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Pictures and People

I loved having late night conversations and getting so out of it.

Going deep discussing life. Getting to a universe-span feeling inside, when it was so unbelievably surreal and incredible. 120 more words


calling my spirit back...

“Every time you are aware of yourself slipping you call your spirit back, you call your attention back, call your focus back. It is a constant discipline.

512 more words

What even is life?

As life returns to normal I find myself scrambling for direction and purpose. This is a big adjustment, and I keep alternating between hopeful for what’s to come, and absolutely terrified. 648 more words


I Made it to Japan

I set off on Tuesday afternoon in the hopes of arriving in Tokyo on Wednesday morning. Little did I know that the next 48 hours would really test me. 323 more words

Ramadhaan Abroad

This year, for the first time in my life, I spent the entire Ramadhaan away from home and way from all close friends and family.  1,953 more words

The first day

We arrived yesterday morning and I am now staying in Hoa Binh City with my relatives. Despite the hot weather, I have been feeling really great and excited about being here, and my nieces and cousins are all really lovely. 8 more words


The Rocker

If it could talk, the rocker would share stories about how it soothed babies to sleep as they nestled in their mother’s arms.  It would describe grandfathers nodding off in the middle of a conversation.  252 more words

Flash Fiction