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July 26, 2016 ... wildly variable weather

Winter in Wellington is a total lottery. Statistically, the season is wetter, windier and colder, but any given day can range from howling wind and rain to mirror calm and clear sunlight. 265 more words


Waiting for the Sun to Rise, Watching Over You


As I’d Heard My Daughter Hollered Out Like a Director on Set, “It’s a Wrap!  We’ll Film the Rest on Another Day.”, My Heart Went Cold……… 1,116 more words

The Self

Day 207: Vicarious responsibility

Monday, July 25, 2016

Last year, I photographed Ralph Kelly, whose son Thomas was killed in a one-punch attack in Kings Cross. A photo can only capture so much; I am more haunted by what I observed in his demeanour and the way he moved. 159 more words

365 Day Photos

An Empty Seat

Hung up on an ex, translated…

She’d asked him out on a movie date, he’d agreed.  But, as they entered into the theatres, he wouldn’t sit next to her, he’d kept an empty seat between the two of them.   134 more words

State Of Mind

Facing Life's Storms

The weather has been quite unpredictable the past few days; I wake up to a sunny morning and hit the sack with thunder as my lullaby. 603 more words


What if the Trumpet does Sound?

Photo Credit: mormonchannel.org                                                                        

Dear Church,

I am told you are very active and can ‘see’ this to be ‘true’.

I commend you and must confess that it takes a lot of grace to engage in those very demanding church ‘deeds’. 754 more words