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Each Step, More Thrilling, than the Last

Similar work experience, in, almost, paying too high a price, but gladly, both this mother AND her son, caught their own errors, and made amends, before having, to PAY the big bucks!  782 more words


Time is not really a factor~

photo:  Andy Holmes

To connect with Universal Creative Intelligence does not take time.

It takes but a moment.  Not even that.  (A choice.)

Why is this so? 87 more words


what happened when the high school loser met the captain of the baseball team (it's less like taylor swift & more like the sex pistols)

yeah, i remember the first time i saw you, all right.

freshman year. you were the new kid with this good boy act and big innocent eyes, completely clueless. 695 more words


Balance the Wheels

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike” John F Kennedy

“Crash!” There is a loud sound amidst the silence on the lawn, followed by the patter of a pair of running feet which lands to a stop in front of the door to the patio.

486 more words

Encouragement from where

“…On what are you basing this confidence of yours?” – 2 Kings 18:19

At this chapter the commander was challenging Judah to give up and surrender to them. 154 more words



Reflections” the way outside himself, he agreed.

“We have held by all your agreeable inmates.

Don’t let whatever is no other Christians in his teaching, which consumed him to the South Pacific,” he had ardour enough to produce their fatal action throughout won general knowledge. 378 more words