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Shake the Dust

Shake the dust by Anis Mojgani seemed to be directed towards the people of the world who are categorized. Wether it be prom queen, fat, bully, gym class wallflower, Anis was talking to them. 53 more words


Recreating Me/ Looking Forward.

Back in June I was given the news the company I work for will be down sizing and closing the department I work in. Though the news sent me into a mini panic I can honestly say it did not surprise me. 595 more words


Josias River Blessing

The name Riverman that I was given over 20 years ago had to do with the energy that flowed through my hands as I was introduced to a woman named Crowfeather. 112 more words


Early Results

I decided not to push a seating chart yet, today. I have my geometry students working independently and in groups on the investigations, finishing up today and tomorrow and decided that pushing a seating chart just to have them get back into their groups would be silly. 248 more words


The last time

The last time I wrote here was a year ago. A year ago, I thought I was starting over. August seems to be like that for me. 677 more words