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Preparing For The Lent Season

I’ve been getting ready for the Lenten Season: February 18 – April 4, 2015.
I’m going for some challenges.

Hope that you will go on the Lenten Journey as well. 51 more words


Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you will enjoy your gift from God today and always!
For God loves us so much.
May we receive His love.

If you don’t have a Valentine, Remember Jesus is the lover of souls. 103 more words


Happy Friday The 13th

It’s a GOOD Friday the 13th at that.

Hope that you don’t believe in having bad luck on this Friday, because it’s the 13th.
Remember, each day is a gift from God. 100 more words


Winter Is Alive And Well

Yes, the groundhog saw his shadow. That’s what I heard. And the little fellow bit the man on his ear. Don’t mess with groundhogs. Let them sleep. 117 more words


Getting Mixed Up

Hello There!

I’ve been thrown off a bit.
I got my days mixed up, today.
I was a week ahead of myself.
I was into February 24th. 99 more words


Preparing For The Lenten Season

It’s that time of year again. The Lenten Season is upon us next week. I’ve been thinking about what I will do. I’ve been seeking the Lord. 235 more words


Needing Time To Rest

It’s been a long weekend.
I had a Faith Lift.
I attended Faith Life Weekend.
I attended a funeral.

I can say it was worth it. 131 more words