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2017 in review

The journey

In January I discovered I could draw watercolour stuff. That sparked a journey of art, and commissions. I realised art was a way of expression and de-stressing and thus #distressdoodles developed. 2,403 more words

Writings And Rants

Light in a Jar

Note: I stumbled across this older post whilst looking for something else, and I thought it might be fitting for a chilly December night. This is merely a comment that I made on a nostalgic… 560 more words



I was twenty-six years old. A happy, shiny, restless girl who was enjoying the life to its full extent in Munich. I was a student, having many international friends and taking the everything what the city had to offer. 749 more words


Writing Introductions

I probably spent about three hours today writing a 450-word introduction for a 15-page paper due next Thursday. This isn’t the first time that it has taken me so long to write an introduction. 411 more words


Working Together to Help Each Other Age More Gracefully, Neither Felt Lonely on the Journey of Life

In sickness AND in health, for better or for worse, the dedications, and love this woman had for her husband, now that he’d become, demented, translated… 467 more words


A New Day

Day one.

I awakened light hearted, but anxious. I felt alone at first, and longed for the false security I burned away the eve before. I tussled with my fears and sat in bed thinking how much work this transition would actually require (key word… 339 more words

Really Random Writing

Well… Before anyone gets confused reading the below text and is left wondering, “What in the heck did I just read? It sounds like a bunch of nonsense!” just let me say that I too have no idea what I was going for when I typed all this up. 262 more words