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Lessons Learned This Year

The 50th Week of Gratitude: Lessons Learned This Year

I’m thankful for all the lessons I’ve learned in 2017.  I’m thank God for being with me. 203 more words


Things You Like About Winter

The 49th Week of Graduate: Things You Like About Winter ~ As for me… through the years, I’ve grown to appreciate things about the Winter season. 100 more words


Opportunities: I've Been Given

The 47th Week of Gratitude ~  Opportunities You’ve Been Given ~
As for my opportunities:
I’m thankful for all the open door opportunities that have been given to me. 262 more words


Technology: Then And Now

Week 46 of Gratitude ~ Technology ~

There’s so much technology.  I’m thankful that I can do what I can keep up with.  There’s something new every day.  227 more words


What Do You Do For Fun?

The 45th Week of Gratitude ~

What do you do for fun? ~
What do I do for fun?

I act silly by doing silly things; it keeps me in touch. 96 more words


Your Favorite Holiday

The 44th Week of Gratitude ~  Your Favorite Holiday ~ And what’s my favorite holiday? I really don’t have one.  Everyday is a gift from God.  217 more words


A Mentor / Teacher

The 43rd Week of Gratitude ~ A Mentor/ Teacher ~ I’m thankful for all the teachers and mentors who have crossed paths throughout my lifetime.  I’m thankful for their openness to share about their lives. 294 more words