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My Daughter - And Me

My daughter took this selfie some time ago. At first sight I was worried.

Later, I remembered when I too was a teenager.

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Offshoots Of A Building

Poking out of the exterior
Hanging on for dear life
Overlooking the water
Underscoring the picture
Of a building.


Shooting out of the structure… 123 more words

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Along The Canal At Dusk

I walk along the canal at Dusk

Oftentimes I walk along the canal at Dusk

Thinking oftentimes as I walk along the canal at Dusk about Life. 117 more words

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Bold sturdy strong
Painted black-
Placed like a Sentinell
To give the impression-
Hiding coating covering
The weakness of iron
That erodes rots flakes… 57 more words

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Love and Hate - A Bewildering Writing Experience

(photo credit:hdwallpaper.im)

“And what, you ask, does writing teach us? First and foremost, it reminds us that we are alive and that it is a gift and a privilege, not a right.” 1,186 more words

Looking Down

Looking down as I pass by.

Looking down as I stroll.

Looking down as I walk.

Looking down at the cracks in the pavement
Looking down at stone slabs and holes… 80 more words

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Purple Bins

I snapped this because I like purple (or is that a mauve?) and because I found the scene interesting – because of the ‘purple’bins.

Without that splash of unusual colour this would be just another drab unnoticeable space, even with the incongrous red door to the side. 89 more words