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Pit Stop 2016

Hello, old friends. It’s been too long.

In the time I’ve been away, I’ve written a few private posts here and there which I won’t publish publicly (almost like secret diary entries huh). 503 more words

Personal Banter

The feeling of emptiness

Through out my addiction (something I’ll write about in another post) I became a very null person. First it started as depression, self-loathing, lack of motivation. 220 more words


Biology Reflections

Today, we talked about Skyrise Greenery and Singapore’s chances of being Biopholic City of the future. We watched a video and dropped down some notes. I have attached an image of it, but to summarise what I have learnt, 174 more words


Can We Only Think Of Spirituality in God-Terms And Why It Matters?

We have a problem. Many would agree spirituality is important as defined below, but such conversations are rare or taboo. One reason I think people are less inclined to discuss spiritual issues openly is because God-folks don’t have conversations without agendas and their view of the God of the Bible is standoffish and may not be what God is really like. 1,210 more words


Trust your instinct...

Trust your gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right…it probably isn’t. Our hearts tell us more than we think.

HasbunAllahu wa ni’mal wakeel 🌸



I’ve been practicing yoga not seriously or consistently for about four years now (over the course of eight if that puts inconsistency into perspective).

I remember starting out and thinking the poses were funny, weird, and most of all, awkward.  851 more words