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Loss, grief, faith and healing

Almost nine years ago now, Mark, my first husband (I never dreamed that I would need to designate the number but that is the unexpected nature of life,) passed away after dealing with the disease of cancer. 847 more words


Something of an explanation

You know how sometimes, you write something to someone and it’s misunderstood and things just blow up a little because of it? That’s how I feel things have gone right now… only now I’m not only the person having written it to have it misunderstood, I’m also the person that has read something that I know wasn’t written to hurt and yet it has. 2,803 more words


Comfortable home

One of my early childhood memories that guided me when purchasing and decorating my very own home was for it to be a comfortable space for all my family and friends. 359 more words

Photo A Day

Is it Working? Reflections, K Week 25

I feel like I’m at some kind of cross-roads right now; as though I am needing to make some sort of decision, I just don’t know entirely what the question is. 1,249 more words