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The void

Sometimes a void digs so deep into your heart, even a breath becomes difficult. You become vulnerable to the external pressures of materialistic desires and worldly concerns as they begin seeping into your mind and soul. 119 more words


All doors may close

The sweetness of faith is that all doors may close, except that of prayer. A few desperate words leaving your mouth, as painfully as a portion of your heart being torn apart. 32 more words


Let Us Do Our Exercises

I am a firm believer in exercise but tend to follow a more sedentary pursuit of happiness.

My gym is a recliner chair that encourages naps but requires repetitive ab crunches and push-ups to maneuver up and down for bathroom runs. 264 more words


moments & memories merged into a mess.

Smiles and
conversations and
texts, the
laughs and
the slightly awkward
quiet waves, or
the many times you said
good night, good morning,
I’ve arrived here to… 126 more words


Islam is life

For me, Islam alone is a blessing worth a lifetime of my gratitude. A holistic faith, that provided me with both external and internal support in all aspects of my life. 74 more words


Our beloved Prophet SAAW

It took me forever to understand why in Islam we must love the Prophet Mohammed SAAW. I couldn’t apprehend why I had to love someone I never met or why it was so essential in my faith. 360 more words


My Hijab

I am Muslim by conviction. I am Muslim by appearance. I am Muslim by the choices that I make and the risks that I take. I am Muslim every step of the way. 341 more words