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Every Breath Is a Battle (The Everyday War for Holiness)

We’re all warriors in the battle against our own sin.

However else we may differ, whatever trials we may or may not be going through, we’re on a level ground here: redeemed sinners, taking to the field to fight the common enemy. 616 more words


Positive Quote 21.08

Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.


Have a blessed day all. <3


START WRITING: My first writing prompt and reflections

So after I was inspired to write again, I went on youtube to search for tips and the most important advice I got was this: … 978 more words


Reflections From Life #18

Falling down does not make one a failure,

Falling down, and staying down,

Is the road to failure

Sit up, stand up, stay up, stay positive, 9 more words

Follow Your Dream

I so wasn't going to do this, but

I am absolutely disgusted that we have a postal plebiscite to determine whether all Australian citizens deserve basic human rights. I honestly cannot fathom how the majority of Australians want everyone to have the right to get married, yet our elected representatives refuse to vote for it in Parliament and do the job we elected them to do: represent us. 102 more words