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Step 11


There was a master meditator named Sage-Brah. He was known as the raddest dude ever, super spiritual & the most humble person 2 ever kick it. 260 more words


Little by Little

It’s dark there and I’m scared

It sends shiver down my spines
Thinking about what lies within the darkness

An abyss
Of left over alcohol and ashes… 38 more words

Serious Business

The chives are in bloom, it felt like August today. It’s the hottest May day I’ve seen in the eleven Mays we’ve been here.

The hens take their egg laying seriously. 56 more words


A Bold Bandana

I was driving home from Indiana last weekend with my boyfriend’s mom when suddenly, two vehicles ahead, a car veered a sharp right and zoomed off the road. 626 more words


Challenge accepted

Today presented itself with a challenge. I prayed and claimed that God will help me find a way to overcome this challenge like He always does. 56 more words

Best People

I’m at that strange phase of neither being a girl, nor a woman.

An awkward transitional stage when I am walking on the shape shifting sand dunes of standards and expectations. 259 more words


New on 500px : Vestrahorn by jarrodcastaing by jarrodcastaing

Sunset erupts over the mighty peaks of Vestrahorn on the volcanic beach at Stokksnes in Iceland. Looking forward to returning again this October!

2017 Photo Workshops & Tours… 26 more words

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