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Transferring Or In Transit

We are in transit – yes, everyone and everything is always in transit – but I mean the deliberate act of moving from a staring point, say location “A” to a temporary destination which we shall call location C. 348 more words


You might be American if...

Living abroad has given me a heightened sense of what it means to be an American. A few times, people have said things to me like– “don’t be too American about it” which translates to “be more direct, we can’t read your mind.” It’s true! 339 more words

32 years of life. 32 years of blessings

1. The gift of salvation at the tender age of 7.
2. Trials that have proven that my faith is indeed more precious than gold, yes, pure gold. 571 more words


The Couple Who’d Been Married for Twenty Years are Now, Estranged

A marriage that’s, slowly, freezing up, oh wait, it’d become, frozen SOLID, and now you want to, thaw it out??? A Q&A, translated…

Q: He’d Kept Wearing that Soured Face Towards Me, is There Still a Chance, to Salvage What’s Left of My Marriage? 477 more words


Two years on...

Two years since I graduated university.  Two years since I was meant to start pursuing journalism as a career.  Two years since working through the shame of realising I had changed my mind about my career.   682 more words


One can judge a record by its cover

How does on get time to listen to music and choose a record to buy? If one does not feel like plowing through listening to every record, why not just judge a record by its cover? 8 more words