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Just Words

was the word
You was the word I used to write before me

used to be the road I used to take
Used to do a lot of things… 153 more words

Daily One Word Writing Prompt: When I am Fluent - Then I am Successful #learning


As the title suggests in response to today’s WordPress writing prompt, the one thing burning within me that I would like to achieve, and then I’ll feel  like a success, is to move from conversational/intermediate level in my reading,writing and general comprehension of the French language to  somewhat fluent. 494 more words

Zodiac (2007 – David Fincher)

I’ve never owned a games console.  Never.  Not a Game Boy, MegaDrive, N64, Playstation or any of those other machines I loved when I went over my friends’ houses.  1,082 more words


Hello again my old friend

It’s been a while, and while I’m not entirely sure we’re gonna see each other that much in the future, there’s a good chance that you’ll be hearing some wheezy sounds from this old geezer as before. 53 more words


"I'm lovin' it!..."

The waiting…

The expectation…

The wonder…

The disappointment.

Each inhale, a preparation…

Holding my breath…

The exhale…

A creation borne of endless possibility.

Loving the question marks that punctuate Life… 47 more words