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Out of the Deep

Out of the deep
Have I called unto Thee, O Lord —
Lord, hear my voice!

Psalm 130:1-2a
tr. from Requiem, John Rutter

The first snow fell this week. 480 more words


The Ways of Yore

A healing,
Latent power
Irradiating cold
Through spacious corridors
Shown in magickal runes.
He, who
Alone hears
The whispers
From the undivided numinosity
Presences the kosmos. 19 more words


Looking Back: A Reflection of Digital Communications

Importance of Digital Literacy

Digital literacy stands for being able to use different aspects of media such to understand how to connect with people. We covered blogging, website design and social media as well as learning other digital topics in our class such as Photoshop (for our image editing) Premiere Elements and iMovie (for our video editing), Flickr (website to post our pictures to make a slideshow), Sound Cloud (website used to post our podcast on the internet), and Youtube (video sharing website). 895 more words


Reflections of Montreal

I loved the reflections of the old and the new on the corner of Sherbrooke St. E. and Saint-Urbain in Montreal, Quebec. I shot this last March.

"I wasn't too happy with our new army"

V.S. Naipaul, 1979. A Bend in the River.

I used to wonder how someone like Mahesh had survived all that he had survived in our town.

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The Gospel for Sunday, December 11th, 2016

The Gospel for December 11th, 2016: Third Sunday of Advent

Matthew 11: 2-11


Rather than providing my own gospel reflection this week, I would like to invite readers to check out Bishop Robert Barron’s daily gospel reflections that can be delivered through e-mail. 42 more words



Today I was reading “The Philosopher and the Wolf” by Mark Rowlands about time. ┬áHe puts forward two models; one of time as a line, another as a circle: 241 more words