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Heavenly Calling

Repost from Saturday, 07 April 2007: This was posted the day before my birthday on Easter Sunday 2007. It’s the 94th day of 2015.

The Heavenly Call of God… 707 more words


Stations 13 and 14 Of The Cross Devotional

13. Jesus Dies
Luke 23:44-46

Jesus, the word spoken by the Father, You now return to Him, having accomplished the purpose for which You were sent. 169 more words


Stations 10, 11 and 12 Of The Cross Devotional

10. Jesus Is Crucified


Isaiah 53, Luke23:33-38, 1 Peter 2:21-24

Jesus, Your suffering continues as nails are driven into Your hands, and feet and taunting, jeers are hurled at Your body imprisoned on the cross, Yet those who mock and challenge You, You offer no reproach, and only forgiveness and compassion for them in their ignorance. 291 more words


Divine Direction

Blog from Thursday, 05 April 2007
Divine Direction Maundy Thursday….The Day Before Good Friday…

The Last Supper in the Upper Room in Jerusalem Israel… And when the hour came. 579 more words


Stations 7, 8 And 9 Of The Cross Devotional

7. The Cross of Jesus John 19:16-17

Jesus, like Isaac carrying the wood to the mountain, You set out with the wood of the cross. But unlike him You will not ask Your Father where the lamb is because You know You are the Lamb of the sacrifice. 279 more words


The First 3 Stations Of The Cross: Devotional For Holy Week

1. In The Garden (The Garden)

Mark 14:32-40

Jesus, we see You in the garden, praying in the darkness of night. Your anguished prayer is one of deep struggle with the Father’s will. 311 more words


78 Years Ago

It’s a special day to note about My parents

The day was Sunday, March 28, 1937.
The two became one.
He was 24 and she 16 almost 17. 67 more words