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Week 6 SUMMARY Reflective Blog Post (Assessment)

Personal mark for engagement with the course: 80/100

I started this course as an individual who uses a number of social media platforms for social and personal purposes. 991 more words

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Week 5 Reflective Blog Post

As I started to write up and think about my social media proposition, I began to fully immerse myself in the many communities and organisations using social media to discuss child health. 195 more words

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Week 4 Reflective Blog Post

I’ll admit, I was completely zoned out this week as I focused on writing my first assignment. It was this week that we really started to discuss social media in terms of how an organisation can use it to engage stakeholders (I thought the day would never come!). 156 more words

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Reflective Blog Post Week 3

This weeks topic was on networks and I focussed my blog post on my own network, looking at detail at the different networks I am a part of, whether they consist mostly of strong or weak ties and whether I learn or create within my networks. 155 more words

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Week 1 and 2 Reflective Blog Post: Social Media is So Much BIGGER Than I Originally Perceived..

As we were introduced into the overall topic as a whole I immediately grasped the sense that social media is a lot more complex than it seems. 157 more words

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