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Love Is

I hope this Sunday is a relaxing restorative one for all. I am thankfully in a better mindset than I was when I last wrote. Even though I am having a difficult time accepting a positive aspect of eating disorder recovery, I have vowed somehow this time must be different from the other relapses, because if I do not make a change the cycle will inevitably keep on repeating itself. 461 more words

Life Lessons

Sunlight: Waking up

The apple tree whispers in the sunlight,
The pigeons coo and play,
The house rests quiet and motionless,
Another cool summer’s day.

A little sad child sat down cross-legged, 62 more words


A Southerner's Shield

As a nation of 320 million, we Americans tend to think of ourselves as celebrating diversity, but diversity inherently brings along conflict. Some of that conflict lies in political differences; as tribalism makes its stake on the Hill, we have settled into a land of two extremes. 531 more words


The Stories We Tell

A few months ago I took a training for Crucial Conversations at work.

We spent one third of the training learning how to set ourselves straight, one third on what to say to start the conversation, and one third learning to recognize insecure behaviors in others. 508 more words


Basket of Possibilities, Faery villages and goat eyes

I just looked at an ampersand

( @ ),

which I usually do without thinking, a lot, because they are part of so many online addresses, and in doing so today I saw its shape for how it presents visually: 762 more words


FAQs of Life

When life seemingly not going well, people often feel like a victim and ask:

  • Why Me?
  • Who Cares?
  • What More Can I Do?

When we feel like a victim or see a negative circumstances, inevitably we look around to see who cares; and we are often met by apathy that leads to our own callousness as we surrender to pessimism and self-pity. 250 more words