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Making The Most Of Whatever : Re Thinking

Oh, my goodness! Time seems to be passing me by. I’ve learned to take each day as day as they come.  Thank You, Jesus!

I’m learning not to complain about things. 170 more words


What Should We Do?

Here are some of my thoughts as I was reading the Bible.

I was wondering what Jesus did when people didn’t receive Him? Did people who were healed appreciate what Jesus did for them? 218 more words


Refreshment And Satisfaction

Life can be hard. We can get out of balance in doing things. Thank God for breaks. We need refreshment from time to time in our lives. 381 more words


Been Changing And Learning: Making Progress ~ Life's Journey

I’ve been experiencing life  in another way. It’s been seven weeks in the making. I’m hanging in there.   Thankful that Jesus is on the journey with us. 140 more words


Been A Great Auntie Since Sept 23, 1986

I was thinking. I’ve been a great auntie for three decades. How about that? I was only 23. How can this be? I was born an Auntie. 199 more words


Into The Autumn Season: Greetings!

It’s official. The Fall season arrival time:
September 22, 2016 at 9:21 AM central standard time.

May we see the beauty of God’s creation.
May we make the most of our time. 45 more words


From One Season Into The Next

It’s been a long Summer. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. There has been some challenges. I’m thankful, we made it through. 187 more words