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Monday 24th April

Tuesday 25th April

Today was an audition day so technically we didn’t have to be in college however I decided that because I haven’t yet helped out with one I would do so. 331 more words


Overthinking is poisonous.

And so on Tuesday, I grabbed on enough heart to head out from house to cellgroup (they named it lifegroup here) for the first time in the month of April after being possessed by my evil twin’s anti-social soul. 383 more words


26/04/2017 Reflection

Today I used photoshop to do a mock poster. On this poster I wanted to show that some people might say they’re fine or they’re happy on the outside, but inside they’re technically dying. 61 more words


Please Listen

“I wanna know what it’s like to be awkward and innocent, not belligerent.”  ~Motion City Soundtrack

I actually decided to die today.
"Please don't be so dramatic."
"You have so much to live for"
People please, you are so unaware of what I mean. 
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When the Damage is Done

I hold no ill will and wish you peace. This I have told you time and time again. It seems every time a fair amount of time passes you reappear. 153 more words

it's been a while since I've been truly bothered

but here I am!

MH and I have been weird this semester — shifting friend groups and different schedules, maybe. But also silence that is more deliberate omission than secret. 154 more words

Shield law is not something I thought about daily or at all for that matter. Through this project I learned just how much it can actually affect my life daily.   128 more words