednesday 18th January -T.I.E Workshop Discussion

Today the MT’s joined our class for the first half whilst Lynn told us about the sort of things we needed to include in our workshops. 491 more words



I’ve been mulling over this topic for quite some time now. The concept of healing is not easily understood.

Given human nature, different people deal with pain and its remedy differently. 259 more words

Stay foolish, stay hungry? - Post job interview musing

I’m hoping that someday when I look back at this blog post, I would be laughing at how ridiculous I am feeling right now.

It’s one of those times when I feel like OMG this is immense and my heart does leapfrogs in my chest cavity while I try all the deep breathing techniques that don’t work, even though subconsciously I know that I am over reacting but I can’t help it. 396 more words


22/01/17 Post Partum


This document is the piece written by Mary Kelly to help understand her work. The work is highly personal and from her point of view. 100 more words