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The 41st Week Of Gratitude ~  Hobbies ~ I’m thankful for my hobbies. I see my hobbies as things I like doing. They bring a challenge and a joy to me in doing them.  139 more words


Greatest Accomplishment

The 40th Week of Gratitude ~ Greatest Accomplishment ~ And mine is still not completed. It’s takes a lifetime to do.  

I’m thankful for whatever I have accomplished along my journey.  228 more words


My Heritage: I Thank God For My Lineage

The 39th Week of Gratitude: Your Heritage ~  As for my heritage, I’m thankful for my  DNA makeup. I had my DNA test done in October of 2014.  56 more words


Music I Love

The 38th Week Of Gratitude:  Music You Love ~

As for the music I love: ~ I like the music that I can make out the lyrics.  191 more words


Some things I've Created

The Week 37th Week of Gratitude: Something You’ve Created. ~

As for me, hmmm ~ Some things I’ve created. ~  I thank the LORD for creativity and the ideas that come from Him.  234 more words


My Home: There's No Place Like Home

The 36th Week of Gratitude: Your Home  ~ 
As for My Home ~ I’m thankful that I have a place to stay.
There’s no place like home! 120 more words


My Neighborhood

The 35th Week of Gratitude:  Your Neighborhood ~  I’m thankful for my neighborhood of today and the ones of yester-years. I’ve been creating memories  a long the journey. 228 more words